Hidden Valley Sasquatches

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There are 11 adults and 6 children in the tribe.

Generally most sasquatches talk very little, however they all speak Rk 3 Sasquatch, and now mostly have a grasp of Orc and Common about Rk 1 or 2 due to Scab's presence. All the children talk at Rk 2-3 in all three tongues, and are the most chatty of the lot, they are sometimes known to say more than a dozen words in a day.

Burbling Brook (m) Rk 9 Ranger

He is the nominal chief of the tribe. He has never been known to speak, though seems to understand a number of languages, including at least orc and common. He is an incredibly proficient and practical ranger and although sasquatches are not Carnivorous he can set traps and snares very proficiently.

Gentle Wolf (f) Rk 7 Ranger

Burping Eagle (m) Rk 5 Beastmaster (Great Land Mammals, Small Land Mammals), Rank 3 Ranger The sasquatches dont really keep animals, though they do sometimes raise orphaned or lost young. They train these animals and release them back into the wild. Many animals around the sasquatches understand commands and are sometimes called upon to do simple tasks in return for food.

Owl sitting on the ground (f) Rk 2 Ranger, Rk 5 Herbalist

Little Bird (m) Rk 5 Ranger

Drifting Cloud (f) Rk 6 Ranger

Baroque Lizard (m) Rk 4 Ranger, Rk 3 Herbalist

Peaceful Wind (f) Rk 2 Ranger, Rk 3 Beastmaster (Common Avians)

Long Tooth Beaver (m) Rk 3 Ranger

Yellow Flower (f) Rk 4 Ranger

Grey Moss (m) Rk 8 Ranger

Is the oldest of the tribe, none of them know how old he is but he much older than any of the others. Although a very proficient ranger his age keeps him from getting out much. He also holds many of the tribe's secrets.

Male children

Two Bees

Dancing Squirrel

Rustling Leaf

Female children

One Feather

Graceful Otter

Robin in a Magnolia Bush