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Night One -  The Cream Bun Entree
Most of the party have had dealings with the HDA and we have been invited to a meeting at the Red Wolf Inn by Junior Detective Vigor Silentfoot.
In a private room at the RWI Olo Knotwise arrives to brief us. He informs us that the HDA is still at Pumpkin alert level because of the shriver incident in the last few months. There are a couple of issues that he wants us to investigate. These appear to be random issues but they could be related to the shrivers from Sanctuary.
Task 1
Look into the thieves that are operating at Brastor landing. There have been thefts from rich merchants. Pick pockets that have evaded the watch.
Identify who they are.
The watch has caught someone but by the time they were caught they had nothing incriminating on them, how they were able to move the evidence so fast is a mystery.
They may be a gang from Sanctuary related to the shrivers.
Task 2
Shows map of Brastor.
The goblins near Bezonville have started attacking travellers and demanding food.
What is driving the goblins to attack the travellers around Bezonville
The goblins aren’t killing anyone yet. We are asked not to start killing goblins.
They are demanding food first and then taking valuables, why?
The HDA can supply the following magical traps:
Lightning Bolt and Black fire rods
Enhanced grenados
Guild stuff
Billy becomes Scribe because he is too slow and couldn’t dodge it.
Marco becomes Party Leader because he is the tallest and is the easiest to make look regal and commanding by the party Illusionists.
We head back to Seagate to get greaters from Aaron.
Jaycey loans Billy an Amulet of Luck and the HDA loans Billy a set of Amulets
Vigor wants to look like a human so we make him a real man (eleven year old human). We fill him with beer.
The night is still young and the beer and cream buns are flowing.
Vigor gets drunk really quick and has a nap in the corner while we plot and scheme.
Jaycey volunteers as bait because she is a spy and thief and as a courtesan can walk right.
We set watches in the Inn
Marco and Pierre first watch
Billy and Jaycey second watch
Vigor dodges watch duty
Marco provides Strength of Stone overnight 18 pts Endurance
Armour of Earth Rk 14  +30 Def +1 Armour
Marco provides lesser enchantments
After breakfast we disguise ourselves as a band of dwarves with Marco as the token human.
Party language becomes dwarven.
We head off around 9:30 and we walk from Brastor town to Brastor landing. We are there by 10:00.
We wander around the docks for an hour. The thieves are looking for marks and ways to escape in case we are rumbled. It's a busy dock and market and nothing appears out of order.Most people appear sensible and those with money are surrounded by flunkies.
Back to the HDA and HDA junior detective Vigor under the illusion of a dwarf completely fails to introduce us. We trigger all the shapeshifter wards in the room and have to face down the axe wielding portal guardian before he remembers the password.
We portal back to the guild and are met by Theo Steelspine. We are crippled with no fatigue till after a quick snack. We buy greaters and healing potions.
We buy cream buns and iron bread in Seagate. Theo Steelspine greets us at the guild and we portal back to Brastor. Becoming crippled from the lost fatigue for the second time today. We start plotting and scheming over the cream buns, beer and iron loaf required to recover the fatigue.
Plot idea of the moment is Jaycey dresses up to look ostentatiously rich with Marco in tiger form on a silver chain. Hopefully they look stupidly wealthy and act as bait to the pick pockets. The tiger may be too much of a deterrent to a pick-pocket so the illusionists are treating it as a work in progress.

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GM Terry
Session: Autumn 821
Location Brastor
Level Yes


Olo, head of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency


Scribe note



Night Two - The Amuse-boche

We go from Panda bear to horse in the planning.

We visit Captain Hammerson at the Brastor guard he will provide the shipping schedules from the harbour master to the HDA to bring to the RWI.

Watching the wharf we see The Grace to Glory being unloaded. The load is being protected by a big 6.3’ mace wielding thug.

The Zartan is unloading people. They appear to be middle class with normal possessions.

Cream bun eating hobbits try to disguise as dwarves while they stake out the eastern dock.

Billy is in the alley in the middle so he doesn’t have to run far.

Marco stakes out the west end.

A large transaction appears to take place between the captain of the The Grace to Glory and merchant, a youth breaks cover and starts running.

Billy turns into a swan and tracks him. Pierre as a hawk tracks the swan, Jaycey as a hobbit high on sugar disguised as a dwarf follows them both...

The youth bolts to the back door of the Rolling Wagon Inn. Turns out the kid was late for work, no chefs were harmed in this investigation. A quick dead goblin later (that’s Brastor for lager) and Billy is back to the dock.

The stake out continues. We have been supremely distracted.

The day passes and we watch a few vagrant thieves with appalling technique and nothing more significant.

Back at the Red Wolf Inn there is a satchel from Captain Hammerson addressed to Marco. The vessels due are:

Flaming Dawn large cargo vessel from Seagate in three days.

Swift Sparrow from West carrying upper class passengers in a week.

The Bold Whale, a cargo vessel from Seagate due in two weeks.

Problem at the inn when we can’t remember who we checked in as last time. Pro tip we will check in as the same dwarves tomorrow as yesterday. A bit tricky for the hobbits to keep up.

Pierre confirms that he can turn water into beer even after six beers.

Vigor the slacker gets into a drinking game with a dwarf. Wins with some assistance from the party illusionist then slacks off and doesn’t sit watch again that night.

We watch the wharf for a few more days, checking out the alleys and hidey holes in the area.

We pace ourselves at the Red Wolf Inn for the next few nights.

On Frysday we spy moves afoot on the dock....

People and Places


Junior Detective Vigor Silentfoot
Olo Knotwise - head of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency


Brastor Landing





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