An Overflow of Goblins

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Adventure: An Overflow of Goblins
GM: Keith
Session: Summer 820
Night: Tuesdays
Location: Smiths
Level: Low+


  • Emrys - Fire mage, Male human played by Paul
  • Rhiain - Ice mage, Female human played by Chris R.
  • Sno - Ice mage, Female, Elf - played by Annuskha
  • Kurt - Earth Mage, Male, Human - played by Bernard
  • Ashe Willowberry - Earth Mage, Female, Elf - played by Jacqui

Plane: Golarion
Days on Adventure:

Scribe Notes

Chapter One: A Theatrical Overture

Our employer was a grey-haired human named Drandle Dreng of the Pathfinder Society. He explained that we would be going to the half-flooded Puddles district of a city called Absalom. Apparently, it subsided in an earthquake some decades ago, and they haven’t got around to fixing it (for political reasons it would seem). Some goblins had laid claim to a ruined theatre had found something nasty in their explorations and sealed it up. We needed to begin by meeting with King Zusgut, and asking for permission to explore the chambers below.
With Drandle Dreng was one Eolund Klein of the Vigilant Seal. I knew his type. One uptight knight. He was adamant that we were not allowed to release any ancient evil. Anything evil we found we should destroy or bring it back to his order. Yeah, right. Thank goodness he wasn’t planning on coming with us.
We were offered Guild rates plus salvage as compensation.
We were given Rank 11 lesser enchantments by Kurt, and by Basalic, the father of Rhiane and Emrys (they are brother and sister, Emrys being the elder, which explains much). Rhiane got a two area Rank 10 greater enchantment from the guild apprentices costing 2500 sp. Snow got one area for 1000.
We took three days to allow Kurt to make silvered fangs for Norto and Shadow which let them be targets for weapon spells. Meanwhile Sno and I escorted Rhiane to Slippery Rock where amulets were purchased.
4th Meadow
We went to the Guild stables, entered the back of one stall and stepped through into another stable in the city of Absalom. The plane was called Golarion. The stable door was oak and had preservation magic. Waiting for us was a halfling named Rani with oddly coloured hair who was our escort to the Grand Lodge. She led us to an immense spired building inside a ring wall. To one side was a grove with a black obelisk with an eternal flame burning. Many names were inscribed on the wall, and I deduced correctly that it was a wall of remembrance. We followed her into the spire and to an office. Inside was Drandle Dreng, snoring. After he woke up, Rani went to get tea and cakes. There were even bones for the animals. Drandle Dreng explained that there was now another group interested in whatever the Goblin King is hiding, so we should hurry. Accommodations would be arranged for us at an inn in the docks area called the Lusty Mermaid. An elven water mage named Zarina was fetched. She would provide water-proofing and water-breathing spells each day at the inn after breakfast. We also obtained tide-tables. Hide tide was currently at dawn and dusk. We learned that the goblin tribe is called the Crooked Toes. That some say the old theatre was haunted. And that the Goblin King (not that Goblin King) likes to recite poetry.
Rani led us through the Puddles to the ruined playhouse. There was a pervasive odour of mould. The roof leaked. It was full of Goblins. Some were trying to sing. On the stage there was a larger goblin on a theatrical throne wearing a dilapidated crown. There was a group of human mercenaries, among them a dark celestial and enchanter. This was the opposition party. Rhiane did her best to persuade the King that we had prior as representatives of the Pathfinder society. But the King insisted on a competition – at performing his play.
The mercenaries went first. They were truly terrible. The goblins hissed and booed. We went for an approach involving a great deal of low humour that would appeal to goblins (which we figured we could manage even without a troubadour). It worked. The ice mages made the floor slippery so we could include pratfalls – and we incorporated the animals in the performance. The goblins liked this, and their king deemed us the winners.
We learned that the creature in the basement was very, very big, has a giant mouth, sharp teeth and was green.
We headed down into the basement. It was damp and stank of salt water and rot. We could see the tide line.
There were crabs and spoke to one. It told me that the monster has four legs and also swims. It has a tail. Two beady eyes. Has scales, but not fins. It was beginning to sound like some sort of crocodilian.

Chapter Two – The Dogpile Tactic

So it was. We continued into the basement, rounded the corner, and there, charging out of its lair, was a crocodile. Rhiane and Snow charged in with their spears, followed by the animals. Who closed on the crocodile, even as the crocodile closed on the fighters. It was a literal dogpile. Norto bit the crocodile hard in the throat and it went still. We turned it over, preparing to skin it, and Emrys pointed out a spot on the belly that was somewhat warmer. I deftly sliced it open. Inside, softly glowing, was what the others identified as an ever-burning torch. There was also an emerald gem in the corroded remains of its setting (worth perhaps 100sp), and a few corroded coins. This crocodile really had eaten something it shouldn’t. Searching through the rubbish in its lair, we found roughly 40sp in loose change, a crowbar, a spanner, the head of a hammer, and a rusty sledgehammer. And a filthy fez, which proved to Hat of Disguise, and maybe 20gp of cheap costume jewellery. We figured that the hat must have been used by one of the actors for quick costume changes.
Kurt pulled away the rocks blocking the passage leading onwards, and then led us into the sewers. Seeing that it was a wide waterway with walkways either side, he cast enlarge animal on my Norto, making him bigger and stronger. This was a good thing because the party we had bested in front of the goblins appeared on the opposite side of the sewer. We argued for a while with the leader, but when the other two stared preparing spells, it was all on. The big fighter who was the leader, made the mistake of charging through the water into melee, and was promptly dog-piled. I shot the enchanter behind him in the leg (okay, he took an arrow to the knee) which pretty much incapacitated him. The fighter refused to surrender in no uncertain terms, and Norto, good dog, tore his throat out.
I caught up with Kurt and the two mages, just as the enchanter dropped to the floor unconscious, and his companion, a dark celestial, surrendered. He spilled his beans, confessing that they had been hired by a noble named Olanea Teramor. They were working for a very dubious organisation called the Aspis Consortium, and had been ordered to map the place. He handed over his jacket and about 500sp worth of other valuables. We sent him and his friend back to the Pathfinder Society (for their own protection as much as anything else).
From them we gathered the following:
3 amulets of elderflowers
3 amulets of luck
1 amulet of diamonds
1 silvered weaponsmithed hand and a half sword
1 silvered shortsword
2 silvered daggers
3 bronze pins bearing the symbol of the Aspis Consortium
We continued on into what was apparently a ruined pumproom. Magically-powered pumps once kept it dry, but they broke in the earthquake. We carried on and found a crevice leading to a natural cavern, created by subsidence. It was filled with a large saltwater pool, complete with fish, and glow-worms on the ceiling. Rhiane turned the surface to ice so we could walk over, and stare into the depths. We spotted a chest, half-buried in the muck. Using rope, grapnel (and very strong animals) we hauled it out. But it was locked, and none of us had sufficient skill to open it.
So, we carried on, and found the sewer outfalls leading to the sea, south and east. Down another passage we found a cove where a barnacle-covered rowboat was moored. But nothing much interesting. We wrapped the chest in crocodile hide and headed back to the playhouse, where we obtained payment from the goblins.
Then we went back to the Pathfinders’ Guild. Rani was waiting for us, but she could not open the chest. She took us to her friend Spica (Rani called her Spike) in the observatory who attempted spells of opening on it. She failed twice, but finally it opened. It was FULL of coin. And a sheaf of documents. And a magical pendant in the form of a jade cat. Its aura said that conferred catvision on the wearer, with a secondary magic that made certain agility checks easier. There was a strange sigil on the chest, which Spike said was the symbol of Dagon, one of the Old Ones. We rested for the night at the Inn.

Chapter 3 - Candren’s Wish

5 Meadow
We went to see Drandle Dreng. He asked us to investigate further, and see if we could find out where the box came from. We began by checking out the ruined house above – there was an iron gate standing, and broken walls, but that was basically it.
So, we went and got a boat. Serina had a piece of wood that turned into a longboat on command. We rowed around to the cove and into the basement. There were two green statues made of a rock that Rhiane identified as serpentine. Which was odd because the writing on it looked decidedly snakelike. The effigies were decidedly demonic. We did contemplate stealing them for the materials, but getting it out would be a challenge. We began exploring with the first exit on the left. The first room was empty aside from some pegs. An exit to the right led to a room with a long narrow pool, now full of brackish water. Another exit on the side led to a T intersection. We went left. There was a strange room with shackles on the walls, and octopus patterns. Back down the corridor we found a hole, perhaps the size of a human head. On the far side was a room – and on the far side the words ‘Candren’s Wish’ were scratched over and over. Then we heard a voice hissing, “Is somebody out there?” Then it looked at us. I looked back. Its aura strength was construct sentient, and its GTN was ghoul. He was under no curse, nor had magic impacted. He said that he had been imprisoned here long ago and drowned. He had a problem with House Candren – he had been their accountant. He had a secret. He wanted to see justice done. Telling the world what happened would lay his spirit to rest. His name was Marcon. He promised not to eat people. We decided we’d try to get him out later.
We returned to the big room, and down the next corridor. There was a small room on the right with another green rock statue. In the next room was a well full of darkness. Ancient darkness. Thousand-year-old darkness. Rhaine dropped my grapnel on a rope down the hole. Something grabbed the other end. Kurt cut the rope. Then, the grapnel came flying out of the hole followed by a tentacle with an eye on it. We ran. I was too scared to even try to read its aura.
Next corridor was a broad flight of steps. As we stood on the first step, a small horde of zombies stood up and started marching towards us, down more stairs on the far side of a wide landing. We backed off, as we drew weapons and Rhiane cast ice weapon on her spear and my sword. We formed a concave V as they formed a wedge, and readied for them. They proved to be unusually fast and tough. The one in the centre fell first, beneath my blade, as we concentrated our attacks on it. Then the one on the left end fell to the cat, and the one on the middle right to Norto. Then the others. They were all wearing magic amulets that made them tougher.
We continued on up, and found another one of those ugly statues, this one according to its aura being dedicated o the great old ones. There was treasure in the alcoves to either side. Some kind of a strange amulet, and potion of water-breathing. And the deeds to the Playhouse.
The rest of the basement mirrored the part we had already explored. So, we went back to the Pathfinders Guild. Drandle Dreng told us that there was indeed a scandal in connection with the Candren Family. So, we requested appropriate tools, went back and got the poor ghoul out. He explained that they had persuaded a wizard who was pacted to something dubious to cast a Wish spell to the effect that the family would never have to pay taxes of any kind ever. And the current head of the family was one Goodman Hugin of House Candren, Harbourmaster and member of the City Council. Suspicious…

Chapter 4 - Goblins by the Sea

And then there was a knock at the door. There was a goblin outside who wanted to talk to Drandle Dreng. She was invited in. She came from a peaceful goblin tribe called the Fish-gobblers who live by the sea, and were presently under attack from another tribe of goblins, allied with orcs. The Hill-stompers. With whom they used to trade. There was a new and aggressive leader who has taken to persecuting the goblins. And killed their delegation when they tried to negotiate.
Ashe: They sent back the delegation in pieces?
Goblin: They sent back pieces of the delegation. One piece of each delegate.
We purchased a warhorse - a dark bay mare who chose the name Octavia - for Rhiane, and went back to the Lusty Mermaid Inn. I arranged stabling for the animals. The Inn was busy, full of noisy sailors and the like. We had dinner and went upstairs. Only to be interrupted by a loud noise from below. I went to see, and there was a fist-fight in progress. A couple of male humans were having it out. And then the winner challenged another man. And so on. We stayed out of it. Rhiane found a friend. Nice chap, paladin of Iomedae.
6 Meadow
In the morning, we were up bright and early. Rita (the goblin) was late, and looking a bit under the weather. We went around to the stables and collected the animals. Rita introduced her pony, a little wall-eyed mare named Muffins. And we rode out of the city, into wild countryside.
Then we spotted a vulture high above. Shadow seemed worried, and when I asked her, she told me that the vulture had a rider. Rita thought it might be an enemy goblin. We reached the goblin enclave late afternoon. Goblins were collecting shellfish and seaweed, and preparing fish for dinner. Rita led us to the chief’s cave and introduced us to Chief Gobbog. We ask him about the enemy numbers and location. He drew us a map. The problem was a goblin tribe, the Hill Stompers, who have joined with a band of orcs. They were occupying a ruined fortress. He wanted us to kill the leader. Could be as many as sixty of them in total, but maybe only a small force in the fortress. He was worried about the goblin vulture-rider. Apparently, these goblins are into bombing with grenados. Kurt, who was trained in siege weapons, suggested making small ballistae called scorpions. All that needed was wood and rope. And there was wood. And rope. There was a shipwreck down the beach, inhabited by the goblin shaman. Rhiane suggested poison, and the goblins showed us some violet fungi. It fell to me to speak to the plants and negotiate. What they wanted was rotten fruit and vegetables. I also persuaded them to attack any strange goblins or orcs coming this way.
We collected the wood and rope and started building the ballistae. That evening Rita tried to convince us to play goblin games, but we demurred.
7 Meadow
In the morning one of the goblins came running back from feeding the fungi, screaming about Lotsa Legs. Apparently, there was a giant spider making its home in the swamp. We decided to leave it where it was as an additional item of defence. Rita said there were sea snakes out in the reef, so Kurt controlled one and milked it for its venom. By the end of the day we had built the second ballista. And made lots of bolts.
Late afternoon, the renegade goblins attacked. First, we spotted a goblin riding a vulture high in the sky. Then a small horde of others coming over the dunes. Our goblins fired the ballistae at the vulture. One bolt went wide, but the other struck. The vulture looked stunned. And then Kurt brought it under magical control.

Chapter 5 - We shall fight them on the beaches…

The goblins charged. Their tactics were simple. Run and scream, and see what happens. Snow charged a goblin mounted on a dog-like animal. And then we all waded in. Rhiane rode past into the second group. Soon the one on the goblin dog was reeling, and an alchemist goblin in front of Rhiane was downed. The main body of goblins approached closer and one got in a good blow on Rhiane’s horse. Kurt cast and took control of the goblin dog, which promptly threw and chewed out its rider. On the other end of the cove, our friendly goblins engaged a band of orcs. Then one of the goblins hit me, and I was stunned for a few seconds. A ballista bolt went into the vulture, and it fell and crashed into the ground, exploding many of the grenadoes the rider was carrying. In the middle of the orcs who were now being harried by the bound goblin dog.
Then Rhiane charged headlong into the hobgoblin who was directing the attack and literally ran him through in one blow with her spear. The goblin druid who had been trying to control Norto, and the goblin with the crossbow, attempted to surrender. Unfortunately for him, I had already commanded Norto to kill the mage, which he did, before I could command him to desist. Snow was hit and stunned, so I killed the goblin who hit her, and then finished off another one. And meanwhile our goblins and the dogs killed the orcs.
Searching the area we found:
Silvered weaponsmithed H&H
Weaponsmithed glaive
Assorted grenadoes

Chapter 6 - We shall fight them in the dark…

We healed up, healed hurt goblins, and then rested. We had lost one goblin on our beach, and a couple elsewhere, but it still would have been much worse if we hadn’t been here. We told stories over broiled seafood on the beach. The captive goblins drew a rough map of the ruined citadel in the sand. The front entrance was flanked by two guard towers. The side entrance had hidden goblin archers protecting it. In the centre was a more substantial tower where the chief had made his home. There was a mad alchemist goblin in there with a glass golem that fired grenadoes. And the ruins were all dark all the time.

Kurt: I think we should build a catapult and lay siege for seven days.
Ashe: We asked for sage advice, not siege advice…

8 Meadow
In the morning, we prepared and set forth. As we passed through the depths of the swamp, Rhiane noticed walking plants. Around midday we came upon the ruined fortress. We had cast walking unseen on everyone and the beasts. Kurt suggested we assault the south west tower, and engage the goblins from there. We crept up to the tower without being noticed. Rhiane tossed up a grapnel and rope, and Kurt climbed up. Kurt noted that there was not much left of the upper floor in the tower. We followed. Then Kurt cut the rope the goblins had attached to the central pillar, and then we heard the sound of running feet. We got down to the lower floor. There was a darkness. Kurt spotted more goblins in the next room. We followed.
Then the first goblin came running into the tower, yelling about “Intruders!”. The goblins turned. One tried to attack me and missed. We heard the yipping of goblin dogs, and Kurt and I started preparing. Soon the foremost goblin dog was under control. “Eat rider”, I commanded it. Kurt called for our animals, and they came running in the main entrance. Snow impaled the goblin that struck at me with her spear, killing it instantly. The goblin dog rolled its master, and then was felled by arrows from two goblin archers. Its rider never got up. He was set upon by all three animals, and did not survive. I struck at another goblin, and as I hit, my blade parted from its hilt. No matter, the goblin fell over. As did the goblin archers as the animals tore into him. The other dog rider came through the other door and dismounted. Kurt cast and controlled the dog, which shortly turned on its rider, and with Rhiane’s help, that goblin was soon killed. Meanwhile, I grabbed Rhiane’s spare tulwar from her pack.
Kurt and Swartz forced the next door open, exposing a pair of goblins arguing over a haunch of half-rotten mystery meat. Norto made short work of the nearest one, while the other tried to get away through a door on the far side. He didn’t last long, but he did get the door open, revealing a strange golem with a body made of junk metal and a glass head. Which started ranting in common, “Exterminate the intruders.” The animals dog-piled it, while we starting whacking it with melee weapons. “Warning, this unit is under attack,” it declaimed. The goblin alchemist, who had been hiding behind it, cast some kind of bolt spell, and then started to retreat, but Norto jumped on him, and pulled him to the ground. The golem started sparking and flinging. “Self-destruct sequence activated,” it announced. We pulled back and shut the door, and there was a booming explosion. We were safe, but Norto was not out of the effect and took a far bit of damage. The remaining goblins, females and young, surrendered. Rhiane cast weapons spells on use all, while I healed Norto and the others looted.
We found:
Potions of witchsight

Chapter 7 - We shall fight the spiders, the zombies and the skeletons…

I healed my companion, and chose a well-crafted tulwar in orcish style from the treasure. We each chose a handy haversack from the pile and put a surprising amount of stuff in it – it was amazing how much went in.
The door that led downstairs was rusty shut, so Kurt used his axe-shaped lockpick and bust it down. We started down the spiral stairs and were set upon by two goblin zombies. Norto and I were in the lead. Two strokes each, and the zombies fell back down the stairs. At the bottom was a stone room. There were doors to the south and south-east, and a corridor to the east. In an alcove we found a wooden torch with an aura that suggested it was around a hundred years old. We walked down the corridor and came to a stone door on the left – which was locked. At the end of the corridor was another door. And then the floor dropped out from below us. We fell and took most of the damage from the spikes on our armour. The trap-doors closed, leaving us in the dark face to face with a giant spider which proceeded to web the top of the pit. Norto began the attack… and shortly finished it off. We harvested the body. Some nasty poison in there.
Beyond the pit was a door. We opened it, to find a room full of webs. We started to cut the webs away, and then the room filled with fog. Out of the fog came another spider. It bit me hard, right through my armour – and I was out. Unconscious. Kurt pulled me out of there, and started pouring potions down me. By the time I came around, The animals dog-piled it and it was soon dead. We found a purse with 42 coppers, and a rusty handaxe, two rusty swords and five daggers.
There were doors on either side of the room to the north and south. We opened them both and decided to go north. There was rubble and to the west an l-shaped corridor with another pit trap. A skeletal hand stuck out of the rubble, so we dug it out.
Ashe: The skeleton has a key?
Kurt: It is a skeleton key.
There was a hole in the roof. We put the cat up there…. She found some ancient ration packs, a grapple and rope, ration packs and waterskins, and patted them down to us. Then we opened the doors to the north and east (which needed the key we had found). The east door revealed a closet which was making sobbing things. The north door had a collection of coffins. The moaning closet was actually magical. Some kind of bardic magic was on it. Which explained the moaning. Some kind of bardic magic. And there was a net among the webs on the ceiling. I went to tie a rope onto the door. The closet burst apart and a zombie sprang out and clawed at me. One snap from Norto and it broke apart.
The first coffin… there were floating eyeballs and an eerie howl. There was an aura of illusion on the coffins. I pushed the lid of the first one, and there was a skeleton inside. It started to move. Then, the other coffins opened, and the fight was on. Unfortunately, the dogs seemed unable to effectively damage the skeletons, but they could still close with them and force their weapons and shields to be useless. Which sorted what could have been a difficult fight.
6 x chain mail
1 x conch horn of fog
We went back and started unlocking doors. One room had a glowing green pillar in the corner and tables with dismembered corpses. Which didn’t start moving. However, as I entered the room, a cage fell from the ceiling containing a skeleton with a leather harness fell from the ceiling, catching me. Fortunately, I managed to dismember it fairly quickly. Kurt cast a diamond weapon spell on his axe, and chipped off some fragments of the pillar. We found a couple of scrolls and some useful equipment.

Chapter 8 - Behind the Tapestry

Rhiane came down the stairs to meet us. We used our key to open the door by the stairs to the south. There was a corridor going south, with an alcove part way along on the eastern side. Inside was a door, which was wedged open with a stone. There were spider tracks. Beyond was darkness. And webs. And a giant spider. Which rushed at me. It missed, and I stepped back. It chased me, and got me. I fell over unconscious, again. And then the animals dog-piled the spider. It was dead within seconds, the final bite going to Norto who literally tore its thorax apart. I came round to the sight of Kurt pouring a potion down my throat. Again. I stood up as another spider entered the room.
It headed for the ceiling and concealed itself in webs and mist. The ice mages dropped the temperature and the mist froze out. I soon discovered that it was very hard to hit that spider. The spider however, managed to fire a gob of web stuff at Swartz. It failed to entangle him, but he caught the line in his jaws. Norto joined in the game of pull the spider. The Kurt shot it. It fired another glob of web, this time at Norto. He was not entangled. The animals pulled on web strands, and something went “ping”. Then “plop”. The spider had been yanked off the ceiling and fallen in the pond in the room’s centre. It threw a line up to the ceiling webs and started trying to get back up, managing only to get out of the pool. In its frustration and angry it charged at the nearest dog. Kurt shot it, nearly taking off one of its legs, and then there was another dog-pile. And then it was dead. And shortly there was a pile of spider parts.
Next door we opened was full of balls of web, and lots of little spiders. Kurt tossed in a grenado which exploded in a gout of flame. Soon the whole room was full of burning web. It stank. I closed the door. Snow collected a small spider in a flask.
We explored down the corridor and found a secret door. Searching we found the lever that opened. There was a large room. There was a skeleton wearing robes and a coronet, sitting on a throne, in front of a tapestry. It was flanked by other skeletons, armed with swords and shields.
“Who are you, and why have you come?” it intoned.
“We’re adventurers, and we’ve been killing these giant spiders,” answered Rhiane.
“You’ve been killing my minions?” it asked.
“Well, they did attack us first,” I pointed out.
“Destroy them,” it commanded, and battle ensued.
First Norto charged the one on the throne, closing with it and pulling it to the ground. Shadow and Swartz found another skeleton hiding behind the tapestry, and closed on it. It somehow managed to release magic in close… some kind of fear effect. The cat panicked. Her fur turned white… and she ran and hid behind Snow. The dogs restrained their targets. We hacked away at the other skeletons. As they hacked back at us. The necromancer was somehow draining Swartz, but the brave dog held on, his master Kurt at his side, until having finished off the other skeletons we could join them, in finishing the bastard off.
3 silvered tulwars
3 Chain armour

4 x silvered H@H
4 x leather belt pouches 1130 sp emerald 500sp loaded human bone die
We explored further. Found a trap room with a falling ceiling trap. The ice mages created pillars of ice to prevent the ceiling from falling. But the chest had nothing in it except a note that read: “Another fine trap”. We left.

Military Scientist Section

Daily Pattern

  • Sleep/Camp 12 Hours
  • Ritual 2 Hour
  • Travel 8 Hours
  • Meals 2 Hours spread through day * 3 meals.

Default pattern, vary as wanted by party

Marching Order

Ashe, Norto
Sno, Shadow, Rhiain
Kurt, Emrys, Schwarz

Watch Order

6 Hour watches. Kurt, Rhiain.
4 Hour watches. Emrys, Sno, Ashe.

Default Tactics and Other Notes

Default tactics when it works.
Sno & Rhiain form a centre with shields & spears.
Ashe & Norto act as Agile fighters. Emrys does attack magic.
Kurt does Mil-Sci & Ranged.


General notes.

All Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Em Rh Sn Ku As No Sc Sh
Armour of Ice (Rh) 6 6 points of Ft Protection* 3 1/2hours? N N Sit N N N N N
Fire Armour (Em) ?? ?? ?? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Animal Growth (Ku) 8 +4 DM, +1 Ft/En NA, *2 EN, PS, FT. 9 Days N N N N N Sit Sit Y
Lesser Enchantment (Ku) 11 -1 on dice rolls. 3 months Y Y Y Y (Ba) Y Y Y Y
resist cold (Rh) 6 +2 temp guage, -3 cold dm received ?? sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit
?? (Caster) ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?? (Caster) ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weapon of Cold (Rh) 6 +3 cold DM, +7HC 11 Min N Sit (Spear) Sit (Spear) N Sit Sit (Bite) Sit (Bite) Sit (Bite)


Shaped Items & Rare Stuff

  • ever-burning torch
  • Hat of Disguise (theater basement)
  • enchanted jacket (Merc)
  • 3 amulets of elderflowers (Merc)
  • 5 amulets of luck (2 spares, purchased by Rhiain at start of adventure)
  • 1 amulet of diamonds (Merc)
  • jade cat pendant (Caves?)
  • 5 undead amulets (from the zombies)
  • Ring of emergency feather fall (Goblin Fortress)
  • Handy Haversacks (x5) (Goblin Fortress?)
  • Conch horn of fog (Level 2?)
  • Belt of extra endurance (Level 2?)
  • glowing green agate crystals (Level 2)
  • Draining cloak/robe (Throne room)
  • Silvered H1/2 (x4) (Throne Room, Magic Unknown, was this magical?)
  • Silvered Dagger (Throne Room, Magic Unknown, was this magical?)
  • Buckler (Throne Room, Magic Unknown, was this magical?)

Odd Stuff

  • large crocodile hide (Theatre Basement)
  • crocodile meat Given to Goblins?
  • 50ft spider silk rope (?)
  • Six-sided weighted bone dice (Level 2?)
  • 3 bronze pins bearing the symbol of the Aspis Consortium
  • assorted documents of information, and/or value
  • loaded bone die
  • Spider parts (x4)

Consumable items

  • various quantities of unused poison (fungus, sea snake, cone shell)
  • Assorted grenadoes (Goblin foot alchemist)
  • Alchemical Cold Grenados (x3) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Alchemical Lightning Grenados (x3) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Alchemical Fire Grenados (x32) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Alchemical Acid Grenados (x3) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Ten-point Healing Potion (x5) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Wand of Curing (10pts, 20 charges) (Goblin Fortress)
  • Potions of Witchsight (r10) x5 (Goblin Fortress)
  • Potions of Resist Pain (r6) x4 (Goblin Fortress)
  • 20pt healing potions (x3) (Level 2?)
  • Scroll of fireball (Level 2?)
  • Scroll of fly (Level 2?)
  • Vial of Silver-sheen (Level 2?)
  • Acid flask (Level 2?)

Ranked Armour & Weapons

  • Armour-smithed leatherworks (Merc)
  • 1 silvered weapon-smithed hand and a half sword (Merc)
  • 1 silvered short sword (Merc)
  • 2 silvered daggers (Merc)
  • Silvered weapon-smithed H&H (Hobgoblin)
  • Weapon-smithed glaive (Hobgoblin)
  • 'Interesting looking tulwar' (Orc at the Beach, Silvered high rank)
  • MW dagger (Silvered? Not sure, where did this one come from?)
  • Silvered Tulwar (x3) (Throne Room)

Stuff with SP Value

  • 540sp in counted coin(merc + theater basement)
  • an emerald
  • assorted costume jewellery
  • chest full of coins
  • Various other weapons and Armour from goblins/orc battlefield
  • 50gpv Garnet (x3)
  • 3200sp
  • 42 copper bits
  • Longswords (x2)
  • Daggers (x6)
  • Chainmail (x6) (Skeletons in tombs)
  • Hand axe (Level 2 Stash)
  • Waterskins (x4) (Level 2 Stash)
  • 50 ft rope (Level 2 Stash)
  • Grappling hook (Level 2 Stash)
  • 500spv bloodstones (found at the bottom of Y-40) (x3)
  • Belt pouches (x4)
  • 160sp, 262sp, 778sp
  • Emerald (500spv)
  • Chainmail (x3) (Throne Room)

Potential Awards

Stuff for the Seagate Times


What's Hot / What's Not

Articles, Notes, etc



  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane
Meadow (1)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 Travel to Golarion, Speak to Goblin King. 5 Candren Basement. White Lotus 6 Travel to Goblins by the SeaSeagate Light Festival
Moon1.jpg 7 Orc Attack 8 Into the Green Fort 9 Travel back to Absalom 10 11 12 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 16   17   18   19 The Castellan Borderers Ball 20  
Moon3.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26 Seagate Crafters Ball 27  
Moon0.jpg 28   29   30    
Heat (2)
  1   2   3   4 Seagate Guildmasters Ball
Moon1.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10 Seagate Races 11 The Duke of Carzala's Summer Ball
Moon2.jpg 12   13   14 Midsummers
 (Faerie Day)
15 Solstice 16   17 Seagate Summer Fair Day 18 Seagate Summer Fair Day
Moon3.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24 The Castellan of Brastor's Summer Ball 25  
Moon0.jpg 26   27   28   29   30    
Breeze (3)
  1   2  
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon2.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon3.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon0.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30