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Glissom Royal Arms 806
Her seal
Princess Verina Aleksandra.jpg

Princess Verina Aleksandrais
The Princess is a human(f). Born 805 WK and is a member of the Glissom royal family. She is the daughter of Her Majesty Queen Aleksandra of Glissom and forth of five children.

In the court of the Elves within the Siren Woods in the north of Glissom, Princess Verina was found to be a near master Astrologer with pre & post cognitive abilities under the teachings of Anguitia.
She is a natural skilled courter and like her older brother (Adalwolf - Wolf) she has a natural charming and charismatic ability. She is a Namer of some skill.
She is able to see the truth of things which allows her to see in any condition (day, night, fog, dust, sandstorm).
This has also gives her an extreme danger sense and is not able to be surprised.
Since 812WK her minor pre and post cognitive abilities have been mastered. She can see the threads.

Royal Guards
Princess Verina Aleksandra has four Royal Guards when not in Glissom. All of them trust Princess Verina feelings about things and insights. They carefully listen to her daily instructions & warnings.