Galantha Nival

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What is reasonable public knowledge

She's a halfling female ice mage. This much is true. Her name, which is elven for Snowdrop, may be true. She claims to have come from way up north, more specifically Ivinia except that she seems a bit less knowledgeable on the Inuit lifestyle, which, if she grew up there, she should know. That and given her skill set means this may not be true. She claims to have seen the Northern Lights on Alusia and gone swimming under ice, which may be true as she has vivid memories of doing this, but maybe this wasn't on Alusia.

She speaks and writes elven very well, which seems to suggest she was raised by elves and elven is her native language. She also knows Pasifikan and Common but stumbles over Halfling. She is a skilled swimmer and freediver, and uses her ice magic to make ice treats such as snow cones, flavoured fruit ice blocks, ice cream, gelatos and sorbets, She is also familiar with the uses of chocolate and will often coat her frozen confections in it. Unlike other halflings, she is not that fond of cream buns, preferring fruits, especially berries, either fresh or frozen. Porridge, cheeses, various teas, and preserved meats are also favourites, although recently, she has gone off the thought of 'sausages'. She refuses to say why but blushes a lot.

She will admit, when pressed, that, yes, she spent some time in Pasifika, training under Veor. For some reason, her background records are sealed by Guild Security but she is not pacted nor under the influence of any deity like entity. Could she had come through one of the portals on Palaeolithica and on to Pasifika? Or could she have been raised by the short elves in the southern regions of Zeyland or even further south. Either is a possibility but neither her or Guild Security are saying.