Giant Amoeba

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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Ruins
Number 1-6 
A giant amoeba is a shapeless, flowing creature between 6 inches and 6 feet in diameter.
If a giant amoeba is reduced to 0 endurance as a result of the attacks of normal (non-magical) weapons, the amoeba merely splits into two amoebas, each with half the size, endurance, and fatigue of the original amoeba. Magical weapons and magical attacks affect the amoeba normally.
A giant amoeba can sense any organic material within 25 feet, and will move toward the closest such material that it can sense. Giant amoeba are able to eat anything they come in contact with. They can slip under doors and through very small cracks.
Movement Rates 
Crawling: 50
PS: None MD: None AG: 3-4 MA: None EN: 10-12 FT: 20-24
WP: 6-8 PC: 6-8 PB: 3-5 TMR: 1 NA: None
Giant amoeba may consume. If a creature is fully consumed, only non-organic materials will be left behind. This happens several minutes after death.
Consume: BC auto, [2 DP], Close.