Adventures on Aquerius (Part III)

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Start Date: Meadow 1, 801 WK (01/01/801) Finish Date: Meadow 1, 801 WK (01/01/801) Duration: 1 day
  • Scribe Notes: <a href="aquarius/stitch-in-time.pdf">aquarius/stitch-in-time.pdf</a>
  • GM Notes: <a href="aquarius/visit-3.pdf">aquarius/visit-3.pdf</a>
Turf 2500
Tulip 3000
Ty Trident 2500
Vapour 2500
Fom the Seagate guild by Sebastian of Hamburg who works

for Lord Harcourt and Pendelton to ensure that certain magical items are buried underground so that they are not destroyed in the burning of the forum in Republica on the plane of Aquarious.


Fee of 3000sp each for the job, and no looting. Free stating spells of Strength of Stone, Armour of Earth, and Fire Proofing each and 1 Waters of Healing and 5 Waters of Strength for the party as a whole. We have a fey magical item that will return us to the correct plane.


Date: 1/1/801

Go out to the rune portal and meet Cornelius (rune mage) who gives us a large trunk to put the items in. We are looking for:

  • Sword of Imperium -located in an iron scabbard in the main entrance to the palace, it is anti-unholy
  • Tolling Bell and one White hammer and one Black hammer-which is on top of Hanging Hill and sends souls away forever (so they cannot be captured by evil doers)
  • Chimes of Retribution - in the Basilica (which roof fell in very early)
  • Standard of Anti-diseshablishment - in the armoury in the main part of the Forum
  • Specific type of Books from the Library also in the Forum.

We travel via the stone circle and arrive at the temple in the present. We are surprised to find that the Plaza has been cleared of bones. We hear some delocalised chanting in the Plaza. We travel to the holy hill and as the sun sets time changes back to the past.

We slip past the guards into the Forum and through into the Basilica, were we ignore all the nobility gathered there. We climb into the dome, retrieve the chimes, and climbing onto the outside of the dome.

Vapour casts flying, and we have an argument about what to collect next. Tulip proposes that we should get the Bell next and ring it as we move around so that there are fewer souls trapped in the city. After some arguing the others concur. We take off to Hanging Hill, Vapour lands badly into the crowd gathered there and we have a small spat. We ring and then collect the Bell and Hammers.

We fly back to the Forum ringing the bell on the way and look for the Library, we find it and collect the appropriate books. The library is going up in flames as we leave. We then go looking for the Armoury which is also in the Forum but it is magically locked and we waste some time trying to open it, but we cannot get it open. We decide to get all the other things and come back.

We fly to the Palace were we meet a very helpful old man who takes us to the Sword, Turf wears it. Then the old man nicely tells us of an old drunk Ducididies who might be able to let us into the Armoury. We find and fly back to the Armoury, he can't get in but some of the soldiers inside recognise his voice and open the door. We locate the correct Standard, and also pick up some light armour for Vapour and put it into the trunk.

We go and find a deep cellar near holy hill and leave the chest with all the items there. The magical fey item (which Tulip carries) has started belching black slimy smoke.

We then feel we have some time to ask questions and try to find out more about the Sunsword. The emperor went on crusade (to fight a dragon) in the Western continent. He was slain and approx one in ten men returned but no one really knows much as it was all suppressed. We fly back to the Palace and go to see the Regent, but he is not very interesting.

We fly back to the Holy Hill where the lake is now a silvery liquid and DA shows a lunar alignment. We step behind the hill and Vapour throws the fey item as far away as possible, a black swirling cloud billows out as it smashes on the rocks and envelops us, we go out into the lake hoping for some protection in case it is a nasty vapour.

When it passes we find ourselves in the present? and in the dark on Holy Hill, and we seem to be glowing silver. DA shows that we are lunar blessed with the ability to see as well in moonlight as if it were daylight. We notice that the grass of Holy Hill extends further than it did, and unlike previously we can see birds in the distance and hear the small sounds of insects and animals, the atmosphere is lighter. So we have made a difference in releasing the souls that we could by ringing the bell. There is a dark ugly patch were the Fey item landed.

We wait 10hrs for dawn and go back to the Temple. We go to the obelisk in the temple say the correct words and do the prescribed ritual and return to our own plane, with -10 of FT. We arrive in the early morning, see Cornelius, get our stuff and head back to the guild reporting to Sybasitian in the afternoon. Interestingly we arrive on the morning that we leave so it is still 1/1/801.


1 day
3000sp each
One suit of light armour held in box
Can advance 1 rank in Flying for no time
Party including Buzz is Lunar Blessed
2500 EP each with an extra 500 EP for scribe notes.

The Required Items

The Annuals

The Annuals are a collection of the reported history of the Forum. This vast collection of books is part of the Forum library, which was destroyed in 238 FE. Most of the collection is merely a reporting of appointments, family changes and public finances but significant events occuasionally slip in.

Sword of the Imperium

This weapon is believed to be sword of the first Emperor. It is a single edged blade wrought magically unbeakable. Crafted by the Elves during the war with Hell, it does double damage verses unholy creatures. The wielder will also gain 50% bonus to save against any fear or madness attacks by unholy creatures. It was once one of thousands.

The Tolling Bell

When the Bell is wrung with the black hammer then any soul named which has departed within the last three days will depart indeed.

Should it be run with the white hammer any listening soul die within three days of hearing the Bell they will not linger with the body but move on immediately.

The departed soul cannot be brought back, resurrected, reborn, subject to necromantic arts or divination.

The bell is called the Tolling Bell with the black hammer called For Whome the Bell Tolls and the white hammer called Tolling for the Dead Men Walking.

Chimes of Retribution

These are a series of gallow glass (glass made from the ashes of a convicted murderer who has been hanged) strips formed into mobius rings. There are seven rings hung by diamond thread into a wind chime. Each ring keens piteously and together they will chime against each other in the slightest breeze.

The chimes are not loud and will fade beyond hearing after about 30 feet in the open. However they can be heard for much very volumes if the acustics of a place are right.

Any foul deed done within range of the chimes will be done back to the doer by Fate within a moon (or other significant celestial event). Should the doer manage to avoid their Fate then the Angel of Retribution will seek them out and punish them.

The chimes were hung from the dome above the Senate in the Forum where it be heard by all to discourage open murder within the Forum. House guards were not allowed in the Forum proper so the chimes where needed to make sure no deed went unpunished.

Standard of Antidisestablishmenterism

Should this standard be held up it will force those wishing to throw down the Establishment (anachists, liberterians, massed peasantry etc) to make a morale check. Should they fail they will be forced to cower or flee from the Might of the Powers That Be. This effect will last until they are rallied by a ringleader or planted henceman. Supposively twinned against the Horn of Revolutionary Fevor.