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Many discussions in the Guild revolve around 'levels'. No, this isn't evidence of mechanicians running wild. It's more of an informal ranking system that you'd find in any guild in Alusia. However rather than use the terms, apprentice, journeyman, master and so on for some bizarre and archaic reason adventurers classify themselves like prize fighters. It's just one of those idiom thingys.


For reasons only the council knows the Guild takes on members of promising skill and ability. The key word here is 'promising'. A new guild member knows a magic college, the basics of magic and that's about it. The new adventurer is given a few words of caution and sent off on some mission the astrologers have determined isn't actually that dangerous.

The designation 'bunny' probably comes from the fact that said small fluffy mammal could give the adventurer serious grief. Starting adventurers are capable of causing widespread chaos due to their not knowing any better. A bunny's magic arsenal is more dangerous to itself and their friends than the enemy.

In a world of mad wizards, vampires and rampaging orc hordes how do these inept fools survive?

Fortunately the Guild is particularly adept at determining which missions require merely raw cunning and a little perseverance, something Bunnies have in abundance. A Bunny mission entails only the mildest of dangers and often involves scouting, delivering a message or guarding something no-one wanted stolen anyway.

Failing that a lone bunny may be sent off with some experienced adventurers to learn from them.


Low is a bit of a misnomer. A typical low adventurer can hold their own as well as most guardsmen and even professional soldiery if they've dedicated themselves to martial arts. As a mage they are accomplished practitioners of their college. Anywhere else they'd be pretty hot stuff.

Unfortunately the Guild is a place where demi-gods and living legends stop by for tea and crumpets. And for some reason these are the people everyone uses as a yardstick. Just get over it.

Low level adventurers are bad-asses and practically everyone but themselves knows it. A group of well-prepared and canny adventurers can handle most problems and dangers the world has to offer. As a low level adventurer you should be prepared for everything. Undead, giants, big green things with teeth. As long as you can meet them one at a time and have some avenue of escape they can tackle most things out there. And frequently do.


A medium level adventurer is a fully fledged hero in their own right. A group of mediums is a danger to almost anything but a well armed and prepared kingdom. They have a wide range of skills, magic and abilities to call upon.

The main problem of mediums is that they have become all too aware of their own vulnerability. They often do have something to lose if they fail and as a consequence tend towards over caution.

A medium level adventure will contain anything and everything. The main obstacle mediums face is their own self doubts because they still spend too much time comparing themselves to Sabrina, Vychan or Liessa.


The main difference between a medium level adventurer and a high one is attitude. A party of mediums often needs to talk itself into a state fit to deal with the current problem while highs will just do it. They've typically faced a dozen like scenarios before and can trust their skills and experience to carry the day.


Every so often something Very Bad happens. Ancient evils from before time, Drow Sorcerer dragons, Armies of Undead or The Norse Gods deciding to throw all their toys out of the cot. Don't worry. The guild knows some people. Not particularly nice, pleasant or even remotely sane people. Just some people who can kick any ass, take any name and get any damn tee-shirt they please. Most are in therapy of one kind or another.