Braegons short cuts

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Braegons short cuts

This is the map of the short cuts that Braegon knows about within the area of the Fastness of Girwyllan.

  • 1 West of Amber is a tower on a hill. On the 3rd floor is a mirror, which leads to a small knoll of trees just out of Freetoun southwest of Aladar.
  • 2 A 40-foot deep 5-foot wide round stone shaft with a 30-foot cavern at the base. It is lit by glow-worms. A pond has a tunnel leading to:
  • 3 A small hut with tunnel leading down that is covered in darkness that can not be seen thru. It leads to:
  • 4 A slag pill outside the copper mine has a large rock on one side that during the day casts a shadow, which people can enter, which leads to:
  • 5
  • 6 A small dry river bed ravine, when you travel up it heading west you find yourself in the Lunar Empire south of the town of Trilus (about 100 miles east of Holay Province). Sometimes people go missing.
  • 7 A large free standing door with runes on one side and blank on the other. Once open you can travel to Adjepbar it drains 5 ft off all that use it.
  • 8 In the Fairy Folk kingdom north of the Standing Stones is a blue diamond which in the sunlight will blind you and make you travel if someone focuses 2 pts of Ft into it. You can travel to the Candlestone Farm Stone ring.
  • 10 When heading south down the trail if you are following a Dwarf during daylight, then if the group turn right (east-ish) onto a smaller path they will find themselves on the road to Slippery Rock.
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13 Walking three times around this tree with one hand on your head will take you to a desert, which has a large arch made of sandstone in it. Walking around the arch three times with one hand on your head will return you to the tree.
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16 When Riverstones of the local stream are placed at each end of a person lying on the ground a mist will move in and cover a large area. Once the mist clears all who have used fresh river stones will find themselves in the scrubby woods on the side of hill near Panas within the Empire of Azuria.
  • 17 A trapdoor in the ground leads to a narrow earth-worked tunnel which after 200 feet opens on a mountain in the mountain high with the highlands of Destiny. For approximately an hour after midnight you are able to return from Destiny along the tunnel to the trapdoor.
  • 18
  • 19 A small cave which cuts into the ground and exits in some woods in the Dunia Mountains within the Ellenic States. This seems to be a one way path/portal.
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22 Walk into the trees south of Amber then into the shallow cleft, this leads to [25] the cliffs above the Amba Mine about 50 feet from the ruined goblin tower.
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25 Walk three times around the rock to [30] the goblin tree at bottom of the cliffs.
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33 Swimming deep under the large green mat of Algae that grows on large pond/lake, their is a large rock with a hold in its center which leads to a pool in outside the town of Forli, in the north west of Palestrina.
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38 A large set of bushes that if you cover yourself from the outside with foliage (and can not be seen by others) then you are able to move to a new forest location inside Buzzard Rock
  • 39
  • 40 Shortcut to somewhere in or near Sanctuary and back.