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A middle-aged, weathered woman obviously a plains nomad.

(a semi-retired character that was only every played occassionally)


Season Adventure Notes
Autumn 807 Havoc in the house of Guildenstern
Spring 806 Big Bad Void Wolf
Spring 806 Black Watch Chronicles: Nightmare Murders 2 shorts
Summer 804 Elf Noir
Spring 803 Sheparding the Shorn GM Simon white
Winter 802 Quarry in a Quarry
Autumn 802 Olympic Security/Destinian Gold
Winter 801 Lost in Sanctuary GM Hannah Jackson
Winter 801 Hi Kipchac
Winter 799 The Dragon Horde
Autumn 799 Larkmoor Bride GM Andrew Withy
1994 a Sweetwater Interlude
Autumn 1991 Storm the Loony Bin GM Adam Tennant
Winter 1990 Visiting Sanctuary GM Mark Harrison
Autumn 1990 Vampire Plane GM Martin Dickson
Autumn 1989 12 Towers of the Falgessso Forest GM Bart Janssen