Blue Dragon

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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Caverns)
Very Rare
Blue dragons are sky blue, making them difficult to spot against a clear sky.
Blue dragons are more cunning than some of their brethren and if they capture a character they will often let them live in exchange for service in the outside world. Rumours, contact with others, transport of goods, etc., will be expected of any released, and if they attempt to evade service, the dragon's wrath will be great.
General abilities for all dragons as noted above. A blue dragon can also use all magic of the College of Illusions or of the Mind at Rank 18. A blue dragon cannot breathe fire.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 700; Running: 250
PS: 230-250 MD: 16-18 AG: 15-17 MA: 30-35 EN: 75-85 FT: 100-120
WP: 30-34 PC: 28-32 PB: 2-4 TMR: 14/5 NA: Top scales absorb 11 DP
At Range, a blue dragon may use its transfixing gaze or fear, in addition to its windstorm. In Melee, a blue dragon can attack with two claws, a bite and a tail swipe without penalty. In Close, a dragon may roll on all opponents in its hexes.
Bite: BC 50%, [D + 10], Melee & Close, Rank ?.
Claw: BC 45%, [D + 8], Melee & Close, Rank ?.
Tail: BC 55%, [D + 6], Melee Rear, Rank ?. Trip.
Roll: BC 80%, [D + 12], Close, Rank ?.