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Natural Habitat 
Arctic, Caverns, Highlands, Waste, Woods
Bears exist in any climate and have even been known to live in desert habitats. Arctic and mountain bears will be white. Other bears may vary in colour from brown to black, and some will have creamy or rust tinged fur. They will generally weigh between 500 and 1500 pounds. They tend to walk on all four feet, but may stand on their hind legs to fight.
Bears are omnivorous. They are also curious. They will, consequently, investigate and possibly attack a party of less than 6 humanoids. Larger parties will less likely be bothered. In spring, they will have 1-2 cubs in their lair. Each cub will fetch 400-800 Silver Pennies in an untrained state.
Bears possess no special skills or talents. They are not magic or tool users. However, shapechanger bears may use tools (and weapons) in their bear form.
Movement Rates 
Running: 300
PS: 35-40 MD: 10-15 AG: 10-15 MA: None EN: 30-35 FT: 35-40
WP: 8-10 PC: 18-22 PB: 6-10 TMR: 6 NA: Fur absorbs 4 DP
Bears may bite and claw while in Close Combat or they can attempt to "hug" their victim. Bears may make two claw attacks in Melee.
Claws: BC 35%, [D + 2], Melee & Close, Rank 1-4.
Bite: BC 20%, [D + 4], Close, Rank 0.
Hug: BC 60%, [D + 8], Close, Rank 0.