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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Not just a simple comb
GM: Jono
Season: ~Autumn 821 WK
Night: Starting Monday the 8th of Mar 2021 at Stephen & Lisa's place.
Area: Western Kingdom & Brandenburg and Borovia.
Level: High
Info: Information from players for Jono
House Rules: Jono Quickness and Slowness
Please note - Lowered specialisation to 1 per rank (from 3). See change log on last page of each doc.

Adventures related to this adventure are Operation Word, Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia and Half a crisp spring.

Dramatis Personae (preference will be given to those that have played on the previous games)
  1. Silverfoam Elven(m) Namer - Michael P. 22 PB Mil.Sci.
  2. Keshah Elven(m) Rune - Michael H. 20 PB
  3. Roderigo Halfling(m) Champion of the small folk - Michael M. 9 PB
  4. Braegon Human(m) Elementalist - Stephen. 14 PB Scribe
  5. Caprice Human(f) Thaumaturge - Kelsie. 20 PB P.L.
  6. Vychan Giant(m) Elementalist - Sean. 20 PB
  7. Kilroy Human(m) Rune - Dean. 14 PB


Morgor & Syrene

A group of adventurers, in good standing, skilled in the art of shaping time is needed to assist Morgor in dealing with the Dark Skies.
This is only one course of actions that is expected to work but others may also work.

1. Travel back to ~Winter 818 WK.
1A. Travel to County Borovia (the Pit)...
Borovia map
  • Steal & replace enchanted green collars on 3 specific slaves (to upper bosses - we get visions of them, one of them is Caprice) within the pit before any battle. We have 3 replacement collars from Morgor. Green-tick.gif
  • It would be helpful to have a fake replacement skull (Rune Poison skull). Green-tick.gif
  • Either way remove a skull (replace with fake if you can) of the second Dark Skies from the Infected Prince Smith. The skull is an item that the Dark Skies is after. Green-tick.gif
1B. Travel to Mount Ghakis in SW County Borovia (to blow the horns).
  • Gain the assistance of the Dark Skies or Red Crowns if needed.
  • Blow the enchanted Horns no earlier than the 14th Snow 818 WK. Snakes that open portals enslaved by the drow.
  • Under the protection (Blessing) of Death, kill Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn (Pacted to Sitri), at the hand of the shortest of you. (If Rodrigo is dead this is Caprice)
  • A portal will open for one of Sitri's Lts to turn up and avenge the Fae. If you defeat Avenging Avatar quickly then you should be able to enter undetected into Sitri's realm.
  • Rescue Kitty and Purr with Keshah on hand. (They are 'doomed' to not die at the hand of someone that loves them when close to Keshah.)
  • Kill Sitri if needed.
  • Make sure this is done before the 'Days of Chaos'.
2. If you have time...
  • Find Peter (who was reduced to ash trapped in a moment of time as in the Time Tunnel)
  • The Fae near Ambrose Inn want Dilxae Baenath returned if possible.
  • Travel to the Shrivers and remove evil parts of Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn, allowing the corpse to be given back to the Fae realm.
3. Travel back to Spring 819 WK...
and place a bag of items in the garden near the arch entrance to Morgor's lair (without the other guild parties seeing you). Green-tick.gif
4. If you still have time...
Morgor will give you dates and locations that the three living Janx have spent in the Shriven Hills.


An item to deal with the Ghost of the Janx.
Training of special skills.
Three large blocks of copper in a strange shape (500,000sp).

Scribe Notes

Meet & Greet in Seagate

With additional notes by Caprice

Turf townhouse Seagate

Sort out the administration requirements then head to Turf's place in Seagate.

Present are:

We are given several astrology readings.

The Janx seek to release Terminus from imprisonment (possibly) beneath Khatovar. Dust of death (from a specific location in the from the valley of death) stops them teleporting. Some were killed in the tunnel of time, their ghosts still need to be dealt with.

Morgor & Matt believe the Janx are involved but from about 1 year ago they are protected from Astrology so it is hard to tell where/how. We killed 8 Janx, they think that there are 4 full strength Janx and 2 weaker ones who will be after us.

Sir Callus believes we have a 75% chance of surviving/succeeding.

Kilroy has a blade made of Typhon's shadow. Typhon is the leader of the Janx.

Caprice has some troubadours who were taken by the Moriquendi that she needs to rescue. Also her shaper dwarf friend was kidnapped. Ditto

Sigismund's Sceptre disrupts portals.

Vychan (being smart): Forge Dust of Death into weapons or armour using Kilroy's Forge?

The Twins give Kilroy & Keshah a pair of daggers, scrolls and instruction to kill one of the bad guys with and create a skull that will be appealing to Dark Skies.
Wasn't this to swap with the one at the forge of the infected prince smith, that the Dark Skies will want Kelsie (talk)

Head to Fates & Death

Matt takes us to visit his mothers (The Fates). Richard of Lunar is waiting with a couple of other armoured men.

We enter and talk to The Crone:

  • We should go to the luck lake, it's more pure this time. Take 3 or 4 vials between us.
  • Caprice should sacrifice the pure heart making the Janx's hearts vulnerable to K&K. The Janx key can be used to cut through (unlock) their defences.
  • Don't leave the two soul jars containing parts of the Janx laying around free.
  • Travel to Death now to seek his blessing - especially for Roderigo.
  • She is expecting Caprice, but with her daughter. Asking about Allegra and the closet, they say that they visited her and told her to bring her mother. Thus this may be another visit in the near future.

Matt takes us to Death:

  • He's expecting Roderigo, he reluctantly marks Roderigo.
  • He gives us directions to get the Dust of Death.
  • The Red Crowns (led by the Golden Crown), Dark Skies, and (Serpent) Priestesses have all come here within the past 3 weeks.
    • The Senators of decay have been moving pawns around at the direction of the Dark Skies, they bought the Red Crowns here. They were also concerned that the Moriquendi and the Elven crown were still at odds.
    • The priestesses wished to change Strahd's Sceptre to affect the living.
    • The Senators will try to kill us after we have killed the Janx.

Considering that Sitri's domain is "love" I decide that we should remove our hearts to protect us. Then that we need to replace them with something so that they won't grow back. Consider reptile hearts as they don't love and we would also benefit from the nine horns, but end up with the plan of replacing them with heart of ice. Referring to the first astrology reading about jars of hearts and ice inside your soul, this is clearly the correct answer.

Gathering Dust and Answers

Message from Mr Bamph via Roderigo's Spies
Roderigo & Braegon you should know a "short cut" in the Fastness that has not been used for years has started to be used once more by devils & imps. They have been coming and going into that area at night. They are a mix of servants from Furfur & Sitri. They have been at odds.
Also I have lost refused an assassination contract on Roderigo & Caprice for 250,000sp each if she is in the company of XYZ. This XYZ has happened. Others will take up the contract I am sure. Collect at - The Black Duck in Caulder town"
* Braegon looking at the above description it can only be referring to a small cave at location number 20.

Death's Ferryman raps his staff on the ground and the worlds fades to greys as we transition to the valley of death. We head down the narrow path, reminding each other to ignore all beyond the path.

We come to three clearings along the way:

  1. contains a bear (with 8 rows of teeth, spectral claws, etc.) chained to a rock
  2. a pool containing something...
  3. something else

After playing with the bear, we avoid them by going carefully around the edges. 3 side paths that lead to different temples. Eventually coming to an ash pit, danger, things in there seen and not seen. TK of containers that are resistant to age and time are partially successful. Kilroy is overly successful with his powerful binding, he sends most of it back before it kills him then folds up the cubic yard he keeps. We leave the way we came.

From the edge of Death's lake we get lost to Slippery Rock. Bind ourselves to Kilroy's plate. Divine the bound dust and Rodrigo's DEAD sausage worms.

We need metal containers to contain the dust, we buy Kilroy's Wife's new massive cauldron (3,000sp) to hold it in for now.

We precog opening Sitri's boxes with the Janx Key, it goes badly - darkness, whitefire, limbs flying.

Back to Turf's house in Seagate, Trevor Bamph is waiting for us. We talk to Morgor, Trevor, Anguitia, Syrene, ...

With Mind Speech on from Morgor, we head back to our quiet spot near Slippery Rock for Anguitia to bite Kilroy and give him visions. Brief distraction while Caprice dobs in some Dwarves and Anguitia pops out to kill them. Kilroy poisons himself with some of Anguitia's poison that we need to leave here later. We get the visions of the three people who's collars need to be swapped:

  • Sasha
  • Helga, Human maybe Half Elf (who had left a couple of days before Sasha)
  • Isgerth Cat Person

Also the background has clues to an en earlier time frame

Back to the house again to talk to Verina.

We spend the night, do some astrology, reading and healing.


1 - Who will love Kitty and Purr and try to kill them in the presence of Keshah?
A - The Beautiful Prince Sitri
2 - What will the six eyed seer want for a gift? (So we don't have to go back twice)?
A - The heart of a Janx.
3 - What is an appropriate offering for the Asan Temple in the complex?
A -The sacrifice of a Jackal & Falcon under the blade of an onix knife.
4 - Who will be susceptible to distraction, allure and dream?
A - Those with an association with the 71 who value allure.
5 Rodrigo was given a ring by an undead creature out the back of Ambrose’s inn. It was non-magical but distinctive. It is hidden in Caprice’s unscryable pouch. Should we expose it to scrying?
Below what once was ground & when the night sky is filled with fire, the one that wears it may see a truth, but will be seen by all.
Keeping it in pouch for now
6 - The giants have taken two children from the forest & a small farm outside of Glissom town. Is this relevant?
A - No.
7 - What are The roots of adorn?
A - The roots of the plant that is poisoning the Drowning Deep.


Q1 Investigate how to Resist Sitri's powers.
A1 Replace your heart with a frozen heart from the wave of life & Liquids Luck. Replace your blood with the wave of life & Liquids Luck.
A2 Live in a world of pain - only gained in the drowning deep of a body without flesh.
A3 Replace your heart with a pure heart.
Q2 Factions/relationships amongst the powers for enemies of our enemy
Furfur is attempting to reclaim Lust from Sitri's Realm..
Beleth wants to defeat Sitri.
Forneus wishes to flood, Sitri realm.
Seir & Ipos want Sitri to defeat Furfur.
Q3 Find out about libraries that might hold that knowledge relating to Sitri's ascension, especially elvish considering the demons were once elves
A rumoured secret old library is hidden by the President and Lord of Seekers - Foras.
Other available libraries listed by Braegon -
  • Silverfoam's half ton of books doesn't have anything more recent than the fall of the old Elven empire but it could have info on the various powerful elves and factions that we know later became demons - all depends on what you want to know about them.
  • Mt Everwhite
  • Elfheim
  • The formerly frozen university in northern terra nova.
  • A couple of Dragons of our acquaintance who date back to then.
Q6 What gods does the Asan Temple protect from?
A balance of Horus & Set
Q7 Why does the time dragon have statues of Kree, Braegon and Sasha, and Rodrigo
Can anyone get us hearts of ice - Dwarfs, Braegon?
The hearts should be made of Wave of Life water and Liquid Luck. The water that Vychan has is Wave of Life that "we" will put there later

Ask Anguitia

Can we get more charges added to the horns.
If necessary but she is reluctant
Can we get scales so that the horns work on us?
We don’t need to; she can directly bite us for the same effect. But we decide against it, and to use the hearts of ice.

Luck and Hearts

Talk more in Seagate. Morgor supplies some items he has crafted. (Casting gems, weapon weights, jar for storing hearts) Verina supplies some 'trinkets' (bells from the pit containing various spells ).

Portal to Pagan Mts where we trigger a ward, Walkabout to forest near Grobbenbonk's tower.

We hear noises (buzzing razors) and movement in the forest, lots of dead animals and insects implying TK Rage has been used recently, we scry the Red Crowns who appear to be under the command of a Senator of Decay.

We avoid them and head to the tower which has been recently damaged. Grobbenbonk and Dark Skies are there and aware of the others in the woods who they think are here for us.

We leave via Kilroy's portal to his manor near the Gatar Depression where we talk.

  • Two years ago, Vassago looked like Purr and Duchess Meredith.
  • Dark Skies will help us with the current matters, she wants 3 Senator's heads which will help her take command of the Moriquendi and eventually all of the Drow Empire.
  • The Sitri boxes contain the Lieutenants that Kitty and Purr replaced. Taking them to the time tunnel could be messy.

In Kilroy's house, Dark Skies uses Kilroy's Alchemy lab to enchant the Life Water with Luck to replace our hearts. And get some sleep.

Kilroy makes a metal box with Death Dust to hold the Janx Key, we head to the Shape of Fire's volcano in the Filgiso Forest, there Roderigo throws in precious gems and a magic key at the same time as we put the Janx Key into the box, making it undetectable.

Back in Kilroy's house, we spend a day replacing all of our hearts. Our hearts go into the jar supplied by Morgor who gives it to Syrene who takes it somewhere.

Matt takes us to the Lake of Luck, we collect 4 vials.

We do some experimentation with the Dust and Rune Magic, it can be included into Runes at time of casting but anyone under those effects will also be under the dust effect (Death point becomes 0 EN, not -ve half). It can be used with blood and bone to make runes that are permanent on your bones but that also means a permanent dust effect. It can be used with blood to make lead-like metal runes that can be used for Walls and similar external spells.

4th of Fruit 5:00 pm
We head to the south of the Fastness to scout (20) where the devils have been seen coming and going. Tracks of them emerging from the shortcut within the last few days (but at night) and going into it over a week ago.

A new (within a couple of years) vine covered tower is just north of here (19) where the cave to the Ellenic States used to be.


What’s up with him wanting to get rid of the shrivers in league with the time dragon (he said to come and ask again after the next visit from other version of party?
Won’t happen soon but in the next 6 years.
How are we supposed to remove the slave collars to replace with duds that can be removed?
We Limited precog on these options with the new collars
  • Option 1 - Use the master key of the owner, steal it and return it afterwards. Can’t test at this point but unlikely to work as would be pointless
  • Option 2 - Trickery with Windwalk/GaseousForm & possession of the collar. ❌ Tidy beheading, can be done by destroying a neck protecting item
  • Option 3 - Namer suppression of triggering while we swap them out. ❌ Won’t unlock
  • Option 4 - Rodrigo’s key ❌ turn everything except the wearer inside out
  • Option 5 - Caprice can pick the lock safely , but others trigger it. ✔️So replacement necklaces are made to be opened by Caprice.
Also fakes have a magical area effect to weaken non-drow allies of the drow against the Steelwind mace and Sabastian’s dagger.
The weights that speed up a weapon should be used on these weapons at this time.
Is there any way to mitigate the effect of being in one place twice? 
✔️Will not discuss but probably done.
They are keeping us in the dark as FFF has weapons (six scimitars) that can gain knowledge


Ask her to bite us for same effect as horns have. 
We decide against it. Frozen hearts are better


What are the trinkets in the astrology reading? The three gems? Sitri’s orbs?. 
Some bells that she gives us

Elemental Twins

Can those not done get shadows woven by the ETs, to protect vs Janx shadow magic. 

Grobbenbonk's Place

Meeting with the Dark Skies.
✔️Done. She helps us with some stuff.
She wants 3 heads of Sen of Dec to become ultra powerful.
She helps us with luck water for the hearts and making and inserting them.

Matt Tumbledown

While we were in Moriquendi, dealing with the Great Lie potion Aquilina saw a strange pattern of stars in the sky. She memorised it in case someone else could interpret it. She later asked Matt Tumbledown about the star message but he said that it was not meant for her. She stowed the memory in her memory crystal. Is it for us?
Yes, but later after the pit
Take us to the luck lake. The Fates said We should go to the luck lake, it's more pure this time. Take 3 or 4 vials between us.


There was supposed to be an anti charm potion from Freya which we didn’t get. I have a note that Syrene will have it. 
Used in Calder.


What does Bamff know? Is he constrained this season? Negotiate retainer to keep assassins off our back? Can we contract him to take out someone that will keep him employed and aid our cause?
Matt doesn’t trust him and has put him on a mountain


What is Molin Torchholder looking for. 
Not relevant
Who are the powerful drow in the jewel spider woods. 
How can Furfur help us. 
By betraying the innocents
Figure out where to stash our hearts while we’re not using them. 
Morgor gives us a jar to put them in, which Syrene takes away.
Is the “Liquids Luck” for the ice heart and blood the water from the luck lake? If not, where do we get it.
We got it from Dark Skies
Who else looks like Purr and Duchess Meredithis  
Varies with time. Lieutenant of Sitri (Purr) Vassago is the answer that is most likely to be relevant?
How to get the Sitri boxes open safely. 
They contain the lieutenants of Sitri that K&P replaced. Will distort if taken through time tunnels and be bad. We leave them at the guild.

Misc Tasks

✔️Borrow the steelwind mace from Aryan against the Infected Prince Smith
✔️Borrow the dagger from Sebastain in Hugler's Ferry for Rodrigo to use against the Fallen Fae and/or Sitri
✔️Get lucky numbers from Seren
✔️Have Rodrigo to follow up in person in Sanctuary about the pit (should be in game and quick) Nothing useful found
✔️Make fake replacement skull (Rune Poison skull) to swap at the infected prince for the dark skies one.
✔️Replace our hearts and blood with ice and water
✔️Made a box with the death dust that hides the janx key

Fastness and Coffins

Sound of horses to the north turns out to be 6 faun devils, minions of Vassago, Fortified Imps of the Fallen.

  • Their master is in the tower at 19.
  • They mention their master has runes like Kilroy has on his forehead.
  • Knuckle Bones - Make foul alcohol.
  • Twig of Strange Fruit - allows Demonics to breed on other planes.
  • Desiccated Eyeballs - Implant to see the effects of Demonics.
  • Desiccated Testicles - put them on your chin to become more fertile.
  • Rock Chips - Temporarily allow (by implanting into major muscle groups) changing your plane of origin to the Drowning Deep.
  • 4 x Weevil Bread - the weevils actively resist spells for you.
  • Whale Foreskins - infinite writing skins on the inside.
  • 6 sets of 6 soul coins (-2 spent on booze)

Keeshah spots a rabbit mind that devours the spider trying to ambush it, turns out to be another devil, an amalgam of snakes, board, rabbit, dead rat head, ... formerly a minion of Forneus until thrown out, now working for a Lieutenant of Furfur who wants us to come visit to talk about overthrowing the current Furfur.

Head back to Seagate, speak to the twins, from 6pm till 1am the next day we drag the coffins to the Twin's Desert Training Temple.

6th Fruit 821WK

Spent the night with Dark Skies enhanced philosophy querying ascension music w.r.t Sitri: The only way for an individual to make music of ascension is to use an instrument made from a noble, the more noble the better. Caprice could twist herself into a very effective instrument.

First 3 Queens: Silguitia, Kitty, Aleksandra of Glissom.
Second 3 Queens: Meredithis, Purr, Vassago.
Third 3 Queens: Meredithis, Drow Frozen Queen (Sitri/Beleth?), Elven Frozen Queen.

A Comb (probably an item of Demonic Regalia which is in Furfur's realm) is the item required to shape the queens hair for her to become an instrument of note.

Furfur wants Lust/Love/Avarice from Sitri's realm.

Vassago wants to the Queen of Glissom to enter the demonic realms and make herself into an instrument of change/destruction.

We curse those that need it, then we head to the temple to rest in the coffins, remove the curses after days and days in the boxes and get time training for those that need it taking another 56 days. This gives each party member a bonus of 13 to a primary attribute.

6th Fruit 821WK
We return to Seagate at 9:00pm on a warm night then back to the temple for further horn training.

7th Fruit 821WK
We return to Seagate at 10:00pm on a warm night.


✔️Ascension Rituals of Sitri to try to find leverage on him. Caprice has ascension and Sitri sub fields. She is specifically interested in the music involved so she can compose a counter to it. Others can look at it from a different angle.
✔️What the hell does a comb have to do with this?
Can make someone of royal blood into musical instrument using comb from Furfur’s realm
✔️Vassago’s regalia
Foras had the sceptre, Furfur may have it now
Crown got fed to Xel?
Sabrina has the goblet
Is the church of the one horned god a front for Sitri?
Probably. I listen to their music as an adjunct to my research.

Misc Tasks

✔️Check out the "short cut" in the Fastness that has not been used for years has started to be used once more by devils & imps, so that it is available to us later if required.
We now have soul coins so that we can activate it if we want to later. We also have invite from one of Silguitia's lieutenants who is against her
An agent of Vassago has a new tower nearby
✔️after book secret research use coffins for stat buffs at the temple of the elemental twins - 13pt to one stat
✔️Train those who haven’t fought in the time tunnels - Don’t need to use tunnels to do this

Misc Info

Dark Skies can throw straws into the air to be grasped at, need free hand
Love/lust/avarice = Elf/human/dwarf take on same concept
Check in my pouch of many things for the note tied with a velvet ribbon that tells how to open genuine necklace or where to find out how
  • Have instructions on how to open the Special Jade Collars used by the Drow.
  • You will face some underground foes, on the top of the mountain, who are waiting for the Horns. These powerful specter’s are trapped in a buried cursed box that is hidden in a cave on the western side. I forget who, but one of the party said they could find it. Being invisible to undead obviously will help.
  • The Purr you have seen in the pit in Borova is not the real Purr by a blessed powerful agent of the Prince of Prophecy - Vassago.
  • Vassago has influence over Queen Meredithis of the Western Kingdom.
  • Sitri may gain control over one in the royal line of Glissom, unless protected by the Fire of Aim.
  • Furfur has agents (based out of Sanctuary & Caulder) looking for you to trap.

Swapping Necklaces in the Pit

The Copper Block we're being paid with grants Vychan and Roderigo a vision of a noble appearing demon who we identify as Cadazel (a.k.a. Cadazl) and they think he's very pleased us.

Track down the Hobbit who stole Vassago's Crown, he sold it in Novadom 10 days ago. It was three Giants with some Ogres, they turned up at the inn he was at and gave him gold for the crown (and not much choice). Turns out it was cursed dragon gold, he's been obsessed with lust and shacked up in Starflower's brothel failing to sate his lust.

Syrene Herbalist Potions: Duration 12 Hours; Effects +7 to one Stat. Or for Earth mages, either +6 Stat & +5 FT or +5 Stat & +10 FT.

Head to Morgor's Time Tunnel, entering via the old kitchen, 3 Shrivers here (maybe at Rodrigo's instruction from when he is/was working for the time dragon) collecting weighted stones.

We head into the nearest room to the abandoned kitchen which turns out to be a kitchen dedicated to smoking food.

Emerge 12th Blossom 817

Portal down to Borovia, sneak past the friendly defences, disguise and hypnotise ourselves then start our approach. Pretending to be irregular (non-Drow) troops out foraging we make our way into camp.

Changing our disguises to be healers and VIPs, we make our way to the tents to change the collars which goes well.

Next we head for the forge, passing bubbling blue pits, porcelain heads lining pits - apparently covering buried people, readied for mass sacrifices, possibly Furfur related.

We get to the forge, a wall filled with skulls facing the forge includes the one we need to swap out, we use a local goblin to do the job as that's the way it's done.

Heading back, we find a room filled with failed experiments (bodies with extra limbs, dipped in metal) to wait in until Kitty & Purr come out from the mines. We fake a message for Purr Foolish lover, desires a night of passion with Caprice, a Lt of Furfur (Cadazel), he has them entombed - currently. They're valuable and will probably get traded around, the bodies can be used to send messages/compulsions to them. Sitri's older comb could be with the same packrat that has their bodies. Vassago's sceptre, Furfur's crown, a trident from the deeps may be there too.

Whoever first controls their 3 queens can bring them together and form a triangle for a ritual of truth which will gather power at an elemental level. Gaining control of Seduction & Lust. Vassago wants Regret & Lust. Ritual needs to be done at the capital of the realm.

We come up with a plan for Kitty to be Sasha to satisfy Cadazel's obsession while Caprice is Kitty in Barovia, while we heist his stuff. We agree to return to do this next month.

NB Xanadu (Dragon God) is the Unborn of our astrology.

The Kitty/Caprice heist needs to be after 8th Meadow 818 when Little Dove escaped the camp and the 15th when Turf & Blackthorn grabbed Kitty.

Some research/remembered

  • Sitri Illusion, lust, love
  • Vassago naming, prophecy
  • Furfur Air, lust, prophecy
  • Beleth Fire submit to sexual desires (of another?), connected to the frozen queen destroyed last season by Silverfoam and party
  • Fornaeus Water
  • Phenex Mind hypnotic song

Thirteen feet and to trust your fifth look Aut 820

Does Morgor still believe that Blackthorn will kill the Senators of Decay. No A well dressed man running urchins leads us to stumble across a very sophisticated poisoning scheme aimed at the W.K. Queen, using a magically misdirecting copy of her dinner ware. We plant locatable ribbons and sticks in amongst the packaging to trace later and leave it as we found it. 818 02 Summer Heat Visited Elvish Embassy. Meet a bunch of elves. Get access permission to the Armoury for 30 years. Funds are available. 817 10 Spring Thaw Caprice was given a potion to remove 2 hours of memory. So it’s OK if “she” knows that we are there, because “I” don’t know what I used it for.


Chat with Dark Skies
Ask Dark Skies about her relationship with the Senator’s of Decay.
  • The Senators have a Sceptre that they believe gives them control of Dark Skies. She believes she's playing along and can break the control at any time. She keeps fobbing them off with ruses to keep herself safe
  • She also believes that they are controlling the Red Crown with the same device. The sceptre is similar to Strahd’s sceptre that Braegon? has
  • The SoD have a portent that says that the Moriquendi and the Elves should be united by now
  • The Red Crowns work with portents and prophecy.
  • They have been around for about 1400 years, but became more effective when they got multiple crowns from the Armoury about 300 years ago. Starflower has one the same
  • They are historically from Terra Nova
  • They have been controlled by the SoD for about 6-8 years, which overlaps with them working with the drow


✔️Does Morgor still believe that Blackthorn will kill the Senators of Decay? No
✔️Is the poisoning scheme against Meredithis from Autumn 820 relevant (secret)? Yes. Need to ask more specific questions.
✔️Who has Vassago’s crown (Secret)? A hobbit stole it, but Steve says it was fed to Zel. As attributes they are not destroyed. A member of the Court of the Western Kingdom has it.
The Hobbit Thief of Salamanca stole the Crown of Vassago from us, after we stole it from Vassago. Roderigo understands this person was in Seagate recently, spending up large in brothels'. We track him down and he is living it up in Starflower’s high class brothel. He sold the crown about 2 weeks ago in Novadom. He has been cursed with insatiable lust and that has been reinforced by the curse on the dragon’s gold that he was paid. The dragon is from the Gatar Depression/Watch area. Curse is 31MA which indicates that it is from Sitri or Vassagon rather than Furfur. His thief skill is extreme such that he was able to steal items from the party while tied to a chair. We just left him to it
✔️Did we use all 12 of the phoenix form charm immunity potions? They expired so were not written up as loot.
✔️One of the payments for this mission is a lump of copper that DAs NoM as perception or knowledge. Ask the hometeam or divinate for more info. Looking at the large odd shapes of copper by either Vychan (high) or Roderigo (low) both see a moment of clarity. They see a demonic male who’s description matched that of Cadazl/Cadazel. He is pleased with us and has gained much power and prestige.
✔️How do we get into Furfur’s realm for our meeting? As Delran did so we plan to go through Bremen into Cadazl’s city
✔️How would the pure heart interact with the chastity belt/codpiece? Morgor advises to use it.
✔️Investigate the markings on the Sitri boxes that only I can see AFAIK? It is the same script and message as is on the doors that once protected Aims Fire. When you read it aloud it opens the doors, so probably would open the boxes.
✔️How are the janx hiding from prophecy (secret)? Or in the past ask how they will hide from prophecy (astrology)? They are no longer in normal time
✔️Will the ice water in our veins protect against fear? Yes, strong willed or iron willed, or cold as steel, events are possible
✔️Where and when can we acquire the Great Truth (secret)? The Truth you seek is held under the watchful eye of the Unborn in its last Temple known by the Ranger who will not grow old in the hills to the West. Xanadu is the Unborn (the first dragon). The Great Truth is at his temple in Swithan’s Cove, Axis is Xanadu’s only priest.
✔️Can we sacrifice Lizette’s heart more than once (we expect not) (secret). No
Matt tells us the message over the skies in Moriquendi is for us and is “The fortunes of slaying the queen will go well”

Misc Tasks

✔️Each learned to play horns at the elemental temple so took and extra 9 weeks there.
✔️Get 1x7 point herbalism stat potions from Syrene and special ones for the earth mages.
✔️Give everybody a week with the range rock and the other two. We are in the coffins for 52 days which is more that 7*7.
❌See Seren again re new numbers for life aspect. Our fluctuating aspects make this impossible to read.
In discussion about where to return the skulls to Dark Skies. In this discussion she apologises to Kilroy, with the implication that she will do something to him before we meet in now again.

Replaced necklaces

✔️12 Blossom 817 we steal & replace enchanted green collars on Caprice, Isgerth and Helga within the pit with replacement collars from Morgor.
✔️We Remove the skull of the second Dark Skies from the Infected Prince Smith and replace with the fake Rune Poison skull.
We use hypnotism to foil danger sense or similar using
  • You have no intention of causing harm to any entity
  • You have no negative feelings towards any entity
  • You consider yourself to be harmless
✔️Meet with Kitty away from Purr (fake).
Let her know that Purr is fake. She says that their bodies (entombed for their protection), the comb (the tines independently DA as fate, luck, death etc), a trident, Furufr’s crown, Vassago’s sceptre are in Cadzal’s place in Furfur’s realm.
She thinks he is loyal to Silguitia and will use the items that he has recovered to return for brownie points. The Lieutenant looking to overthrow her is probably the insectoid demon Stempzl.
His weakness is passion and he is obsessed with Caprice. Kitty agrees to distract him by pretending to be Caprice for a few days and Caprice will take her place in the pit, while we all go raid his stash.
Date needs to be after 8th Meadow 818 when Little Dove escaped the camp and the 15th when Turf & Blackthorn grabbed Kitty.
About the three queen’s sets, whoever succeeds will get the power of seduction and lust (regret and lust for Vassago). Whoever gets the three first will use them as three sides of a truesilver triangle, a ritual of truth, gathering of power at an elemental level, no longer controlled by borders. It has to happen in the capital of the demon’s realm. They will be merged into one. Kitty seems to think this is a good idea, but we know and have told her that she will ask for help after she is rescued
✔️Rescued the troubadour, Mance, after she died that night. Took her to Seagate, True Formed her extra arms off, resurrected her and got her hibernated. We will come back for her later.
Travelled to Morgor’s lair at the purging of the vampire nest plus 1 day to take the necklaces to him so he can modify them, but some of us are then so we have to wait about three days.

Borovia Pit to Furfur's Hell

Getting close to Morgor's those who were/are removing coffins start suffering so we send Kilroy ahead on his own to drop off the necklaces. He comes back with a detached arm & leg, he was attacked by Dark Skies. Now we know what she was apologising for. I reattach the limbs.

Into the tunnels and back 3 days, we drop off the Morgor Amulets for the vampire killing party.

Back again to just after we left, we encounter the same 3 shapers who look younger, Caprice works out what to tell them and Roderigo instructs them as we know he has/had.

10 miles through the mountains to the Time Dragon, we start walking. Night falls and about half way there we encounter some Dwarves known to Roderigo, Caprice and Keeshah.

Rest the night with the Dwarves in their stronghold.

13th Blossom 817

A long day ascending the mountain via switchbacks. Along a well formed path along the ridge, into a valley, through the waterfall (which strips illusions) then down through tunnels to see the time dragon. NB Statues of us and others.

We speak, claiming the rewards the Vampire hunting party just earned.

Roderigo is gifted a token to buy his release from capture if needed. And a barrel to curse coins for a cunning plan to do with Drow in the Elven Isles.
To rescue Peter, we need Sand Buckets, dragon coin to burn hole in them to drain the sand, set all (90) rooms to the same time, Caprice (and whoever else is in the same room) can then emerge to find all who have been trapped in the tunnels.
To get out... he's not sure, he needs to research for a couple of years, we can return later.
Tell the Dwarves - The Dragon wants tribute, the valley cleared of Ogres and Orcs.
14th Blossom 817

Head down the mountain. Drop message to Dwarves. Back to time tunnel.

8th Meadow 818

Emerge from the tunnel and make our way to Borovia.

9th Meadow 818

We whispering wind to Kitty to let her know we're here. Heading into the camp again disguised as scavengers, we meet up with Kitty in the mines.

We refresh the plan, she uses Keeshah's ring to forget it again then go to hell for two days.

Caprice starts her time in camp disguised as Kitty...

10th Meadow 818

... Caprice in camp disguised as Kitty...

11th Meadow 818

... Caprice in camp disguised as Kitty.

Stepping away from us, Roderigo puts on his ring. He can see a broiling lights around the forge. We move closer and try again, he can now see there is a barrier around the forge of sacrificed Drow. He starts to coruscade.

We leave the camp (banishment to Kilroy's) then portal and walk about to the time tunnel. Side issues with Roderigo getting turned into a toad by Kilroy's wife after starting arguments within the party.

We get some sleep.

9th Meadow 818

We emerge from the tunnel and head back to the Pagan portal then to Bremen and through to hell.

Coming out in Furfur's realm on the road from Throlmanni to Rivinia, a couple of hours of travel by intent (WP 50) gets us to Elvenhold.

Walk into the city disguised as various types of devils. Make our way towards the palace in the middle of town. We get sandwiched between two groups of devils with ill intent who attack.

  • Took the necklaces back to Morgor after the purging of the vampire nest. Travelled to Morgor’s lair at the purging of the vampire nest plus 1 day to take the necklaces to him so he can modify them, but some of us are then Kilroy goes in on his own. He comes back having done the task, but carrying some of his own limbs, since the dark skies didn’t recognise him; that will be what she apologised for (hopefully)
  • Went back a couple of days and placed a bag of items in the garden near the arch entrance to Morgor's lair (without the other guild parties seeing you).
  • Visited the local dwarfs who talk about an alliance in their past and our future. They met my shaper who was going to visit the shrivers then the time dragon. The king was away so we met with his son and discussed an alliance with Glissom as if we had come in part way through a conversation.
  • Visited the time dragon since we are physically and temporally in the right place.
MA of his ward is 37.
He plans to curse the drow on the isles by swapping out the Destinian gold with cursed dragon gold, to which end he gives us a barrel (broken down) to funnel gold through.
Asking how to get to Peter trapped in the time tunnel he tells us to set the date in all ~90 rooms to the same date (he gives a coin to burn through the bottom of buckets to use to syncronise. I will be able to find any trapped denizens. I ask how to get out of the trap, but he doesn’t know so agrees to research it. This will take a few years so we can go forward and find out. (He says he can multiply Rodrigo to a few).
He wants us to tell the dwarfs that he wants tribute and the area cleared of orcs and ogres.
He gives Rodrigo and twisted piece of metal as a promise of ransom.

Heist Started

Go to the pit 9th Meadow 818.
I spend some time with Kitty to learn routines, passwords and safe places.
Kitty is not under illusion. She carries a bunch of stuff so I put my stuff into her bags so I will have it with me while I take Kitty’s place for a couple of days while she visits Cadzal in my place.
Use a potion of telepathy to read Kitty’s mind for disguise mind out of my future bag (thanks Vychan for the reminder).
Asking Kitty whether she has a college gives a confusing answer. She may have mine.
The rest of the party wait nearby in spaces hollowed out in the old parts of mines by Braegon.
Kitty comes back a couple of days later and we leave without getting any info from her re happening in Cadzael’s zone.
On the way out the smoke above the forge is now fiery (and the area seems to be true seeing) so this appears to be the time and place to reveal Rodrigo’s ring. He coruscades and sees that the forge is surrounded by an invisible wall/dome? of sacrificed drow. We rehide the ring and scarper by banishment.
We went back to the same date and went to Cazdal’s city in Hel via Bremen to raid his stuff. Disguised as various devils and imps we walk through town and are attacked.

Descent into Lust

Control some Devils, kill others, then Vychan's flood takes effect bringing the drowning deep here in a very destructive way. We start fleeing, Silverfoam casts Windwalk on everyone except himself and me (Braegon), I run through up and over buildings. Silverfoam is caught in the wave and killed by the demonic corrosive liquid.

The liquid recedes, I recover Silverfoam's body and stealthily scarper.

Getting back together away from the several blocks of destruction and death, resurrect and heal Silverfoam.

Make our way to the better parts of the city, upgrade our disguises to suit.

Scout for theorised secret entrances, find a perverse tunnel, buy our way into the basement of a brothel, tunnel through to the tunnel.

Opening the ways into the tunnel and under the castle walls are painfully intimate...

Hell Hound Kennels, Caprice is exuding liquid which is fertilising the land. We create a bath/palanquin to carry her in to avoid leaving an obvious trail.

Make our way down the stairs at the side of the courtyard, following locate on Purr's body. Deep basement. More curtains of liquid. Get through to the vault.

Chapter 8

Buffs & Mil Sci

'A = Always on.

Long Term

Long Term (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Si Ki Br Ke Ro Ca Vy
Strength of Stone (Br) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y A Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Br) 21 +44 Def, 2 DR 12 hrs Y
Rune Armour (Ki) 20 +25 Def, +5 AP, 2 SG 10.5 hrs Y Y - Y Y Y Y
Fire Armour (Br) 20 100 Ablative Mag. Fire 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Heat Shield (Br) 9 40 Ablative Mag. Cold 10 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fire Proofing (Br) 17 Prot. Normal Fire 6 less Dmg 18 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cold Resistance - Water (Br) 18 Prot -36°C 5 Less Damage 19 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Wind & Water Proofing (Si) 20 Dry, protection from Rainstorm 63 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Si) 20 Breathe and see in water. Talk PC hexes. 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Buoyancy (Br) 6 Up/down 17'/pulse, withstand pressure 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing (Br) 6 Safely breathe any gas 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Br) 20 See Invis, see in dark 150' or 75' inside. 10½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Willow Healing (Ke) 8 3 end per pulse x 9 pulses 16 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Greater Heart Rune (Ke) 20 heals 13 end 21 days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Smite (Ke/Ki) 20 Resist or D+21, knocked prone, stunned 21 h Y Y Y Y Y Y
Blessing F.(Br) 6 +50 vs Disease/Infection +30 Fertility 7 Mo Y Y Y Y Y
Disguise (Ca) 20 ht+/-20%, wt+/-40%,PB+/-12, voice and clothing, race and gender 21/41 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Durations Enhance Enchant: Caprice has rank 15, Kilroy has 'once a day' Rk 20 enhance available. That will last 110 seconds, so should be able to cover our daily buffs. Please include enhanced durations where appropriate. Vychan has a rock - If used to cast magic the result will be a triple effect and if the roll is a 60 or more then the caster is an extra target of the spell. So most daily buffs will be at approx x6 duration.

Short Term

Short Term - Cast as Needed
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Si Ki Br Ke Ro Ca Vy
Mind Special Counter (Si) 20 +90% MR 26-35 min Y Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Fall (Br) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 3½ hrs
Star Wings (Br) 6 36 mph 3½ hrs
Ice Traversal (Br) 6 2 Targets +3 TMR 2 1/3 hrs
Enhance Enchantment (Ca) 15 up to +15 Ranks spell duration 17 pulses
Invisibility (Ro) 20 105 mins
Enchant Weapon(Ro) 20 +21 SC / +7 dam 25 mins
Rune Weapon (Ke) 20 +[D-5]+7 Acid dam x D pulses 25 mins
Quickness (Ca) 18 IV + 25, TMR+7 (Max 18) 78 pulses Y
Kilroy's Tea
+1 Spell Rank; +10% Melee SC & Def; +1 Mana Level; +2 FT; +2 WP


Ambush/danger senses/skills/magic
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Si Ki Br Ke Ro Ca Vy
Sense Danger % 71% 91%
Ranger Detect Ambush % Base %, -5*OppRk, SpecArea +6% 124% 203% 135%
Thief/Assassin Sixth Sense % BC 10+2xPC+5xRk 128% 122% 132%
Sense Intent % Sense ill intent toward self or party 100' range or 20' when asleep self only 104%

Self only

Self Only
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Si Ki Br Ke Ro Ca Vy
Mind Shield * +10+2/rk% vs M.Att. 1+2/rk hrs 11 Y
Evil Eye * rk penalty to victim's resistance rk+1 days 15
Fall Banding or similar 6 Land on earth without damage 7 hrs Y Y
Elemental Transformation (Br) 15 +3 DR +3 U.dmg -2 AG -2 MD -1 TMR Move through earth 16 hrs Y
Tracking (Br) 20 Tremor Sense 100' 42 Days Y
Detect Traps & Snares (Br) 10 +20% to detect Traps/Ambushes within 70' in Nat. Env. 22 hrs Y
Shapechange (Ki) 20 Change into normal animal/avian/aquatic 21 hours Y
Heart of the Mountain (Ki) 6 Swap FT for EN as free action 7 hours Y
Dissolution Of Violence (Ki) 11 17% chance of avoiding blow 12 hours Y

Misc Buffs

Greater Enchantment rank 20 (Ro)
Hair Braiding (Rk 9 Skill) (200sp 1oz silver ribbon per person/time)
Sometimes (takes 30 mins per person per day): +50% resistance vs Charm (Demonic, Spells, Bardic Voice). -25% melee damage from attacks from behind. Enhance Duration of one 2+ hour spell until next dawn. Stealth +10% 20'r. Unaffected by Awe or Fear for 5 mins from first exposure.
Rarely (takes 1 hour per person per day) +3 AG (or +2 over racial max).
Anti-scrying (Rk 21 Spell)
Braegon + 3 hex radius while on the ground. Undetectable to scrying (including Wizards Eye); Blocks Rk 20 (or lower) Locate, Telepathy, ESP.
Herbalist (Rk 7) Meals/Broth
4FT for meal or 5FT for broth/tea
Communication Diamonds and Web
Diamonds - Caprice has 4 and Kilroy has 3, whispering earrings, range 600'
Everyone tagged by Caprice so she can talk with them within 200 miles
Naked Dancing
by Caprice(assuming Lipstick): At night party gains +21 to MR and Ft, Caprice +46
Martial hymn on voice (1 pass action /2 pulse from Mask of Shailah)
by Caprice: +48 SC, followers of PoL +3 dam, agents of PoL regen 1 per pulse (with Braegon's support)
Psaltery of Psilence
sneaking at 1/2 TMR
by Caprice: negates stealth penalties of armour, doubles racial stealth bonuses, triples spy and assassin stealth bonuses
Silverfoam Holy Defence
35 def, -20 stealth (sparkling), against unholy, reflects 21 dam per strike and spec grevs. Self Only, Potions at ~7,000sp each.
Night-Owl’s Egg Pan - Caprice
When an egg is poached in it, the person eating the egg will be able to stay awake until dawn if they wish without ill effect. This can only be used every second night on the same entity.
Healer Dampen Pain - Keshah
Increases amount required to stun by 20
Roderigo Sausages
Cook & eat the sausages then for 12 hours, Thieves gain a dice mod on Thief Skill Checks.

Watch Order

To be modified since egg pan allows 1 person to do whole watch

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Silverfoam Braegon Roderigo Caprice
Keshah Kilroy Vychan

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Kilroy Vychan Keshah
Braegon Silverfoam
Roderigo Caprice

Double File

Vychan Kilroy
Keshah Braegon
Silverfoam Roderigo

Single File



Lucky Numbers (Seren)
Braegon Kilroy Caprice Silverfoam Roderigo Vychan
56 & 96 20 & 72 36 63 & 98 62 05


Autumn 821 WK: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting Seagate, Fates, Death, Slippery Rock 2 Grobbenbonk, Rivenheart, Slippery Rock (Alchemy) 3 Filgiso, Slippery Rock (Hearts) 4 Seagate, Luck Lake, Fastness 5 Spend the night reading a cursed book, some time away. 6 Return to the Seagate from training temple
Moon2.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon3.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon0.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon1.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn 821 WK: Harvest (5)
Moon2.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon3.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon .. 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon1.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 821 WK: Vintage (6)
Moon2.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon3.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon1.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest

Winter: 818 WK Frost (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon3.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon0.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon1.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Winter: 818 WK Snow (8)
Moon3.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Honoured guest portal to Borovia.
Moon0.jpg 12 13 Dark Skies portals into Borovia. 14 Ritual of opening. 15 Open the Crypt. Solstice 16 17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC2 21 DoC3 22 DoC4 23 DoC5 24 DoC6 25 DoC7
Moon2.jpg 26 DoC8 27 DoC9 28 DoC10 29 DoC11 30 Twelfth Night 1 2
Winter: 818 WK Ice (9)
Moon3.jpg 3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
Moon0.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon1.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon2.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30