A Plea for Help

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Adventure: A Plea for Help
GM: Anne
Session: Summer 819
Night: Tuesdays
Location: Smiths
Level: Low-Med


  • Minerva - Human Celestial Played by Jacqui (Mil Sci)
  • Angus - Human Namer Played by Keith
  • Elderan - Elf Air Mage Played by Ian (Supervising GM & Party Leader)
  • Sylvester - Elf Water Mage played by Justis
  • Cypher - Dwarven Rune Mage played by Beth
  • Looter (Luther Luthier) - Hobbit Thief & Kevin the pony (both non-mages), the former played by Michael P.
  • Rhiain - Ice Mage human played by Chris R. (Scribe)

Employer: Guild and A. Slater

Mission: To investigate whatever A. Slater has hired you for

Pay: 10,000sp and whatever else is offered.

Scribe Notes

"Atop a Hill in the Valley of Sun" "Under a Flat Blue Sky" "Where Minstrels Sing and Children Laugh" "Is Where You'll Find your Path"

We have to go through a portal that is located under a child's bed. So, presumably, we're going to the plane where either dust bunnies or 'monsters under the bed' come from. The name of the plane is 'Children's Playground' - and we have to put the bed back after we go through. Maybe we're not taking horses with us. Coming back may also not be an option. We are given the address and shooed off by Guild Security.

Get Lessers from Basalic, who kindly doesn't charge us. Greaters from Aaron. (6000sp for 4 areas, rank 12). Rnk 6 Restorative Cookies from Grizelda.

Next thing was to find the portal. We headed to the house that we were given the address for and discovered some sort of portal, that looked, to magical sight, like a trapdoor. The girl child told us she just gets to the plane while sleeping and many other children from Seagate also go there. We later discovered that all children can go there until the age of fifteen when they forget about the plane. Presumably it's part of growing up.

Anyway, we were able to get the trapdoor open and descended down stairs into pure darkness. The next thing I remembered was waking up in a tent. Said tent was one of a collection and the rest of the party turned up in different tents. It was night when we got there, which led to the theory that this plane was twelve hours out of phase with Alusia. The night sky was even more vibrant and it was easy to pick out constellations ... many of which which was just a matter of joining the colourful dots.

Once day arrived we set off in an easterly direction and soon arrived at a village on a hill. There we spoke to the 'leader' who told us about the problem that they were having with orcs and that the children were disappearing. Suzy, the secretary, was much more helpful providing us with a map of the area and directions to the local stores where we could buy Crystals of Vision.

The following scribe notes were Extracted from Rhiain's Diary.

After buying the two Crystal of Vision from Timmy (a high rank 9 year old merchant), he suggested we go see someone called Walter in a nearby tower, as he was the person who apparently made the crystal of vision’s we had just purchased. We took up on his devised and found the tower. Upon entering we found a boy of about 15 years old in appearance (and looks really cute). Turns out Walter is actually a member of the Seagate guild and permanently looks 15 as a result of be a long lived sentient. He’s very knowledgeable and explained to us that their are two groups of children, ones that come from other planes (mostly Allusian) and those that are born here from “stalks and cabbage patches,” like we were ‘told when we were kids.’

Kids from the other world are unable to return when they grow up and eventually forget about this world. Those that come from this world grow into what would be considered ‘heroes’ or ‘villains’ however apparently some of them just ‘disappear’ but remain on plane since they can be located by Walter E&E magic. Walter also informs us that his watchtower contains a way back into the guild into the back of the kitchens (although not sure how we are going to get Luther’s pony back.)

Minerva and I manage to convince Walter to come with us as we could use his knowledge of the world (and I can get to know him better). We discuss a battle plan for the orcs that we've been hired to take out. Outside of a suggestion that our resident caledonian (who apparently speak a bit of orcish) to request to dance with them,and his apparent need to “get his sisters bagpipes” (who knows what that helps with), we decide we need more information on the orcs and that we should assess their forces from the safety of Elderans Cloud. However to do this we require a Spy Glass. Walter indicates that in a harbour about two hours walk away there are some ships that might either have a spy glass we could acquire, or take us to some evil pirates that we could ‘massacre’ and loot their stuff which would hopefully include a spy glass.

Upon going to the docks we see essentially a navy of ships with white unicorn masts on. We approach the biggest ship and find a 14 year old boy who everyone aboard refers to as ‘the captain’. He sadly doesn't have a spyglass and refused to take us out of the harbour on any of his vessel as he couldn’t guarantee any of the ship crew would be able to swim back to shore so these ships never leave port. He did say we might some less reputable folk who ‘might’ take us out of the harbour near the harbour entrance. He also informed us about a town built 20 miles out to sea ‘on stilts’ and provides us a well drawn map made by her sister “Amelia.”

We track along the peninsula to the harbour entrance and find a ship with black flags with skulls on it moored about 30m off the coastline. A lookout immediately spots us. We convince him to take us to the town in the sea (appropriately Named), “Seatin.” we are able to get some food from the chef aboard the vessel and establish our watch order.

We arrive at Seatin early the next morning, which is literally a city built out of wood, floating in the ocean on stilts. We found a market place with a number of shops where we purchased some souvenir sea shell necklaces and found a store willing to sell us some quiet fancy (and as it turned out, magical) spyglasses, Minerva decided to buy them all since she was able to negotiate them for a pretty cheap price.

We then visit the tavern for some late brunch and purchase some gifts for the ship captain (rum), and return to the ship we came on and quickly return to the entrance of the harbour on the mainland where we first got on. From there we summoned a bunny shaped cloud and flew to where the orcs were, where they were encamped on the edge of a forested cliff with a few guard, however despite the crystal of visions, we were not able to identify the number of orcs there. So we decided to land on the over side of the forested hill. (around 5pm)

From there we set at camp in a clearing near a stream and I decided to (unsuccessfully) hunt for animal for over 3 hours and to manage to find a small fox den so I laid some traps. Some of the other party members apparently found a cottage bakery 20 minutes that had hot pies and and sacks of apples (which made my ‘hunting attempts’ feel even more futile).

After this we decided to organise into team of one managing the camp and a recon team to further scout out the orc encampment from the top of the cliff. The recon team consisted of Luther, Minerva, Angus and Elderan while Cipher, Sylvester and myself stayed back at camp.

The recon team returned with 9 goblins in tow 7 of which where tartans (apparently they are related to Angus). The Goblins informed us that there are 150 orcs (that are dumb) and about 30 other goblins which are the “Brain-child's” of the operation. The orcs look as if they are preparing for another raid. The orcs have about even numbers up at all time. More interesting was what they do with the teenagers they capture is that they knock them out and apparently throw them through a black sheet that opens up at the base of the cliff. We devised a plan to ”safely” investigate this by slowly flying a cloud into the base of the cliff under the cover of fog.

We woke early and headed to the cliff. Given the early morning we decided to abseil down under invisibility and enchanted with witch-sight to see if we could identify this gap in the mountain that the kids get thrown into. We broke into three teams with Minerva keeping lookout and ready to snipe any orcs if they engaged. Our three best climbers: Angus, Sylvester and Luther, climb down the ropes. Cipher Elderan and I with that aid of waters of strength from Sylvester aiding in supporting the climbers weight. As they near the bottom Angus discovered the there was an illusion covering a natural cave entrance. The party decided to head down and investigate and left Walter and Luther’s pony back at camp. At the bottom we feel a breeze emanating from the cave, outside of the illusion. We walk in and not to far from the entrance what looks like a dormitory with most beds are made, board-games suited the hallways leading to different parts of ‘what ever this complex really is;, some of this looks like natural cave while other parts look highly developed. While exploring we break into what looks a storeroom filled with creates and discover lots of valuable ritual materials such as mur including rituals from the college of greater summoning.

While searching through the storeroom everyone but luther is recognized. He escorts us to a middle aged elf with long silver hair. The boy who showed us the way was name Stephen and the elf is a namer, acording to angus his plan of origins relates to children’s playground but keeps having weird connections foo other planes. This elf seems to know who some of us our (probably from when were able to visit this plane while sleeping. The elf informs us that the orcs and goblins are completely harmless to adults and then tasks ask assisting with an awkward scenario where one of the elf’s “students” in the field of college of greater summoning accidental summoned a demon who is now wandering the plain. He calls for the girl (Alice) who was the one who summoned the demon. For assisting in this matter he would reward us with one of the items, each from a shelf with some interesting antiquities.

We get Alice to show us where she summoned the demon and Angus establishes that she successful summoned and Incubus, we decided to see if the orcs and goblins saw anything and established that the elf is indeed in charge of the orc/goblins. According to an orc, that something weird flew over the east gate, we assume that to be our incubus that we are hunting. Minerva wished to wait to dark to divinate the night skies. In the mean time we decided to research more on incubus. We found out that they are competent mind mages, can only be harmed by magical attacks and that they like to mate with females when they are attempting to sleep. Apparently the party thought it was a good idea to ‘nominate me as tribute’ for baiting the demon out. (just because clothes make me feel too hot).

Afterwards it started getting dark so we got Elderan to summon a cloud while Minerva started staring blankly at the sky….. According to Minerva the ‘sky told her’ “In the east a small town lies, where one who does not belong resides.” (as much as it sounded gibberish east is where the orc said he saw the thing go). After some of the party and myself found some light while flying on the cloud we quickly land nearby and Minerva suggests that unless the females wish to be “bait” that they get invisibility cast on them by Walter, while Elderan plans that we get a stealth team to investigate the buildings in the town to see if we could identify if they potentially housing the demon.

On inspecting the 4th building in appears to be some form of bar. There was a man there in full Armour carrying a great-sword. Chatting to a younger man across from him and a barmaid serving the counter. According the Angus the barmaid is under the affect of ‘control person’ and the younger man talking to the man in Armour is our incubus target. We devise a plan to walk into the bar and either banish it, whether by Alice or having Angus banish it back to its plane of existence, Or destroying it, (Minerva lent me a very cool dagger that apparently makes it snow sometimes). We enter the building ready for a big combat and Alice managed to successfully dispel it. (very anti climatic). The man in Armour seems a bit disgruntled about his conversation been ended prematurely

Points of Interest

  • Anyone, regardless of age that is employed or works a profession is reasonably adept at it.
  • Magic items appear to purchasable for lower than market values. Whether this is because a lack of understanding of there value, great availability of magic items and/or the resources to make them or a strong buying power per silver piece is not yet known.

Items Acquired

  • 2x rank 10 Crystal of Vision. ~ purchased by Minerva for 800sp ea
  • 3x good magical spy glasses, at-least one has 5x magnification and 4 Variable magnification levels. ~ purchased by Minerva for 500sp ea
  • several pretty shell necklaces.


  • Angus - "If you want your scribe notes to be legible, don't pick me"
  • Minerva - "What a waste ... a triple effect on the pony"
  • Elderan - "Stop thinking. Be a Caledonian."
  • Minerva - "I'm the closest you've got to a princess." Emily - "Ooh, is she going to get carried off by a dragon?"
  • Angus - "we are not just stranger in a strange town." Minerva - "We are strangers in a strange land." Angus - "Dammit, you said what I was going to say."
  • Angus - "I don't want to deal with Flamis if we lose 'her'!"
  • Minerva - "Damn another triple i didn't need to do" ~ Target: the barmaid
  • Minerva - "Just because I have the loudest mouth, doesn’t make me party leader. Im just the mil SCI."
  • Rhian - "can you make it rain?" Sylvester - "thats what air magic is for, i can make it wet tho!" Rhian - "how wet can you make it?" Sylvester - "How wet do you want it, im PB 19" -

Mil Sci

Daily Pattern

  • Sleep/Camp
  • Travel
  • Meals
  • Rituals

Hours of sleep for Ft recovery + Hot meal Ft recovery.

Travel Magics

Summon and Bind Cloud - College of Air Magics - Elderan

Watch Order

First Watch

Second Watch

Third Watch

Fourth Watch

  • Minerva - Celestial (solar) - Human
  • Walter - E&E - Long live sentient (npc)'

Marching Order

Main body front:
Main body rear:
Tail Guard:

Single file:
Open area:


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

General notes.
- -

Long Duration Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ft / Day -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does Stuff ?? days ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? hrs ? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? hrs ? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does Stuff ?? weeks ? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Names ## Does stuff ?? hrs ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? hrs ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Short Duration Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ft / Cast -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? hours ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does Stuff ?? Mins ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? mins ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name ## Does stuff ?? hrs ?? Ft -- -- -- -- -- -- --




  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane
Meadow (1)
  1 Guild Meeting Through the portal 2 Indian children and Employer 3 travel via pirate 4 Seatown 5 White Lotus Travel via pirate 6 Seagate Light Festival Orc camp
Moon1.jpg 7 Orc camp investigation and Incubus hunting 8 Dragon flying 9 Dragon flying 10 Dragon fight finding Orc camp 11 Talk to the Camp 12 Day prep 13 Killing of the lake snakes
Moon2.jpg 14 Back to the Elf 15 Back to Employer And Home 16   17   18   19 The Castellan Borderers Ball 20  
Moon3.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26 Seagate Crafters Ball 27  
Moon0.jpg 28   29   30    
Heat (2)
  1   2   3   4 Seagate Guildmasters Ball
Moon1.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10 Seagate Races 11 The Duke of Carzala's Summer Ball
Moon2.jpg 12   13   14 Midsummers
 (Faerie Day)
15 Solstice 16   17 Seagate Summer Fair Day 18 Seagate Summer Fair Day
Moon3.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24 The Castellan of Brastor's Summer Ball 25  
Moon0.jpg 26   27   28   29   30    
Breeze (3)
  1   2  
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon2.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon3.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon0.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30