Carmania Province

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Carmaia Province

The most north and west of the provinces making up the Lunar Empire. The settlements of Ajaal Town and Harandash Town have a history dating back many hunreds of years.

Capital: Ajaal Town
Population: 80,000 including the settlements of Ajaal Town, Harandash Town, Zern Town, and Kitor.
Language: 100% Lunar, 60% Common, 5% Storm Giant.

To the west is the Inland Sea and to the north is the Poralistor River and to the east is the Karasal Province. A major mountain range called the Gargoyle Mountains runs from south east to north within the center of the province. Away from the coast of the Inland Sea it is less settled and more wild.

Production in a normal year is enough to feed around 110,000 people.