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Natural Habitat
1-5 (40)
Chimpanzees are small humanoids, usually around 3 feet tall, and weigh 60-100 pounds. They have brown fur, are quite social, and are excellent climbers. They usually forage for food in small groups, carrying their young. They walk and climb on all fours, but can move bipedally. Chimpanzees are omnivorous, but their diet consists mostly of fruit and plants. Occasionally, they will hunt and eat small deer, snakes, or other woodland creatures.
Chimpanzees are curious, social, and generally friendly creatures. However, they will attack if their young are threatened. They are quite intelligent, and can be easily domesticated.
Chimpanzees have no special talents or skills, except their amazing ability to climb almost any surface. Chimpanzees are nascent tool-users, and will use small sticks or stones to crack open nuts or for other simple tasks.
Movements Rates
Running: 300; Climbing: 200
PS: 18-25 MD: 16-22 AG: 18-23 MA: None EN: 5-12 FT: 16-20
WP: 8-12 PC: 17-22 PB: 8-10 TMR: 6/4 NA: Fur absorbs 2 DP
Chimpanzees fight with hands and teeth.
Unarmed: BC 45%, [D – 2], Melee & Close, Rank 1-3.
Bite: BC 25%, [D – 2], Close, Rank 0.