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These are also known as Sea Hags

Natural Habitat
Ocean, Marsh, River
1-4 (2) Usually too many.
See hags are hideous humanoids.
Talents, Skills, and Magic
Death and Paralysis Gazes. These hags may only be harmed by magic or silvered weapons.
Movement Rates
Running: 200; Swim: 350
PS: 30-35 MD: 15-18 AG: 18-21 MA: 1-5 EN: 20-25 FT: 25-35
WP: 25-28 PC: 18-24 PB: 0 TMR: 4/7 NA: Skin absorbs 3 DP
A See hag can make two clawing attacks in Close & Melee combat (Base Chance: 50%, D+3 Damage).
See hags prefer to pull their victims into the water if they can and then hold them under until the victim drowns.

Please note that some of this information here is general and needs empirical testing as to its truthfulness.
Anyone doing so will get a 100sp bonus from the guild scribes who will also buy you a beer (pale ales for them please - they are delicate scribes you know) so you can regale them with the story and they can bask in your magnificence.