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Natural Habitat 
Coastal, Wetlands
1-50 (20)
Description: Crocodiles are heavily scaled lizards with small sharp teeth. They attain lengths of 8 feet, and weights of up to 180 pounds. Giant crocodiles may attain twice this length and ten times this weight, and have 20 more strength and endurance. Their scales are a very dark greenish-brown that blends in well with the muddy water that they love to inhabit.
Crocodiles often lurk just below the surface of murky waters, waiting for a titbit to enter the water. On land, however, crocodiles are rather timid, and they will slip off into the water if they sense something approaching. If a crocodile's jaws are grasped while they are still closed, it only takes a PS of 12 to hold them closed, rendering the crocodile's bite useless. The crocodile's skin is used to make primitive armour (equal to leather) and the teeth (about 60) are valuable (100 Silver Pennies each) as charms.
Crocodiles have no special talents, skills or magic.
Movement Rates 
Running: 50; Swimming: 150
PS: 17-19 MD: 5-8 AG: 7-9 MA: None EN: 7-9 FT: 15-18
WP: 7-9 PC: 8-10 PB: 7-9 TMR: 1/3 NA: Scales absorb 6 DP
Crocodiles may claw twice and bite without penalty. Giant crocodiles do twice normal damage.
Bite: BC 10%, [D + 1], Close.
Claws: BC 50%, [D – 6], Close.