No 1 Hobbits Detective Agency: River Watch

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GM Terry
Session: Autumn 821
Location Brastor
Level Yes


Olo, head of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency


Scribe note


Task 1

Look into the thieves that are operating at Brastor landing. There have been thefts from rich merchants. Pick pockets that have evaded the watch. Identify who they are. The watch has caught someone but by the time they were caught they had nothing incriminating on them, how they were able to move the evidence so fast is a mystery. They may be a gang from Sanctuary related to the shrivers.

Task 2

Shows map of Brastor. The goblins near Bezonville have started attacking travellers and demanding food. What is driving the goblins to attack the travellers around Bezonville The goblins aren’t killing anyone yet. We are asked not to start killing goblins. They are demanding food first and then taking valuables, why?

The HDA can supply the following magical traps:

  • Lightning Bolt and Black fire rods
  • Enhanced grenados

Guild stuff

  • Billy becomes Scribe
  • Marco becomes Party Leader
  • The party receive Greaters from Aaron.
  • Jaycey loans Billy an Amulet of Luck and the HDA loans Billy a set of Amulets

Watches in the Inn

  • Marco and Pierre first watch
  • Billy and Jaycey second watch

Marco provides the following:

  • Strength of Stone 18 pts Endurance
  • Armour of Earth Rk 14 +30 Def +1 Armour
  • Marco provides lesser enchantments

Week 1 Summary

We staked out the docks, spotted the gang of thieves, tailed them to their lair then handed the details over to local law enforcement.

Week 2

Fixing Goblin Lunch

  • Plib- the goblin leader.
  • Wronk and Craxis - Plib's body guards

  • Jaycey makes us heroes
  • Marco makes Pierre able to track
  • Marco gives the thieves +19% chance of trap detection
  • Marco puts Blending on the party

  • Billy has the Dragon box and two Large Methane Grenados #1
  • Pierre has a Large Methane #2 and Large Grenado #3
  • Marco has a Large Methane #2 and Large Grenado #3
  • Vigor has Large Methane #1 and Large Methane #2


Night One - The Cream Bun Entree

Most of the party have had dealings with the HDA and we have been invited to a meeting at the Red Wolf Inn by Junior Detective Vigor Silentfoot.

In a private room at the RWI Olo Knotwise arrives to brief us. He informs us that the HDA is still at Pumpkin alert level because of the shriver incident in the last few months. There are a couple of issues that he wants us to investigate. These appear to be random issues but they could be related to the shrivers from Sanctuary.

Task 1 Look into the thieves that are operating at Brastor landing. There have been thefts from rich merchants. Pick pockets that have evaded the watch. Identify who they are. The watch has caught someone but by the time they were caught they had nothing incriminating on them, how they were able to move the evidence so fast is a mystery. They may be a gang from Sanctuary related to the shrivers.

Task 2 Shows map of Brastor. The goblins near Bezonville have started attacking travellers and demanding food. What is driving the goblins to attack the travellers around Bezonville The goblins aren’t killing anyone yet. We are asked not to start killing goblins. They are demanding food first and then taking valuables, why?

The HDA can supply the following magical traps:

  • Lightning Bolt and Black fire rods
  • Enhanced grenados

Guild stuff

  • Billy becomes Scribe because he is too slow and couldn’t dodge it.
  • Marco becomes Party Leader because he is the tallest and is the easiest to make look regal and commanding by the party Illusionists.

We head back to Seagate to get greaters from Aaron. Jaycey loans Billy an Amulet of Luck and the HDA loans Billy a set of Amulets

Vigor wants to look like a human so we make him a real man (eleven year old human). We fill him with beer. The night is still young and the beer and cream buns are flowing. Vigor gets drunk really quick and has a nap in the corner while we plot and scheme.

Jaycey volunteers as bait because she is a spy and thief and as a courtesan can walk right.

We set watches in the Inn

  • Marco and Pierre first watch
  • Billy and Jaycey second watch
  • Vigor dodges watch duty

Marco provides:

  • Strength of Stone overnight 18 pts Endurance
  • Armour of Earth Rk 14 +30 Def +1 Armour
  • Marco provides lesser enchantments

After breakfast we disguise ourselves as a band of dwarves with Marco as the token human. Party language becomes dwarven.

We head off around 9:30 and we walk from Brastor town to Brastor landing. We are there by 10:00 and wander around the docks for an hour. The thieves are looking for marks and ways to escape in case we are rumbled. It's a busy dock and market and nothing appears out of order. Most people appear sensible and those with money are surrounded by flunkies or thugs.

Back to the HDA and HDA junior detective Vigor under the illusion of a dwarf completely fails to introduce us. We trigger all the shapeshifter wards in the room and have to face down the axe wielding portal guardian before he remembers the password.

We portal back to the guild and are met by Theo Steelspine. We are crippled with no fatigue till after a quick snack. We buy greaters and healing potions. Then buy cream buns and iron bread in Seagate. Theo Steelspine greets us at the guild and we portal back to Brastor. Crippled from the lost fatigue for the second time today we start plotting and scheming over the cream buns, beer and iron loaf required to recover the fatigue.

Plot idea of the moment is Jaycey dresses up to look ostentatiously rich with Marco in tiger form on a silver chain. Hopefully they look stupidly wealthy and act as bait to the pick pockets. The tiger may be too much of a deterrent to a pick-pocket so the illusionists are treating it as a work in progress.

Night Two - The Amuse-boche

We go from Tiger, to Panda, to Elk, to horse in the planning...

We visit Captain Hammerson at the Brastor guard he will provide the shipping schedules from the harbour master to the HDA to bring to the RWI.

Watching the wharf we see The Grace to Glory being unloaded. The load is being protected by a big 6.3’ mace wielding thug.

The Zartan is unloading people. They appear to be middle class with normal possessions.

  • Cream bun eating hobbits try to disguise as dwarves while they stake out the eastern docks.
  • Billy is in the alley in the middle so he doesn’t have to run far.
  • Pierre is circling in overwatch in hawk form.
  • Marco stakes out the western docks.

A large transaction appears to take place between the captain of the The Grace to Glory and a merchant, a youth breaks cover and starts running. Billy turns into a swan and tracks him. Pierre as a hawk tracks the swan, Jaycey as a hobbit high on sugar disguised as a dwarf follows them both...

The youth bolts to the back door of the Rolling Wagon Inn. Turns out the kid was late for work, no chefs were harmed in this investigation. A quick dead goblin later (that’s Brastor for lager) and Billy is back to the dock. The stake out continues. We have been supremely distracted. As the day passes we watch a few vagrant thieves with appalling technique and nothing more significant.

Back at the Red Wolf Inn there is a satchel from Captain Hammerson addressed to Marco. The vessels due are:

  • The Flaming Dawn large cargo vessel from Seagate due in three days.
  • The Swift Sparrow from West carrying upper class passengers due in a week.
  • The Bold Whale, a cargo vessel from Seagate due in two weeks.

There's a problem at the inn, we can’t remember who we were disguised as when we checked in last time. Pro tip we will check in as the same dwarves tomorrow as yesterday. It's a bit tricky for the hobbits to keep up.

Pierre confirms that he can turn water into beer, even after six beers. Vigor the slacker gets into a drinking game with a dwarf. Wins with assistance of the party illusionist then falls asleep in the corner and doesn’t sit watch again that night.

We stake out the wharf for a few more days, checking out the alleys and hidey holes around the docks and pace ourselves at the Red Wolf Inn for the next few nights.

On Frysday we spy moves afoot on the dock...

Night Three - First Main Course

Pierre spots some clean, well dressed sailors who have obviously never been out in the weather. They are dressed like sailors, acting like sailors and clearly aren’t sailors. They are lurking with intent. One is playing with a rope and we discuss where their deep pockets may be lurking. We will call them Rope and Sailorboy.

The boat is about 30 minutes from the pier and Pierre takes flight to observe from above. In the meantime Billy has noticed that the wharf is made of exquisitely well crafted, quality mountain stone...

The Flaming Dawn docks and starts unloading the cargo. An elf in expensive silks arrives at the dock and talks to the captain while things are being unloaded. He is only carrying a small dagger. While they are in conversion the ever vigilant Jaycey notices sign language between Rope and Sailorboy however we have no idea what was said

Time passes as the vessel unloads and Sailorboy leaves the dock and goes to an inn a few minutes away, 10 minutes later he's back. The load is being taken off the ship and put on wagons and the wagons are leaving the dock as they are loaded. Its a fairly routine day on the docks so far. There is a solitary dwarven guard on the vessel with a big axe and bad attitude.

Rope has seen something down the dock and sends a message Sailorboy once again we can’t read it and we can't figure out what he noticed.

Rope casually moves over to a wagon and brings out his purse. He fumbles it and drops coins on the street around the wagons. The urchins in the area swoop on the coins like a flock of starving seagulls.

At the same time a dwarf bumped into the elf chatting with the captain. The two start shouting at each other blaming the other for their inherent clumsiness and the altercation gets extremely heated before the dwarf stalk's off Jaycey started following him then spyed another human who brushed past the elf during the altercation. As this human walks off Jaycee notices him passing something to another elf.

The suspects are:

  • Sailors - Rope and Sailorboy
  • Male Human
  • Male Dwarf
  • Female Elf

Billy follows the Dwarf
Marco Follows the Human
Jaycee follows the Elf and Pierre follows Jaycee

The dwarf goes into the Broken Wagon. Billy and the dwarf have a few beers. Share some ancestry and have a good time then the dwarf tries and fails to pick Billy's pocket and scuttles off quickly. Billy follows at a discreet distance.

Marco takes off after the human. His stealth isn’t useful on a busy market but he keeps the target in sight. His target does a lot of walking random streets as through he suspects he's being tailed. The target goes into bakery and Marco hides. Then Marco goes Unseen and continues to follow the target through the streets of Brastor Landing. Unfortunately Joe Public didn't see Marco and walked into him by accident, the target didn’t appear to notice and after a while he goes into Phenos carpenters shop.

Jaycey the master spy and thief tracks the female elf. But the elf knows she is being tailed and is being very evasive. Jaycey pops into an alley as a female dwarf and comes out as a stout male halfling, surprising the drunk dwarf in the alley. Jaycey enters the Burnt Pegasus Inn just as the elf is talking to the tavern keeper then leaving through the back door.

In the mean time Pierre has completely failed to find an empty alley to land and change back to dwarf in. However he is in the alley that the elven lady comes out on and is able to pick up the chase.

Jaycey goes out the front door and tries to find an alley to the road behind the Burnt Pegasus. She pays some urchins a few silver and they give her some bogus directions then scarper.

Both Pierre and Marco meet up a few doors down from the Phenos Carpentry shop. Pierre studies it and can’t see anything unusual. They make cabinets, beds, frames etc. Nothing suspicious about it. A good secure building that is weather tight with good storm shutters.

Marco goes into the Smashed Pumpkin to watch the carpenters store from the balcony with a glass of cider and a meat platter. Billy sees Marco on the balcony and goes to meet him. Pierre arrives and is fed meat from the platter while Marco goes to find Jaycey. That afternoon the party settles into the Smashed Pumpkin to stake out the Phenos Carpenters. There are a few comings and goings, Pierre follows the three humans from the Carpenters to the Kings Ears, but they were only having dinner and returned afterwards.

Marco reports to Captain Hammerstein that there was a theft this morning and we have tracked the culprits to the Phenos Carpenters. Captain brings out a scroll and asks for details. We are asked to go back to the guardhouse tomorrow to provide pictures of the culprits. The illusionists have a lot of fun making facsimiles of the perps which makes it very easy for the town guard to identify them.

Turns out the carpentry shop is a known front and that night the Brastor Guard kick in the front door to Phenos carpentry and round up the thieves.

We go on a pub crawl Reapsday night of all the pubs that we have found in Brastor. Vigors breath is only mildly flammable half way through the night. Once again Vigor has evades sitting watch due to early intoxication.

On Sunday we laugh and sing and dance and get to Bezonville really fast. Vigor arranges rooms at the tavern and we get both of them. They have a lot of fish and wheat beer in Bezoonville and not too much else.

We book a town meeting at the inn on Duesday. We pay two gold to finance the party, and suspect we just doubled the local economy.

Then we go and have a picnic on the river bank...

Night Four - The Palate Cleanser

While we were enjoying our picnic by the river dressed as pilgrims, nine goblins surrounded us and negotiated hard for our lunch. At one point the goblins started asking religious questions which got awkward because we aren’t a very religious group. Our plan to act like bait worked, with crossbows trained on us we had the goblins right where we needed them. Turns out they are hungry because a troll has taken over their village and turned 12 goblins to the dark side. Driving the law abiding goblins into the wilderness. This troll also has a pixie in a cage around his neck that casts unknown magic.

We left the remains of our lunch and agreed to pay the bounty of a barrel of wine for the right to send out some hardened adventurers tomorrow. The goblins geas Billy to ensure this happens.

We head back to the Golden Ox. Once again we have gone into the pub in the wrong costume and sit down as pilgrims to lunch. Over lunch Pierre heavily tipped the waitress for second lunch and the beers and the food kept on coming. This caused a problem. Pilgrim Pierre opened the tab and we have to get the “Pilgrims” to leave and be replaced by the "Party" before the town meeting without losing the balance of the tab. Billy and Marco both notice that their armor is more form fitting than it used to be.

The plan is trolls don't like fire so Vigor, AKA bait, is summoned from Brastor Landing with Enhanced Genado’s.

The inn has been cooking all day, as has the bakery and there has been a cow on the spit in preparation for the town meeting. That night there is a huge street party and Pierre is in his element and is happily carousing with the locals, Marco has people for that and gets into an indepth conversation about the gestation cycles of cows with several farmers.

The gossip is for the last nine months the goblins have been raiding. They used to live in the hills and leave people alone. Wagons in the pass were mostly unmolested and only a bit of petty thievery. Nine months ago it changed and there has been more killing of livestock and holding up small groups of travelers. Any time groups have fought back the goblins have retreated. There are a variety of opinions. Farmers who have lost livestock want them gone, the others want them to just run away back into the hills. No one really wants to go fighting goblins.

There are always rumors' of monsters in the woods but nothing too serious. There are rumours of undead, possibly a hangover from the dark circle and there is also a bird horse in the hills that hasn’t been seen for several years. It has a ghost rider and is seen as a good omen because it was a good harvest the year that it was seen. There are shrines to the bird horse in the town. On the whole the hunters and farmers don’t go into the forest because there are bad things there but Bezonville is a pretty safe town.

Late in the evening Vigor arrives. Pierre arranges some “strong” drinks for Vigor so he can catch up. Pierre talks about the magic trolls at the party and Vigor talks about the enhanced grenados he’s bought.

A farmer has a holy stone with holy writings on it that fell from the sky. Pierre the master merchant negotiated the purchase of the stone for 12 gold. When he saw it he realised that it was a prayer to Michael and negotiates back down to a few silver for the viewing and lets the farmer keep the stone. Billy the mighty merchant takes up the negotiation and buys the holy stone of writings for 10 gold getting a better price than Pierre would have. It's a bargain.

Vigor moves on to whisky and has a little nap under the table. He skips out of watch again wakes up with a large stone of Michael wrapped around his neck.

Next morning we buy a cask of wine for the goblins, instead of having Pierre the illusionist create a special one, and divvy up the grenados. Comment from Jaycey while we are divvying up the grenados “It is good to only have one suicidal hobbit”. Marco and Billy are trying to figure out who she’s referring too.

  • Billy has the Dragon box and two Large Methane Grenados #1
  • Pierre has a Large Methane #2 and Large Grenado #3
  • Marco has a Large Methane #2 and Large Grenado #3
  • Vigor has Large Methane #1 and Large Methane #2

Jaycey says she can’t throw a grenado to save her life. Interesting choice of words.

We present the bounty for the troll to the goblin Philip who comes out to negotiate. He is accompanied by Wronk and Craxis his bodyguards and we get more information. The troll goes hunting and menacing every one and has been taking villagers into the cave and most of them don’t come out again. The ones that do come out as followers have white eyes. The troll and the goblin minions are hunting the goblins. The white eyes are scary to fight and keep fighting even when they have their arms cut off.

The goblin Plib draws a map in the dirt with a stick and the party make preparations.

  • Jaycey makes us heroes
  • Marco makes Pierre able to track and gives the thieves +19% chance of trap detection
  • Marco puts Blending on the party

We traipsed through the woods into the hills toward the goblin camp. With the palisade around the goblin village in sight Billy went into overwatch with the crossbow while the rest of the party started to sneak forward.

As they approach Pierre notices ...

Night 5 - The Second Main

We slowly sneak in. They seem to have spied us and send out a couple of scouts. While they sent out scouts, we sent in counter scouts. Marco flanked the wall and approached from the side while Billy, Pierre and Jaycey hunkered down and acted like stones.
As Marco climbs the 9’ wall he gets his first sight of the troll and its ugly.

Pulse 1
Marco sneaks in close and climbs up the 9 ft wall around the camp. On the other side is a 15’ troll, Death to its friends, and it can see him. Death lines up Marco with his club and whacks him off the wall.
When he hits the ground Marco stares up at Death and at the sight of the ugly 15’ troll leaning over the wall, panics and flees.
Jaycey, Billy and Pierre see it too and man it's ugly but it don’t scare us.

Pulse 2
Marco gets pummeled again by Death as he flees.
A mass fear goes off - Jaycee and Billy are wary, but Pierre panics and runs.
The two scouting goblins, Cuddles and Toes, are joined by a third goblin, Face, and approach closer.
Billy and Jaycey are still stealthy acting like a stone preparing a surprise.
Billy prepares.
Jaycey switches to a Bronze staff of Necrosis.

Pulse 3
Jaycey blows a lot of them up and Billy feels real good as the goblins go down. He summons his axe and moves to the dead goblin, Cuddles.
Marco and Pierre continue their strategic withdrawal towards Brastor and on to Seagate.

Pulse 4
The dead goblin Cuddles got up and poked Billy with a spear so Billy walloped Cuddles back. Now its a really dead goblin.
Then Jaycey Necrosis’ed the bad guys again - Jaycey is once again proving the female halflings are the scary ones.
Marco and Pierre continue their strategic withdrawal.

Death steps up to Billy and Billy stares it down, Billy is hard, this troll ain’t that ugly.
Another mass fear goes off and Jaycey and Billy shrug that one off too.

Pulse 5
The caged Necro pixie is a threat. If we can release it it may be grateful so Billy throws his axe at the pixies cage. The axe hooks a tree on the way through and only manages to damage the cage a bit then the chest of the troll explodes as Jaycey blows up Sulky, Bulky, Toes, Face and Death.
Pierre and Marco are almost at the military scientist vantage point on the next hill. They keep running to make sure they get there.

Pulse 6
Jaycey blows up Bulky, Toes, Face and Death and Death looks kinda dead.
Billy uses the reprieve to retrieve his axe from Death's feet
Then Death recovers, across the battlefield Marco assesses the situation and starts heading back into the fray

Pulse 7
Death is in close with Billy and pummels Billy setting a HDA Special Grenado off in the process and Billy uses this distraction to ready another anti-troll close combat weapon a.k.a. HDA Special Grenado.
Marco Firebolts the Troll
Pierre gains height over the battlefield and pulls out a wand
Jaycey uses the big boom again and blows up Slurpy, Toes and Death (again)
After repeated hits from Jaycey's necrosis the troll has gaping holes in it and Billy has been slimed multiple times by exploding troll entrails.

Pulse 8
Death smashes and bites Billy and Billy rams a HDA special grenado into the troll breaking it on a hip bone the size of a wagon spar. The grenado detonates inside the troll and knocks Billy unconscious.
Slurpie a goblin of little ambition gets blown off the wall by Pierre
Marco firebolts Death
Jaycey changes weapon

Pulse 10
Jayceys illusion charges in and distracts the troll to stop it eating Billy
Marco Firebolts Death
Pierre Firebolts Death
Jaycey activates her weapon of flame and goes toe to toe with Death and the huge troll goes down again.
Another Mass fear goes off and Marco starts running again.

With the troll and the goblins down for now Jaycey, the 3'6" halfling, grabs Billy and carries the 4'2" dwarf out of battle in search of Pierre, the only member of the party competent in force feeding potions and Marco casts a Smoking Magma’s under the troll to stop it coming back.

Billy searches the goblin bodies because he has more troll goo on him than anyone else and can’t get any dirtier.

The goblins are wearing goblin armour made from their brethren and it fits no-one in the party. They have knuckle bones and vials of blood. Thankfully Jaycey is able to loan Billy a spare suit of armor because Billy's armour now only offers slightly more protection than a suit of clothes.

The “Innocent Pixie” got away.

Night 6 - The Just Deserts

As the party picked itself up and discussed their wounds the harbinger of death (aka the female hobbit) pipes up with “I’m completely untouched”.

The party is getting cautions. Billy casts an ESP, it's safe, there’s nothing in there.

Pierre summons a bloodhound and the smell of the prey is masked by the troll goo on Billy. Billy goes outside and washes off a bit.

Marco DA’s the cave mouth and we go in. There are a lot of troll and goblin tracks but otherwise its safe.

Hi ho, hi ho spelunking we will go...

After 20 feet in there are two scrawny goblins nailed to the wall in guard post alcoves. They are normal goblins, not like the white eyes like we met yesterday. We get them off the wall and healed one then took them out of the cave and left them hidden.

Back into the cave and it comes to a cavern with four ways out.
A cold wind blows in the tunnel and Billy sneezes troll gunk out of his nose.

Billy does an ESP and gets knocked unconscious. The party pick him up and pull back to the entrance

Pulse 0 Pierre brings Billy around and then Jaycey and Billy notice figures darting towards the party from the Dark. They look like large ponies or possibly large tigers living in a cave in Brastor. The beastmasters can tell that the tiger ponies really hate Marco as they start to rend him with very unpony like claws and teeth.

Pulse 1
Yup they’re tigers, huge tigers! Marco takes a massive chest wound from one of the tigers and is rendered by the other one.
Jaycey swings and misses with a flaming Tulwar
Pierre rends one with his claws
Billy knocks one out with his axe

Pulse 2
Pierre endurances it twice
Jaycey misses it again
Billy gets a death buzz, the unconscious tiger just died
Marco blends the remaining tiger
The tiger hits Marco back and breaks his collarbone and sends Marco unconscious.

Everything goes black and nothing has happened for the last 15 seconds

A cold wind blows in the tunnel and Billy sneezes troll gunk out of his nose.

Marco thinks that we have been attacked, the rest of the party think he’s dreaming. But Marco has encountered something like this before and is very worried.

We illusion ourselves as goblins so we don’t frighten the freed goblins and leave the tunnels. A quick hypnosis on one of the goblins to bring him out of the fear that he was under and Jaycey talks to the goblin who says the pixie was the prisoner of the troll and confirms there is only one way in and one way out of the cave.

We wall up the cave with walls of iron and stone and leave to go see the goblin boss, Plib.

When we get back to the river where we had the picnic there are no signs of the goblins around. We head North-west into the hills to the goblin camp and get stopped by the goblin guards. Cork and Rogg. They think they can boss us around because we are scrawny goblins, we’ve turned up as the wrong people again - When the guards head off to get Cronk and Craxix we change back to hardy adventurer mode.

When Cronk and Craxix turn up they realise who we are and beat the guards a bit for keeping us waiting. They then go get Plib. Who we get to draw a picture of the caves in the dirt with sticks and stones.

Map drawn in the dirt by Plib the leader of the goblins.

We head back to the Golden Ox and meet Vigor. Have hot baths, cream buns and food and relax after a hard day troll punting.

Jaycey the Rk 5 Mil Sci puts Vigor on watch with Marco and Pierre. The night passes uneventfully except for Marco who has unpleasant nightmares about being torn apart by tigers.

Next morning the party heads out a few miles out of town Marco summons his tigers separately and sends them in different directions.

The plan is Jaycey and Pierre have mind special counters.
Marco and Billy have Necro Special counters.
We storm into the place and hit everything...

Night Seven - Cheese Board and Spiders

  • Armour of Earth
  • Lessers
  • Weapon of Earth
  • Strength of Stone
  • Blending
  • Detect traps and snares

  • Marcos Shield BC +14 Dam +5

  • Billy has the Dragon box and and Large Grenado #3
  • Pierre has a Large Methane #2 and Large Grenado #3
  • Marco has a Large Methane #2
  • Vigor has Large Methane #1 and Large Methane #2

We block off the entrance with a wall of stone and tunnel into Room 4 and Vigor drops to the ground screaming.

They are onto us already. Vigour hugs the party. Then OD’s on sugar.

Jaycey and Pierre change to necro special counters.

The walls resist marcos tunneling repeatedly then we tunnel into cave four and We charge into a room full of mushrooms. Then block off the tunnel with another wall of stone. There is something moving in the east corner, and a goblin wanders out towards Billy

Billy has a new servant blind and mute and something black comes out of its mouth as Pierre saps the goblin.The head of the goblin collapses and massive amounts of spiders explode out of the goblin skin. Billy dodges them and Pierre gets covered in spiders.

Pulse 1
Marco prepares a methane grenado
Billy Prepares a grenado

Pulse 2
Marco the party member ranked in Grenado hurls the methane grenado at Pierre
Not to be outdone Jaycey, the friendly hobbit, drops a pillar of fire on Pierre.

Pulse 3
Marco closes on Pierre and grabs him and rolls into the pillar of flames
Vigor throws a methane grenado at Pierre
Billy prepares a cantrip
Jaycey the firemage starts preparing.
The party have now been hit by three of their own methane grenados and their own wall of fire.

Pulse 4
Marco pulls Pierre into the wall of fire and really rolls him around in it. The Grenado does a bit more damage to Pierre.
Jaycey prepares.
Billy prepares.

Pulse 5
Billy casts a Empathy on Marco
Marco steps out of the fire with Pierre
Jaycey counters her wall of fire.

Pulse 6 Billy and Vigour start squashing imaginary spiders and mushrooms

Jaycey force feeds a potion down the healer's throat and almost drowns Pierre. He starts convulsing so the paralysis is gone.Pierre comes around and is now burnt, stung and choked. Two out of three by the party. Hi is also blind in the left eye, diseased and poisoned.

Pierre strips off and removes the spiders under his armour Marco redoes the necro specials We wait half an hour and have a snack of mushrooms Then Tunnel to room 7

In Room 7 there are figures with pickaxes hacking into the wall. We are on the western platform and on the eastern platform are dwarves digging.Last magic to impact was fear. Once again we have the wrong illusion. The dwarves think we are goblins.

We take the goblin illusion off Billy and get him to negotiate with the dwarves. Pierre picks the lock to the chain holding the dwarves and it releases with an ominous click and a rumbling sound. Its the trap you don’t check for because there are grumpy dwarves attached to them. The roof starts coming down and then everything goes black.

Billy comes round and is a little shell shocked by what has happened and storms off down the corridor.

Marco follows and as they enter the next cavern Marco sees something flying around…

Night 8

Billy storms into room that has an Innocent Pixie and a Wholesome Rock in it. Marco is a bit more cautious and DA's in. Billy starts to sprint across the room as Marco opens file on the rock. There is a flash of light between the Innocent Pixie and the Wholesome Rock and a Bad Bunny pops into the room.

The Bad Bunny bounded across the room and Hard Stare popped out of the rock. Billy kept sprinting across the room. Its really big.

Pierre is obviously not a threat. But the Bad Bunny still likes him anyway. Pierre strikes back for a bit of damage. The Hard Stare charged across the middle of the battle field and a Naughty Princess popped out of the rock. The rock is talking to Billy saying the death of the dwarves is all his fault so Marco specs a ghost and dissipates the Bad Bunny. Then the Hard Stare takes four javelins and evaporates. That's what happens when you talk trash to the good guys.

Halfway through the fight our military scientist starts panicking. This is bad. Billy takes a dive, a skillfully duck under the hail of death that the party has unleashed into the Innocent Pixie and Wholesome Rock. When Billy gets up he see's Jaycey hiding her head in a bag of cream buns and heading for the door.

The Naughty Princess rends Billy again as Billy moves up to the Wholesome Rock and goes Catatonic from negative energy coming out of the rock. Marco charges in with his shield and deals to the Naughty Princess.

Pierre and Marco lay into the Naughty Princess and it disappears. But then a Bad Kitty and Terrible teddy step up and attack them both. Billy has been knocked out of his catatonia and starts running and squeezes around a wall. Then evil Black fire goes off and hits Pierre and Marco and Marco starts running too. Pierre is staunch!

Pierre starts to prepare a grenado before deciding running away is a better option. But Jaycey is rallying the troops and Marco starts coming back and Billy prepares the Dragon Box!!

Bad Kitty and Terrible Teddy chase after Pierre and try to do some terrible damage but not quite. Noxious vapours go off in the area. Pierre and Billy are staunch we’ve smelled worse, troll gunk comes to mind.

Jaycey yells heroically and the party love it.

Billy throws the Dragon Box grenado and it lands "harmlessly" by the Wholesome rock which attract's the attention and the next Black fire takes out Billy. In the meantime Pierre has thrown a grenado at the Dragon Box grenado. It burns "harmlessly" on top of the Dragon Box.


The Dragon box detonates and destroys the Wholesome Rock and the tide of battle turns and Jaycey, Marco and Pierre quickly put Bad Kitty and Terrible Teddy down.

The crystal has been cracked and broken by the heat and the pixie didn’t survive the blast. The Wholesome Rock is formerly magical and from Alusia and the pixie had a wand but the greek fire fixed that.

Billy and the crystal are loaded onto a horse. The party is healed up and we tunnel out to the sunlight and head back into town.

The party head back to Bezonville with Vigor riding on the clydesdale. Then silly walk back to Brastor Township and go to the head office of the HDA.

Night 9

We are asked to go to Charity to judge a pie making competition. Before that though we head to the guild resurrect Billy.

Ishmael puts wings on us and we fly back to the goblin cave. Landing is traumatic for Billy and Vigor then and Pierre follows up with two back fires then falls asleep on the battlefield - he’s hard. The party is prepped and going in.

We search the cave it is full of goblin detritus. We fly to the river and Billy bounces off the rocks on the way in. Marco troll skins Billy to heal the endurance damage.

We go to kick the goblins awake but they keep running away from the band on adventurers.

After negotiating with the goblins we fly back to Brastor and land in a field out of Brastor town. Sapphire threatens us with paperwork and we go out and find pie and have a leisurely lunch while we wait for the wings to fall off. Then walk to Charity.

We went off the beaten track and met Helen the cat lady. The place is crawling with cats. Billy splits wood and Marco summons his tigers who say there is some weird stuff in the woods. Then we go and look at a tree and Marco and Pierre feed the squirrels.

At Charity we stay at the Bronze Bullfrog. There is a lot of activity in the township and we have to stay in an expensive room 7 silvers per night.

In the Reaps day the 12 is the Pie festival

We report in to Talon Hairyfoot about the events that Vigor is going to enter tomorrow. Loreena Swift is in charge of it all We visit her and introduce ourselves as the judges of the pie eating competition.

“Its a competition and some may disagree but its not that important”

There are dwarves from the Molten Forge and they will have apprentices displaying wares for graduation.

Billy and Marco have a few drinks with some dwarves. Pierre goes out playing dice and cards with Vigor. Then Vigor leaves and doesn’t come back till breakfast. He had a good idea from Marco…

The illusionists have a bit of fun and make Vigor (the halfling) look like a strong dwarf

The dwarves have a lot of weapons and armour on display.

Vigor aka Billy the dwarf wins the climb the greasy pole and with some assistance from the party wins the test of strength. We love village competitions.

Then its time for the pie competition. Pierre, Marco and Jaycey step up as the judges. The top pies are: The Hare surprise is actually rabbit Beswana makes the Olo - unknown meat and very sweet Gareth makes the forest bounty which is a vegetarian pie.

The four party members are tied 2 all on the Hare surprise and the Olo. Pierre has the casting vote and goes for the Olo then...

Beswana reaches into a bag and pulls out Olo’s head and everything goes black and we are back before the fight…

People and Places


Junior Detective Vigor Silentfoot
Olo Knotwise - Head of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Captain Hammerson - Head of the Brastor Guard


Brastor Landing

  • Red Wolf Inn - an inn in Brastor Town where the party are staying. It's a few miles north of Brastor Landing
  • Rolling Wagon Inn - an inn at Brastor Landing a quick sprint from the docks.
  • Broken Wagon Inn - an inn at Brastor Landing Billy and the dwarf have a few beers. Share some ancestry and have a good time.
  • Burnt Pegasus Inn - a nice middle class merchants inn. The owner is very friendly with the elven thief.
  • Smashed Pumpkin Inn - a great place to watch the carpenters store from the balcony with a glass of cider and a meat platter.
  • Phenos Carpenters - The carpentry shop that was the base of operations for the thieves.


  • The Golden Ox - The Bezonville inn and the main shop in Bezonville.




  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad
Fruit (4)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Preparation / Go to Brastor Landing Get the two tasks from the HDA. 3 Disguised as dwarves we stake out the wharf. Then trigger the dark wards at the HDA. head back to Seagate for buffs. 4 Get shipping schedules. Watch the Zartan unloading. 5 Stake out the dock 6 Stake out the dock
Moon2.jpg 7 The Flaming Dawn docks and things start happening. Report to Captain Hammerstein who the culprits were. 8 Go back to the guardhouse to provide pictures of the culprits and they kick down the door and take then out. 9 We laugh and sing and dance and get to Bezonville really fast. Vigor arranges rooms at the tavern and we get both of them. Then go for a picnic 10 Town meeting in Bezonville 11 Go out and see the goblins with the barrel of Wine. Then attack the goblin camp. Marcos dream. 12 Goblin cave again. Vigors terror, Spider fight, Billy's nightmare, destroy the Unwholesome rock, Pierres nightmare. Destroy the Unabiding Fear. Return to Brastor and report to Olo. 13  
Moon3.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
Moon0.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26   27  
Moon1.jpg 28   29   30    
Harvest (5)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon2.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10   11  
Moon3.jpg 12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Seagate Autumn Fair 18 Seagate Autumn Fair
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon 20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon1.jpg 26   27   28   29 Michaelmas 30    
  1   2  
Moon2.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon3.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon1.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Beerfest