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Loot - Muse
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Flanged Mace

The head of this mace is an inverted tetrahedron made of blackened bronze on a nightwood shaft. It weighs 5 lbs, requires 16 PS and 9 MD to wield.
It has a base Strike Chance of 61% and inflicts 1 rollup D10 + 4 C Class damage, and has 2 points of Penetration (i.e. it ignores 2 points of Protection).
It acts as a Spell Lock for the Short Weight Incantation.

Ogre Glaive

This large glaive has a haft made of yew, a blade made of hardened obsidian and weighs 10lbs 8oz.
When it is wielded by someone of ogre size or larger, it has a base Strike Chance of 67% and inflicts 3 rollup D10 + 8 B or Class damage. In the hands of someone whose size is 5 or 6, the base Strike Chance is 61% and inflicts 2 rollup D10 + 4 B Class damage.
It holds one charge of Converse with the Dead. This may be used to ask three question of the dead. On rare occasions, the target may agree to teach the wielder an ability they know, in which case no other questions are answered.
Once used, it may only be recharged by plunging the blade into the heart of a sentient, thus slaying them.

Rune Blade of Arioch

This short, broad, bronze, rune-etched blade is a cumulative Broadsword and Shortsword, weighing 2 lbs. It has a base Strike Chance of 57% and inflicts 2 rollup D10 + 1 A and B Class damage.
It is a legal target for the Rune Weapon spell, causing the weapon to burst into flames, increasing the wielder's Strike Chance with it by 5% (+1 per Rank of the spell), and damage by 1 (+1 per 4 Ranks of the spell).
The bonus damage doubles vs creatures of ice and/or cold.


Wooden Lamellar Armour

This wooden banded mail is made from lengths of lacquered, hardened wood. It has a Weight Factor of 4, provides 6 Protection, penalises AG by 1 and Stealth by 5.

Mild Steel Plate Armour

This armour is made from mild steel, is sized for an ogre and weighs 72lbs. It provides 6 points of Protection, 6 points of Spell Armour, reduces AG by 3 and penalises Stealth by 20.
This armour may be improved by an Armourer of sufficient Rank.

Mild Steel Chainmail

This chainmail is made from mild steel, is sized for an ogre and weighs 63lbs. It provides 5 points of Protection, 6 points of Spell Armour, reduces AG by 2 and penalises Stealth by 10.
This armour may be improved by an Armourer of sufficient Rank.

Ogre Skin x 16 sizes

sell for 50gs each
This ogre skin can be made into leather armour that provides a base of 4 Prot and Spell Armour 1. It has a weight factor of 3 and does not inflict an AG penalty. If the wearer is targeted by a Healing spell, then three Ranks will be added to the spell, making it easier to cast and more effective.
To make it will require the arts of a Rank 4 Armourer or greater, who will charge at least 20% more than cost.

Kobold Chain Mail of Buoyancy

This chain mail reflects pale metallic blue light, is size 9, provides 7 Protection, penalises AG by 2, Stealth by 15 and has a Weight Factor of 8. It may be improved by an Armourer who knows how to make chain mail.
The wearer has a Base Chance of 74% of casting the Buoyancy spell on themselves at Rank 3 and a Base Chance of 48% of casting Water Breathing on themselves at Rank 2. These values may be modified by the wearer's MA bonus.

Witch Robes x 2

These robes have been made from canvas boiled in the oil of a singing whale then bound to a frame of thin laths of spruce to form a corset. It provides 4 Prot and Spell Armour 5. It has a weight factor of 2 but inflicts an AG penalty of 1 and increases the wearer's PB by 3 to a maximum of 19, but only with respect to male humanoids.
It may be cut down by an artisan tailor of Rank 6 or higher who will charge at least 10 gold shillings.



Sea Silk Coat

This brocade coat is embroidered on to yellow sea silk. It has a weigh factor of 1, provides 6 points of Prot and 8 points of Spell Armour. It has four pockets that can hold one thing no wider than 3 inches and weighs less than 5 Kgs, and this encumbrance is halved. It may be worn over armour no heavier than leather.

Shirt of Glam

This white shirt has no Enchumbrance value and provides 3 Protection and 5 Spell Armour. This does not stack with any armour not made of cloth. In addition, the wearer must wear the shirt in such a way as to expose their chest. Exposing secondary sexual characteristics is at the discretion of the wearer but provides no furtheer benefit.
Rune Shield provides its normal abilities except that a heart-striking Specific Grievous injury cannot be avoided.
One (1) Wiccan amulet may be worn as a medallion, nestling on the wearer's exposed breast, and this amulet stacks with another of the same kind. Only standard Wiccan amulets may be used in ths fashon.
The wearer's Rank in Troubadour is increased by 1, even beyond Rank 10.
It will magically adjust itself to it's wearer size, so long as they fall between 7 and 2, inclusive.

Pants of Tight Blackness

These black pants appear to be made from patent leather, but in fact is a silken fabric. It increases the Magic Resistance of the wearer with respect to magic that does harm by means of Fire, the bonus being by their base Willpower. This improvement lasts for as long as the wearer maintains contact with Transuranic Cold, which costs 9 FT per hour. This cost may be offset by Rank in the Resist Temperature Talent at a rate of 1 + (1 per 4 or fraction Ranks).
The clothing has no Encumbrance value, provdes 1 Protection and 1 Spell Armour. This does not stack with any armour not made of cloth.
So long as the pants can be seen on the wearer's legs and hips, then they may stand in a certain way and this will lead observers to believe they have been generously gifted by Nature in a particular way.



A Paragon of Halfling Virtue (Enhanced)

As a consequence of a brief encounter with primal chaos, Muse is, at least on first acquaintance, considered a halfling of the greatest probity. Subsequent experiences may disabuse others of this notion. However, he has these special enhancements:
1 Hobbit Appetite

So long as he maintains a dietary regime of 6 meals a day, Muse recovers 1 extra FT for each of the three main meals of the day.

2 Hobbit Pool

He may increase one, two or three Primary Stats (including PB) to halfling racial maximum. The Stats come from a Hobbit Pool of three, and each one lasts for a Pulse. Each choice is a Free Action (not a Free Act), so several can be taken in any given Pulse.

3 Infravsion

His Racial Talent of Infravision has been upgraded so that it may be advanced in the same way as Infravision from the College of Fire Magic.

4 The Gift of Stones

His Ranks with Rock and Sling are increased by two, even beyond their Rank limits.

Hand of Tyndalos

Naimon's primary forearm and hand (Left) has been replaced with the angular and foreshortened head and neck of a vaguely dog-like creature from before Time. This means that he is considered clumsy with both hands, attracting a 20 point penalty to any act involving Manual Dexterity. If he should dual wield, then both attacks will attract a penalty of 30. The PS of that arm is considered twice his base PS.
It offers these abilities:
On a successful Unarmed Combat Strike with his Tyndalos Hand he:

  • inflicts 2 rollup D10 A and B Class Damage (but cannot decapitate)
  • inflicts a Blow Directly to Endurance on 20% of the modified Strike Chance, and Specific Grievous injuries on 10%
  • ignores the first 5 points of Protection when rolling for Damage

The Furnace of Righteousness

A bronze oven has somehow been embedded into Logan-Kai's abdomen. If he knows how, he may burn Sin shrived from someone who has truly repented of it. From this Repentance, he may craft Sweet Regret, Hope or possibly even Remorse.

Wind of Heaven

This attack requires the performance of a precise, complicated Warrior Form as they Purify at the same tiime holding the Windwhistle spell in mind. This will reduce the Cast Chance of the ritual by 70. This can be increased at a rate of +3 per Rank in Windwhistle.
If the Form is successfully completed, then until the Ritual expires or they attempt they Purify again, they may exchange a Multi-Hex Strike, Demon Smile or similar technique for a Wiind of Heaven attack.
Wind of Heaven draws upon the energies of the Firmament, merging with either the A or B Class properties of the weapon held in the primary hand, inflicting a whirlng storm of sharpness damage. Percentile dice are rolled to determine damage and speed of the wind:

Result Damage MPH
01–05 5 rollup D10 19–24
06–15 4 rollup D10 13–18
16–30 3 rollup D10 8–12
31–50 2 rollup D10 4–7
51–70 3 rollup D10 8–12
71–85 4 rollup D10 13–18
86–95 5 rollup D10 19–24
96–100 6 rollup D10 25–31

The result may be modified up or down by up to the Rank of the Windwhistle spell.
The area of effect starts from directly in front of the Warrior and has a Range of 5 feet for every even numbered Rank of the spell. It is 3 hexes wide if Multi-Hex Srike is used, 2 hexes for Demon Smile.
This ability cools down for 4 Pulses once it has been used.

The College of Thaumaturgy and Animating Devices (Ver 1.2)

Members of the College of Thaumaturgy and Animating Devices specialise in magic that animates, shapes, creates or destroys non-living matter; they are commonly known as Tinkers. Tinkers tend to be less concerned with the theory and philosophy of magic than members of the other Thaumaturgical Colleges, and are usually more inclined to fiddle around with something until it works. They are often accused of lacking empathy, because of the amount of time they spend associating with inanimate objects. However, many Tinkers cultivate an impish sense of humour, which their College gives ample opportunity to develop. The College is not well known. Much of the Tinker’s knowledge was lost many years in the past. They are found almost exclusively in highly developed and civilised areas.
Most Colleges are scornful of Tinkers, due to their reputations as tricksters and their lack of direct combat magics. They are also mocked for their strong association with the artisan trades, such as Carpentry, Jewel-Crafting and Smithing. Many Tinkers possess at least one such skill, Mechanician, or Philosopher specialising in engineering, mechanics and the like, as all of these abilities complement the College’s style of magic.

Traditional Colours

Tinkers do not have traditional colours, but tend to wear practical work clothes, usually with a leather apron anchored in place, and bedecked with tools.

Traditional Symbols.

The College’s traditional symbol is that of many cogwheels, each turning others, in an endless chain.

13.1 Restrictions

A Magical Aptitude of 17 is required to join the College. Members of the College of Thaumaturgy and Animating Devices may operate without restriction.

13.2 Base Chance Modifiers

The following modifiers are cumulative with all other modifiers (including those specified in §7.4). Rituals:
Per 10% extra spent on Ritual materials +1
Per hour of Ritual Spell Preparation +3
Per Rank in Mechanician +1

13.3 Talents

Detect Enchantment (T-1)
Range:1. 30 feet (+ 5 / Rank) 2. Touch
Experience Multiple: 50
Base Chance: 1. PC + 3% / Rank 2. PC + 5% / Rank
Effects: This talent determines whether an item, person, or area in line-of-sight and within range is currently under an enchantment or magical effect. The Adept can tell whether the enchantment is a current spell or ritual, a warded, invested, or permanent effect, is contained in a trap or is a curse. A double effect will reveal the general nature of the spell (eg; defensive, summoning, damaging) and the effective Rank or remaining duration of the enchantment. In addition, a triple effect will tell the Adept the exact name of the magic (eg; Wall of Bones, Hellfire), or the College of the spell.
Once the initial, most recent, magical effect has been successfully detected, older enchantments on a target with multiple layers of magic may also be detected. This may be continued while the Adept continues to succeed in detecting Enchantments. However, only one attempt per quarter may be made to detect any given enchantment. If a new enchantment occurs, the Adept may attempt to detect it, though this in no way affects the status of the old layer. If an old, unsuccessfully detected enchantment expires, the Adept may attempt to detect any newly revealed magic beneath it.
If the Adept is in contact with the target then the base chance of this talent is higher.

13.4 General Knowledge Spells

Adhesion (G-1)
Range: 10 feet + 10 / Rank
Duration: 5 minutes + 5 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 175
Base Chance: 35%
Resist: Passive
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Volume
Effects: The surface of a non-living solid, up to 1 cubic foot (+ 2 / Rank), is magically enchanted to adhere to any objects coming into contact with it. Once stuck, an object is released when the spell’s duration expires, or the applied PS + D10 exceeds the spell’s PS of 10 (+ 2 / Rank), which tears the object free (the durability of some objects may be less than the force required to tear them free from the spell). Several individuals may combine their PS to free an object. Being broken free of the area of the Adhesion, or resisting a particular contact, in no way protects the object from becoming stuck if brought into contact with the affected area again; nor is the spell in any way broken by having an object torn away; the area remains as adhesive as before. Except for the crowding of the area, there is no limit to the number of objects that may be stuck with this spell. The chance of a person coming into contact with an adhesive portion of a hex is 10% / Rank applied to that hex.

Animating Objects (G-2)
Range: 10 feet + 5 / Rank
Duration: 10 minutes + 10 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 20%
Resist: Passive
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Object
Effects: This spell may be used to animate any one object, of up to 10 pounds (+ 10 / Rank) in weight. By taking a pass action the Adept may control the actions of 1 (+ 1 / Rank) previously controlled animates within range. Once set in motion, the animates will attempt to carry out the action until ordered otherwise. The animates will move about in a manner applicable to their shape. Their TMR will not exceed 4.
Animates have a nominal PS value of 5 (+ 1 / Rank) though this will have limited effect on objects made of flimsy materials. Their strike chance will be no more than 20% (+2% / Rank), with a maximum of D+2 damage. The animate will cease to function if the object is destroyed, or a Tinker General Knowledge Counterspell is cast on it. An animate is an object, but may also be targeted as an Entity. If an animate is created through the use of a Ward or Magical Trap, it will receive one command determined when first cast.

Bound Speech (G-3)
Range: 1 foot + 1 / Rank
Duration: 1 day + 1 day / Rank
Experience Multiple: 200
Base Chance: 40%
Resist: Passive
Storage: None
Target: Object, Area of Object
Effects: This spell allows the Adept to record a verbal message in an object, and defines the conditions under which the message will be replayed. This spell operates in most respects similarly to the Ward ritual, except that the range is the range of this spell or touch, and a message is stored instead of a spell. The message is replayed exactly as the Adept recorded it, and may contain any verbalisations that the Adept is capable of. The message may not exceed 5 words (+ 3 words / Rank). Unlike the Ward ritual, the message may be triggered one additional time per two full Ranks.

Durability (G-4)
Range: 10 feet + 5 / Rank
Duration: 10 minutes + 10 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 250
Base Chance: 25%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Object
Effects: One object weighing up to 2 pounds (+ 2 / Rank) may be made more resilient and less susceptible to damage. The item becomes almost as strong as steel of the same thickness, without losing any flexibility. The item cannot be broken unless exposed to stresses beyond that which steel could withstand, given the object’s size and shape. The strength is improved with rank to a maximum of slightly stronger than steel.
This spell does not protect against soiling, corrosion or fire or any forms of damage other than physical stress.
A weapon treated with this spell allows the wielder to add 2% per Rank of the spell to any roll to save the weapon from breaking. Armour protected by this spell will have 2 extra Protection ( + 1 / 10 full ranks) to a maximum of the equivalent Steel armour. At Rank 20, 1 may be added to this maximum.
Note that the added Protection replaces (rather than adds to) any other Protection bonuses due to a material’s strength (eg Armourer bonuses). If the item is broken, or armour suffers damage from a Specific Grievous, the magic is dispelled.

Mending (G-5)
Range: Touch
Duration: Immediate
Experience Multiple: 150
Base Chance: 40%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment
Target: Parts of an Object, Golem
Effects: Any single object weighing up to 10 pounds (+ 10 / Rank) becomes exactly as it was before it was broken or deformed. Any pieces missing when the spell is cast will remain missing when the object is mended. Mending used to fix objects with an effective Artisan Rank greater than that the Adept possesses will degrade the object’s effective rank. Magical items made mundane through breaking will remain mundane even after the use of a Mending. The Spell of Mending may be used on a living creature that has been transformed into stone, and subsequently broken. This requires that the Adept be a Sculptor of at least Rank 8. A Spell of Mending may be used to repair one of their animates. It may repair either a Specific Grievous injury, or all general Endurance damage.

Modify Aura (G-6)
Range: 5 feet + 5 / Rank
Duration: 1 hour + 1 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 100
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Object, Entity
Effects: This spell allows the Adept to able to modify the aura strength of any one object or entity. The target object may be up to 20 cubic feet (+ 20 / Rank).The strength of the aura increases or decreases by up to 1 + (1 / 4 Ranks) on the table below. This spell does not alter the target’s aura in any other way.
Aura Equivalent
0 No Aura
1 Magic (magical wall, illusion)
2 Formerly Living Composite (chair, stew)
3 Formerly Living (dead orc, log)
4 Non-Sentient Animates (stone golem)
and Non-sentient Undead (skeleton)
5 Living Plants (rose, oak)
6 Living Animals (dog, cat)
8 Sentient Animates (flesh golem)
and Sentient Undead (vampire)
9 Living Sentient (human, sphinx)
10 Long Living Sentient (dragon, titan, elf)
15 Avatar (material form of a Demon, etc.)

Minor Creation (G-7)
Range: Touch
Duration: 15 minutes + 15 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 250
Base Chance: 40%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment
Target: Object
Effects: The Adept may create a simple, common object from a larger source of its constituent substances by reaching into the source and withdrawing the object. For example, the Adept may reach into a tree and produce a staff. One (+ 1 / 5 full Ranks) different substances may be combined into a single finished object with this spell. The substance sources are in no way damaged or reduced by the spell. The created object will be a common example of its type and may not exceed 1 cubic foot (+ 1 per Rank) in volume, nor 1 lb (+ 1 lb / Rank) in weight. The object is physically real with all normal attributes. The object may not be created enclosed by or enclosing anything. Complicated or fine quality objects may not be created without the appropriate artisan skill. No alchemical, herbal or other quasi-magical objects may be created. Created food provides no sustenance. At the end of its duration the item vanishes. The object is a magical construct and will have a magical aura, regardless of its constituent materials.

Preservation (G-8)
Range: 5 feet + 1 / Rank
Duration: Special
Experience Multiple: 100
Base Chance: 40%
Resist: Passive
Storage: Ward, Investment, Magical Trap
Target: Volume, a dead / undead Entity
Effects: This spell preserves and protects one animate, dead or undead entity, of up to 100 pounds (+ 100 / Rank) or a collection of small objects of a total weight not greater than 1 pound (+ 1 / Rank) against the effects of time, decay, rust, erosion or wave action. It does not confer any protection against magical attacks. It will not suspend time with regard to resurrection, poisons, curses, etc. Duration is 4 (+ Rank squared) days, but is permanent at Rank 20.

Transparency (G-9)
Range: 10 feet + 5 / Rank
Duration: 10 minutes + 10 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 175
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Volume
Effects: This spell causes a volume of non-living solid material to become as transparent as high quality glass, but to otherwise retain its original characteristics. One (+ 1 / Rank) adjacent 1 foot cubes may be affected. The Adept may cause the volume to be transparent from only a single direction, by reducing the BC by 10.

Bubble of Force (G-10)
Range: Self
Duration: 20 minutes + 20 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 200
Base Chance: 15%
Resist: None
Storage: Potion
Target: Sentient Entity
Effects: The spell causes an iridescent bubble of force to appear around the Adept, adhering vaguely to their form. The substance of the bubble reduces the first Rank damage from any source, calculated after any saving throw (e.g. Magic Resistance, etc.) but before any other form of damage mitigation. Damage that inflicts damage directly to the Adept's body, i.e. poison, disease, Putrid Wound, Disruption, Necrosis, Hand of Death, Torment or similar effects are unaffected by the spell. The Damage Reduction resets at the beginning of each Pulse.
The spell never regenerates more Damage Reduction than 20 in any given Pulse.

13.5 General Knowledge Rituals

Linking Lifeforce (Q-1)
Duration: Permanent
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 40% + 4% / Rank
Resist: Passive
Target: Object, entity
Cast Time: 1 hour
Material: Object
Concentration Check: Standard
Effects: This ritual allows the Adept to bind an object to the life-force of an entity. The object will reflect the entity’s physical condition. If the entity is well, the object will be in perfect order; if the entity is sick or wounded, the object will appear appropriately damaged; and if the entity dies, the object will seem ruined. There is no limitation on the size or type of object, but it must remain the entity’s possession during the entire ritual. Traditionally, apples, roses, statues, paintings or diamonds are used. The Life-force Link may be broken by destroying the object, or by the object being beyond 100 miles (+ 100 / Rank) from the entity. The death of the entity will not break the Link. If 10,000 (-500 / Rank) is spent on ingredients, the range is unlimited and the entity and object may occupy different planes without breaking the Link.

Petrifaction (Q-2)
Duration: Permanent
Experience Multiple: 200
Base Chance: 55% + 3% / Rank
Resist: Active & Passive
Target: Entity
Cast Time: 1 hour
Concentration Check: Standard
Effects: This ritual allows the Adept to either change one entity to marble-like stone, or turn one magically petrified entity back to flesh. The entity must be present for the entirety of the Ritual. Any possessions of an entity are (un)petrified with the entity. A petrified entity is not aware of their surroundings, and has time stopped for the purposes of poison, resurrection, curses and ageing. Petrifaction is not fatal, although a dead entity may still be petrified. If an entity is damaged after petrifaction, they may be repaired with the Mending Spell if the Adept is a Rank 8 Sculptor. Any damage will be applied when the entity becomes flesh. A petrified entity weighs 3 times their normal weight.

Ritual of Thaumaturgical Assembly (Q-3)
Duration: Until the following dawn
Experience Multiple: 200
Base Chance: 55% + 3% / Rank
Resist: None
Target: Disassembled device(s)
Materials: Blueprint(s)(not consumed)
Cast Time: 1 hour
Concentration Check: Standard
Effects: The Adept targets the dissassembled parts of devices they have learnt how to make. These devices have a value which is, generally, a reflection of its size. No device may have a value less than 1, and values greater than 20 may not be created by this Ritual. An Adept who has advanced it to Rank 6 may create 6 devices of value 1, or 1 device of value 3, 1 of value 2 and 1 of value 1, or any other combination which sums to 6 or less. The Ritual may be performed any number of times, but the total of device value assembled in a day never exceeds its Rank. A disassembled device of the kind that may be targeted by this Ritual must be learnt from a blueprint, or researched and a blueprint created by means of the Mechanician Skill. Such a blueprint will define the device's abilities, value and weight.
Once the device is assembled, it is a legal target for the Animating Objects spell if it does not exceed the spell's weight limit. As previously noted, the device's properties will likely differ from the spell's.

Item Divination (Q-4)
Range: Rank feet
Duration: Immediate
Experience Multiple: 150
Base Chance: 2 x MA + 3% / Rank
Resist: None
Target: Object
Cast Time: 1 hour
Concentration Check: Standard
Effects: Through this ritual, the Adept discovers the exact nature of all enchantments, mechanisms, curses, side-effects, etc. placed on an item. If an item has been imbued with an Individual True Name, the name will not be revealed, but its existence will be. This ritual cannot backfire.


An invocation is an imprecation to an otherworldly Power or Force to alter magic in some way. These invocations are expressed when a spell is being Prepared. For it to be legal, the Adept's player must speak the imprecation in a loud, clear voice, and this reflects how obvious the invocation is to others. Generally speaking, anyone within 10 hexes will hear it, and therefore may be aware of what it does.
Invocations call upon the properties of an artefact of some kind, a demi-power, a power (but not a deity), a place (on an alternate plane, usually) or some other thing, and these are marked in the description. A Philosopher who has the Magical World realm and the appropriate field has a 40% chance (+3 / Rank) of identifying the invocation and what it does. This value is halved if they do not have the appropriate field, and halved again if they do not have the Magical World realm.
In general, it takes seven half days of meditation (magical training) to learn an invocation, although some may take longer, the Adept must pay the listed Experience Point Cost and they will attract an influence, of which a record must be kept. For each season that the invocation is not used, 20% of the Experience Points are refunded, to a maximum refund of 80%.
Once used, the Invocation is lost until is learnt again (i.e. the Experience point cost is paid again).

"By sky-striding Sarennan!"
Copper scroll.jpg

Spells: Bolt of Energy, Illusionary Bolt, Bolt of Starfire, Bolt of Fire.
Sub-Field: Power.
Experience Cost: 750.
Attracts:1 Astral.
Effects:The Adept's spell becomes a javelin of lightning (or levin bolt) that they cast at a target or object. It will inflict 1 rollup D10 (+1/Rank) Lightning damage on the first entity or object that the bolt encounters unless they Break 100 => AG x 2. Any living entity that does not avoid the levin bolt loses any unused Actions for the rest of the Pulse and suffers a penalty of 20 to any Action until they spend a Pass Action to recover, which requires a Break 100 => WP x 2.
If the target is holding or wearing more than 5 lbs of metal, no Protection, Spell Armour or Damage Reduction may be applied.

"Regard the discs of the Crimson Harpax!"
Copper scroll.jpg

Spells: Bolt of Energy, Illusionary Bolt, Bolt of Starfire, Bolt of Fire.
Sub-Field: Power.
Experience Cost: 1,000.
Attracts:1 Abyss.
Effects: The Adept's spell creates a number of crimson discs equal to 1 (+1 per 3 or fraction Ranks) that will inflict 1 rollup D10 (+ 1 per Rank) B Class damage (for what it's worth). A target of an initial disc takes full damage, but the damage of each subsequent disc is halved, truncating all fractions to a minimum of 1. Discs may be sent one at a time or all at once. So, an Adept has 5 Rank 10 discs, which, having rolled a "5" on the D10, will inflict 15 damage. The Adept chooses to spend them one at a time. The first target fails to Resist so takes the 15 damage modified by Spell Armour. The next disc inflicts 7 damage but the target seems only to take 1 or 2 points. The Adept considers that a disc that inflicts 3 points of damage would be a waste, so switches to someone else, assuming that if they fail to Resist, they will take 15 damage (again, less Spell Armour).
Observe that a target Resists the spell but once. If they fail, then they will fail against all of the discs, if they succeed, they succeed against all of them. Spells that inflict half damage on a successful Resistance check do not benefit from this Invocation.


Ladybird Automaton

Materials: Coloured glass
Cost: 10 gold schillings
Value: 3
Mechanician Rank: 4
This small, jewel of a ladybird weighs 1 oz and is a legal target for the Animating Objects spell.
When it is thus animated, it may be worn as a brooch on the chest, and will provide the Adept with warning on the first occasion that it senses the approach of danger. It will detect this danger by Breaking 100 + Adept's PC + Rank in Animating Objects.

Wasp Automata

Materials: Citrine or Ruby
Cost: 100 gold schillings
Value: 2. initially, then 1 for each extra automata
Mechanician Rank: 3
These small, jewels of wasps weighs 1 oz each and are legal targets for the Animating Objects spell. When they are worn as brooches on the chest or cloak, the spell need not be Prepared, however wearing them makes the Adept look unusual and memorable, and no more than 5 may be worn at a time. A Pass Action is required to attach each wasp.
When one is thus animated, it will fly to an object or entity who is within range (of the spell) and inflict [D-4]+ Rank magical damage unless they Resist.
Once they have delivered their payload, the wasps will fly back to the Adept unless otherwise prevented, whereupon the animating magic will dissipate.

Butterfly Automaton

Materials: Amber & gem chips
Cost: 500 gold schillings
Value: 5
Mechanician Rank: 6
This small, jewel of a butterfly weighs 1 oz each and is a legal target for the Animating Objects spell.
When it is thus animated, it will fly with a movement rate of 700 yards per minute. When it is

in a natural environment

it may Blend (at the Rank of the Animating Objects spell). If the Adept is within 15 feet (+15 ft/Rank of the spell), then the butterfly will send them visual images of what is in its field of view. It may only send Rank minutes of visual imagery back to the Adept. Although this does not have to be continuous, parts of a minute are considered to have taken a full minute.
At any time, the butterfly can be directed to retrace its route when the Adept wants it to return, so long as the duration of the Animating Objects spells remains.

Scorpion Automaton

Materials: Bronze
Cost: 10 gold schillings
Value: 5
Mechanician Rank: 5
This bronze casting of a scorpion is a foot long, 9 inches wide, weighs 3 lbs (unloaded) and is a legal target for the Animating Objects spell.
When it is thus animated, it will have a movement rate of 250 yards per minute along the ground, vertical surfaces, walls but not ceilings. Its TMR is 5.
It is hollow, and its abdomen contains a space into which a grenado may be placed.

PS: 6 MD: 15 AG: 18 MA: None EN: 15 FT: 18
WP: 15 PC: 11 PB: 4 TMR: 5 NA: 0*

*Note that the natural armour is solid bronze and therefore reduces all damage by 6.

Bite: BC 25%, [1 rollup D] , Close, Rank =1 per 2 Ranks in spell.
Claw: BC 50%, [1 rollup D] , Melee, Close, Rank =1 per 2 Ranks in spell.
Sting: BC 40%, Varies , Ranged, 15 hexes, Rank =1 per 4 Ranks in spell (treat as a missile attack).

"Sting" damage depends on the payload of the grenado. The scorpion has no special protection from the consequences of this activation, although being made from solid bronze, it is reasonably robust and will be unlikely to suffer any harm from the workings of Greek Fire or Methane. The DM will have to adjudicate when the preparation is of a more excitatory nature.