Sun Elves and Daemons

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Game Master
Ross Alexander

Date: 01/02/08

An old(!) inscrutable Sun Elf asks to see Blitzkrieg outside of the guild. He has a job on the plane of Kanlaoise, an old dwarven hold has been taken over by a Cabal that is producing demon tainted objects in large quantities. There is likely a daemon summoner assisted by succubi. Mission. He wants the summoner taken out and the daemons dealt with, he also wants plausible deniability. Payment. 60, 000sp each and a supply of minor magical items such as Waters of Healing (4 Rank 12), Waters of Strength (4 Rank 12), healing potions (28pts 2 each), poison antidotes (4 synthetic Rank 10, 4 natural Rank 5) and Restoratives (4 12EN & 2 15 EN). Blitzkrieg recruits party members. We get ourselves organised Turf visits Baccarat who tells him to be careful about killing the agents and the minor boss a pit daemon. He also gets a card which allows us to talk to Baccarack.

Date: 08/02/08

We get powered up with some help from Callas. Arrive at address specified by Sun-elf, humanoids in white robes direct us into a triangle and then surround us performing a summoning. We arrive in a room in a fort on the edge of a lake and surrounded by an orc infested swamp, and are meet by Z'akarm obviously someone important as he has a white robe with gold threads woven through it.

The dwarven stronghold is 90 miles away, we fly for several hours in the steamy dawn and land close to the dwarven hold on a hill. We fight 4 large humanoid winged daemons with clawed hands and chitenous armour. Tulip performs superbly killing one! Investigation determines them as Vrock, non-sentient daemonic constructions with a combined FT&EN≈110, DEF≈70-100 and MR≈60. The claws carry a spider like poison which causes partial paralysis. We put a crystal over the dwarven hold, reconnoitre and go in. 2 heavier larger Vrock without wings and enormous strength that guard the entrance, they are well hard and take some time to wear down. They also have an ability that requires a MR check by the wielder for any magic against them (this includes items ie weapons and casting), have 15 pts of natural armour and another 12-13 points of ordinary armour. They require a counter spell "greater summoner" to banish.

We do down a stair case to find a large square room occupied by 4 heavy and 2 flying Vrock, as well as 2 large 2hex spiders on the ceiling which is covered in webs. The spiders have 4 claw attacks and a bite, save or be slowed. Tulip expands her daemon killing reputation by killing another one! It takes some time but we eventually get them all.

In the first opening we find 4 great magical bowls containing hellfire and creatures (not fire elementals … perhaps hellfire elementals, hellfire daemons??), there are maybe 500 people (alive & dead) pinned to the walls and hanging in cages 2 levels deep, in each there is a channel directing blood into the bowls. There is a very hard battle (each daemon can send out a large amt of fire damage) we manage to remove all fire creatures and turn the bowls upside down. Tulip saves Turf's life. But by the end 100s of people dead or on fire, burning alive. We don’t have the time to look after those left alive and so wall up the entrance and move on.

We find the abandoned corridor, wall over the door and move on. We see an imp vanish down one of the corridors on the right hand side, we follow it finding a corridor that slopes downward. We meet 6 succubae and 4 imps, in the enclosed space Turf and Blitzkrieg fight at the front, they get pummelled a bit but kill a few succubae. The succubae release a door holding water back and we all get washed towards some stairs, people are badly hurt so at the top of the water we put up walls and heal up.

At the end of the corridor it returns us to the main room which has 2 new of the heavy Vrock, which take a while to remove. We find the entrance to the flaming room open, the fire daemons are back in their bowls and there is a sergeant Vrock and 4 winged Vrock, and the greater summoner. Tulip gets teleported alone into the room, but manages to escape, she is very useful putting up walls to block line of sight and using real smoke for cover. The battle is fierce. Ty eventually kills the greater summoner but a death curse activates, odd things happen to him. (Ty has died, however his spirit is intercepted by Shahdad the goddess of peaceful rest and sent back to us (rebirthed). He is both marked (death) and blessed (rebirth) and we/he owe Shardad a task). The cauldrons (which we had put out) erupt in flame, the room fills with a rain of blood which catches on fire filling the whole room, and then a Balor appears. We fight the Balor which is an avatar of some form. To stop cauldrons being used again we tunnel twice, push them in, and let them get crushed when the tunnellings ends.

We go back and explore the end door that we missed, and find (protected by a min 150 DMG ward) a living area which is tastefully and expensively furnished. When we come back we find that there is a big pool of magma that is increasing in size … squashing the cauldrons has started something underground. We do a speed loot and wind-walk out leaving 100s of humans to die trapped in the room that originally housed the hellfire cauldrons. Blitzkrieg spends some time trying to justify this loss of life to us and himself, gag, yuk, hoyk. Quick check of items looted for nasties turns up a pair of magical candles formed from the rendered down fat of innocents. The rest is Rnk 10 clothing for slight male and female humanoids and some Rnk 10 tapestries which have unusual geometric patterns and tiling. We nuke them.

Fly back to the fort, talk with employers. We talk to Baccarack (via the card) and let him know there are some succubae loose on the plane, he says Delirium will hunt them down. He also tells us that Orthostopheles is settling into the new plane and will have work for us soon. A small girl arrives requesting that we visit the shrine of Shahdad, which turns out to be a garden with emphasis on form and position (Japanese). An old women there, tells that our activities have been noted and implies that we may be scaring the competition. She offers future help should we require it. We offer our respects. We return to the fort and are returned to Alusia.


60, 000sp each
waters of healing (4 Rnk 12) -> 0 left :potions of strength (4 Rnk 12) -> 0 left
healing potions (28pts 2 each) -> ?? left
poison antidotes (4 synthetic Rnk 10, 4 natural Rnk 5) -> ?? left
restoratives (4 12EN & 2 15 EN) -> ?? left
Rnk 10 clothing for slight male and female humanoids
Rnk 10 tapestries which have unusual geometric patterns and tiling
est 22,000
Game time
Start FinishTime
In-game time01/02/08 08/02/08 8 days
Real time 10am 01/02/08 10.30pm 09/02/08 3 sessions