Matt Tumbledown

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Matt Tumbledown the Titan

Matt Tumbledown is 24 foot tall Male Titan. He looks young for a Titan of his years (500+ years old). Matt lives inside the Lunar Empire, and people say that he lives with the Dwarves of Imther Stronghold in the Lunar province of Imther Province. Said to dress in a mix or blend between Lunar fashion and Dwarf fashion, he wears a kilt and breastplate armour. He carries a large sword.

He will generally be friendly to militant individuals and introduce himself as 'Matt' but to others he normally is more formal introducing himself as 'Matt Tumbledown'.

He is known to some guild members for his strong and wicked sense of humour, often at the expense of the shorter races. This humour has sometimes lead people into danger. Often it seems that he sees humour as a test or trial.

Matt Tumbledown is known to be interested in;
The 112 Temples close to the Lunar Empire such as the Temple of War and Temple of the East Winds, The Lunar Empire, Dwarven Seers, High Rock Town and Inquisition.

He is also personal friends with Richard Valentius Stabilius a member of the Lunar Inquisition. He travels with Richard and Three Storm Giants from High Rock Town, on his own a huge seven masted Junk called 'The East Winds of Tycho'.

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