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This is a resource for the multi-gm campaign of Dragon Quest that runs for the most part in Auckland, New Zealand

If you would like an account please contact one of the Admins.png admins. If you don't have the contact details for one of these people please speak to your GM who should be able to assist.

Important Pages

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Whitney Street, New Windsor.

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New Players

A number of area's of the Wiki are of particular use and are listed below in no particular order.

Also on the side bar are the Current events and Recent Changes pages. Current Events will keep you up to date with the current Calendar Monthly Grade School 2.png Guild Meetings as well as campaign information and activities in the game world. Recent changes will show you the latest edits in the Wiki so you can keep up to date with changes to the pages that interest you.

If you want to know what needs to be added to the Wiki the Wanted Pages (list of pages that people have created links to, but which don't exist yet) is a great place to start. Or you could check out the To Be Formatted category

Here is a Wiki Index to assist in finding the page you want.

Game Worlds


Western Alusia map: Click to zoom

The main world where our campaign takes place. A number of areas are well documented and additional information is being added as it becomes available.

Alusia-globe.png Lands of Alusia - Documenting the countries, counties and lands of the world.

As well as the documented areas there is also documentation on Alusian Climate, Peoples, Myths, Timeline, Deities, Magic, Price Lists, Portal Networks and The Sky at Night.

Other Worlds

Other planes have been popular with GM's over the years and a number of them have been documented.

Other-places.png Other Worlds and Planes of Existence


Real World

GMs.png Gods Meetings - Sometimes Monthly meetings often for GMs (and interested players) to get organised.
Calendar Monthly Grade School 2.png Guild Meetings - Quarterly meetings where adventures for the quarter are organised.
Social-Event.png Social Events - Dinners, Events, Parties and Functions.
Email New.png DQ Emailing lists - Join the email discussion on DQ.
Money.png Guild Finances - The cost of fun..
Social Networking.png Social Networking - Connecting with DQ'ers outside of DQ..

Game World

The School Home.png Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Schedule Grade School 4l.png Listing of Guild Members
Diploma Scroll.png Masterworks Master works of rank 8+
The Diploma Scroll.png Seagate Times, Quarterly Chronicle of the Guild
The Add-to-Seagate-times.png Guild Library, archive of adventure Scribe.png Scribe Notes, SGT and other documents.
The Guild Pub - in character conversations, notices etc.
The Alusian Calendar Monthly.png Calendar and Almanac.
Acronyms, abbreviations and other Jargon specific to DQ and our campaign.
The Languages of our realms.
Starting a New Character.png New Character
Thumbs Up.png In Game Current Events

Game Mechanics

The Book 1.png Rules and Players Guide - that we play by.
The GMs.png GM's who run games.
Committees.png Committees and Tribunals.
The Dangers: Monsters (including the Bestiary), Villains, NPCs
The Rewards: Experience, Skills, Statistics
Wand icon.jpg Arcane Items - an open item reward system.
Loot Guides Writeup Guidelines, Standard Items, Guild Vaults, Artifacts and Examples of Loot.
Additional Material: Aids for players and GM's that enhance the rules or make things easier.

GM Information

Additional information providing background and detail on the Medieval/Renaissance era.

The Medieval Farming Year
GM Lists
A Regiment for the Sea
Dyes - A History
Ship Information

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