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Kurt is a fairly stocky black haired young lad, with a heavy chin and narrow lips. He usually wears stout travelling leathers around the guild, with only a hatchet hanging from his belt. When adventuring he favours stout padding with a leather vest reinforcing it.
A perpetual scowl lives on his face, deepening when in poor parts of towns. Following him around often is the smell of wet dog or horse, and a smaller but obviously well trained mongrel war dog can sometimes be found at his heels, usually equipped with it's own barding when on adventure. A small bag of treats for children can also often be seen hanging at his waist, firmly attached but easy to grab from.


Kurt is the 3rd son of Sir Jochen, a Knight of Regars Keep, who earned his title for battlefield honours.
With it being a non heridatory title and as the 3rd son however, little was available for Kurt as an inheritence so after a time serving in the Regars Keep military along the wall where it was discovered he was somewhat 'cursed' with an aversion to death, and as such was relegated into the ranks of the animal handlers rather than serving as a line soldier he has joined the guild. Once in the guild it didn't take long for his 'curse' to end up solved, however he has remained in the ranks of the guild seeking his own fame, fortune and title to bring honour to the family.


Overall: Medium Mage: Low Warrior: Low Utility: Low Specials: Low

Main Play Style

Kurt is a believer in looking after the poor, giving honours to the powers or gods that protect an area, and in honesty. Despite all this he has a rather grim outlook on life, or perhaps because of this, having seen how often these things don't happen. He makes heavy use of being a Beastmaster in his adventuring, and is basing his magic and skills around this.

In Combat

In combat he acts as a Mil Sci and a combat caster. He is likely to lead with enchanting plants or controlling animals when appropriate, following up with Earth Hammer, Diamond Javelins, or Smoking Magma as the situation calls for.

Out of Combat

Out of combat he is an ok tracker thanks to Earth college bonuses, and can also double as a Herbalist if the Party has none. His Earth Healing magic is not highly ranked but is good enough to patch the party back up a bit after a fight also.



Kurts primary skills used on adventure are.

  • Beast Master
  • Military Scientist
  • Ranger

He also has secondary skills around Weapon & Armour, Siege-craft, Fortifications & Court skills.


Below are some of the significant spells Kurt has learnt.


  • Enchanting Plants
  • Lesser Enchantment
  • Diamond Javelins

Non standard magics

  • Remove Curse

Other Stuff

Soul Bound Mattock