A Doomsday Like Any Other

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And so it came to pass,
The Great Star fell from the sky,
Light departed the ways,
The captives were set free and
The Great Dragon was loosed upon the World.

As was foretold Night hath Fallen,
The End of Days
The Herald shall sound the last Trump
And shall announce unto all

Attend all mortals, immortals and demi-beings,
For it is on!
Heaven vs Hell
Three Rounds! One fall!
No Submissions!

Right Here! Right Now!
Coming to all kingdoms near you!
And in the White Corner leading the charge.
All cheer for Michael "The Mutilator" Taxiarch!

And in the Red Corner
Two times reigning champion.
The King Himself
Three cheers for Asmoday "The Infernoator" Pseudothei!

Art thou ready to rumble!

Party 1

  • Night: Monday
  • GM: William
  • Level: Med to Extreme
  • Venue: Dean's (mostly)
  1. Jim Arona - Bishop Velcanthus
  2. Dean - Sabrina
  3. Bridget -Viola
  4. MHaycock - Eric
  5. Simon - Grendel
  6. Chris - Kern

Party 2

  • Night: Tuesday
  • GM: Julia
  • Level: Med to Extreme
  • Venue: Julia's
  1. Fabio the Italian - Alandis
  2. Stephen - Braegon
  3. Sean - Lady Cher
  4. Jacqui - Flamis
  5. Michael - Mungo
  6. Keith - Basalic

Party 3

  • Night: Wednesday
  • GM: Craig
  • Level: Med to Extreme
  • Venue: Craig's
  1. Terry Spencer - Turf
  2. Kelsie McArthur - Caprice
  3. Mike Y - Morgan
  4. Clare - Ithilmor
  5. Jono Bean - Engalton
  6. Dan Dixon - Scab
  7. Joe Parker - Eltan aka Stupid Stupid Rat Creature



Briefing from Kali and Corel
We have organised portals to three locations near Barretskyne, the portals in the courtyard will activate in half an hour (at what was midday) and transport you to the three destinations (without stripping your FT) transit time is estimated at 1 minute. These are one-shots, no return, no guild reinforcements. You may be able to contact the other groups for help but don't count on it, reports are there's a lot of wild magic in the area interfering with most long range magic.
You are to hold your location and prevent any of the evil inhabitants of Baretskyne from getting through.
Longer term containment is being organised, church knights are escorting artefacts and specialists to erect the containment and relieve you, they should be there within 24 hours - provided nothing gets through to slow them down.
We have organised mages to cast on you (list below) as you approach the portals and we have potion packs for each of you.
Further information and tasks will be communicated to you shortly.
You now have 25 minutes to prepare yourselves, assemble in the courtyard and line up for your buffs.

Guild Buffs

Kali and Corel have organised for the following to be cast just before the portals activate, all durations are enhanced, all casts are standard successes
  • Rk 11 Lesser Enchantment -1 on dice rolls for season
  • Rk 20 Strength of Stone +20 Endurance for 41 horus
  • Rk 20 Waters of Strength [D-5]+20 Strength for 100 minutes
  • Rk 21 Armour of Earth +44 Defence, +2 Armour for 21 hours
  • Rk 20 Celestial Witchsight for 20.5 hours
  • Rk 20 Fire Armour 100 ablative magical fire protection for 41 hours
  • RK 9 Fireproofing protection from normal fire and 4 less damage from Fire for 19 hours
  • Rk 9 Cold Resistance 4 less damage from Cold and +3 temperature gauges for 19 hours
  • Rk 7 Waterproofing for 45 hours
  • Rk 20 Water Breathing for 41 hours
  • Rk 20 Air Flight for 41 hours (NB you will not have time to call the winds before the portal activates)

Weapon spells, one of: (hold up the weapon to be targeted facing North, East, South, or West)

  • Rk 15 Weapon of Flames +16% SC +8 dmg +15 vs Undead/cold for 35 mins
  • Rk 19 Weapon of Darkness +20 to Hit / + 8 Damage for 43 mins
  • Rk 19 Weapon of Light +20 to Hit / + 8 Damage for 43 mins
  • Rk 15 Spectral Weapon + 16% SC +6 Damage for 35 mins
Potion Packs
6 x Healing Potions D + 15 Healing 1 2 3 4 5 6
3 x Restorative potions -8 Endurance / +16 Fatigue 1 2 3

Any other buffs cast before this as you can manage to organise.

Figure after / are enhance by the Silverfoam harp

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Comment
Death Ward (turf) 20 with enhance see comment permanent* While the target is under a Deathward any magic which would kill them outright/cause a death effect (whitefire, triple effect damage spells etc) will be negated, once this happens the spell dissipates. The target may choose to trigger the spell against any magical attack, once this happens the spell dissipates. The target may choose for the spell will not dissipate but stay active and continue to work, however it cost the target a permanent EN point each time it is subsequently triggered.
Counterspells (various namers) 10+ see rulebook see rulebook see rulebook
Heart Rune (Bishop V) 8 9 d When EN taken, cure 7
Willow Rune (Bishop V) 12 24 hrs When triggered, cures 3 EN / Pulse for the next 14 Pulses
Restorative Potion (Bishop V) 10 Imm - 12 EN, +24 FT
  • Sabrina Party buffs

Ring of Command (while worn) - +11 to SC, Defense and Melee IV
Martial Hymn (while singing) - +40SC, Powers of Light gain +2 Damage, 1/pulse regeneration
Horn of Battle (when sounded once in battle) - +10 WP for allies, OR, -10 WP for enemies

  • Basalic Party Buffs
    • Rank 20 Armour of Earth - BC110 - +44 DEF +2AP for 10.5 hours
    • Rank 20 Strength of Stone - BC110 - +20EN for 21 hours
    • Rank 15 Trollskin - BC 95 - 10ft range 21 pulses
  • Sabrina Plan

Kill bad guys, rinse, repeat.... (given she is a recent mother with all the inherent pain and sleeplessness, plus having her barony wiped out in the war, might mean she is more than a little touchy :-) )

  • Basalic's Plan

Kill the bad guys, get the sun into crossbow range, fire crossbows with explosive heads onto the surface, if that doesn't work, try an alchemical grenado or flint & steel then, as soon as it reignites, run away as fast as possible.

  • re forge the gates of hell
  • return the fire elements, breed fire elementals
  • steal Gabriels horn and defeat all 71 demons
  • reignite the sun with a flint and steel while standing on it
  • use explosives to kick start the reaction
  • ... seafood ...
  • ... paths ...
  • ... sun ...
  • ... phoenix ...

Combined Party Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Al Ba BV Br Ca Ch El En Er Fl Gr Kr Mo Mu Sa Sc Tu Vi
Strength of Stone (Ba) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs EN
Armour of Earth (Br) 21 +44 Def, 2 DR 12 hrs Red x.png
Fire Armour (Br) 20 100 Ablative Mag. Fire 21 hrs Green-tick.gif
Heat Shield (Br) 9 40 Ablative Mag. Cold 10 hrs Green-tick.gif
Fire Proofing (Br) 9 Prot. Normal Fire 4 less Dmg 10 hrs Green-tick.gif
Resist Cold (Br) 11 Prot -22°C 3 Less Damage 12 hrs Red x.png
Water Proofing (Gr) 7 Dry, protection from Rainstorm 24 hrs Green-tick.gif
Water Breathing (Gr) 13 Breathe and see in water 14 hrs Green-tick.gif
Buoyancy (Br) 6 Up/down 17'/pulse, pressure 3½ hrs Green-tick.gif
Feather Fall (Br) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 3½ hrs Green-tick.gif
Vapour Breathing (Br) 6 3½ hrs Green-tick.gif
Witchsight (Mo) 20 10½ hrs Red x.png
Weapon of Flames (Fl) 15 +16% +8 (or 16) 20 mins Green-tick.gif
Fall Banding (Br-Self) 6 Land on earth without damage 3½ hrs Green-tick.gif
Element Xform (Br-Self) 15 +3 DR +3 U.dmg -2 AG -2 MD -1 TMR Move through earth 8 hrs Green-tick.gif
Tracking (Br-Self) 20 Tremor Sense 100' 21 Days Green-tick.gif
Traps & Snares (Br-Self) 10 +20% detect Traps/Ambushes 11 hrs Green-tick.gif
Heart Rune (BV) 8 Cures 7 EN when EN damage taken 8 days Green-tick.gif
Willow Healing (BV) 12 Cures 3 EN / Pulse for 14 Pulses 24 hrs Green-tick.gif
Mind Cloak (BV) 10 +30 MR vs Charm etc, hides thoughts/pact 21 hrs Green-tick.gif
Mind Shield (Gr) 13 +36 MR vs Mental Attack, hides thoughts 30 hrs Green-tick.gif
Cat's Eyes (BV) 6 Night Vision 110 ft 7 hrs Green-tick.gif
Str of Darkness (Mo) 21 +12 PS 4 hrs Red x.png

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Ba BV Br Ca Ch El En Er Fl Gr Kr Mo Mu Sa Sc Tu Vi
Blessing (BV) 10 +10 SC, +10 vs Fear 110 mins Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Magic (caster)

Rk 10 Creating Restoratives - up to -12 EN, + 24 FT

Campaign Support

Support non participating characters can provide the parties and NPCs;

  • Engalton - Rank 12 Healing (at the Guild).
  • Sabastian - Shadow Wings (R13), Mechanician (R10) - traps , Astrologer (R3), Witchsight (R20), Restorative (R8), Healing (R13)
  • Phaeton - Healer (R10)
  • Aqualina - Waterbreathings (R20), Waters of Healing (R15)
  • Aurora - Air Flight (R20)

thank yous

Dear Seagate adventures guild, thank you for all the buffs,(who knew that life aspect was so tuff) we have done our bit to help in return. Many evil items needed to be removed from the unholy in Baratskyne. M & R