Cloud Giant

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Natural Habitat 
Very Rare
1-4 (1)
Cloud giants are huge humanoids between 15 and 20 feet tall. Cloud giants will often build sky-castles on mountaintops. These will seem to float on pillars of cloud and can only be reached by a stone stairwell inside the pillars on which it floats. The pillars and the clouds on which the castle rests will be substantial (capable of bearing weight), though they will appear to be clouds. Cloud giants are 3-hex figures.
Cloud giants are linked with the element of air, and gain +5% when casting air magics. This affinity leads most cloud giant adepts to be air mages. They may never learn earth magics. Their magic resistance is increased by 10% except against earth magics, against which their magic resistance is reduced by 20%.
Movement Rates 
Running: 600-700
PS: 24-42 MD: 4-22 AG: 3-21 MA: 4-22 EN: 30-48 FT: 18-24
WP: 4-22 PC: 5-23 PB: 5-23 TMR: 12-14 NA: None
Cloud giants favour the club and the sword, and will have Rank 2-4 with these weapons. They may use human-type weapons of twice normal size (improve Base Chance by 10%, double strength requirement, roll 2D10 for damage). They will sometimes wear armour, although it is rare to see a giant clothed in anything heavier than leather.
Giant Club: BC 50%, [D + 8], Melee, Rank 2-4.
Large Claymore: BC 60%, [2D + 4], Melee, Rank 2-4.