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Natural Habitat 
Jungle, Plains, Wetlands
1-20 (6)
Mongooses have light grey fur and grow to a length of about two feet. They are very common animals in some parts of the world, and are valued as snake-killers. They are related to weasels, stoats and ferrets.
Mongooses are especially valued as house pets and a mongoose that is trained to remain in the vicinity of a dwelling (and protect against snakes, especially cobras) will fetch 300-400 Silver Pennies. They are relatively easy to train for this task.
Mongooses may "dance" in melee, a defensive ability that manifests as a second action. They are not tool or magic users.
Movement Rates 
Running: 400
PS: 2-3 MD: 26-32 AG: 26-32 MA: None EN: 4-6 FT: 6-8
WP: 18-20 PC: 20-24 PB: 10-12 TMR: 8 NA: None
Mongooses may bite. They will always use their "dance" ability to defensively withdraw while in melee.
Bite: BC 80%, [D – 6], Close, Rank 0.