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(Watch Order)
(Watch Order)
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First - Seraph,Sno<br>
First - Seraph,Sno<br>
Second - Eugene,Uthgard <br>
Second - Eugene,Uthgard <br>
Third - Vixen,Aldaran<br>
Third - Vixen,Elderan<br>
===Marching Order===
===Marching Order===

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Scribe Notes


GM: Bernard
Season: Autumn 821 WK
Night: Tuesday
Location: Massey
Level: Medium

  • Seraph – Human Namer played by Connor
  • Uthgard – Hill Giant Mind played by Anne
  • Eugene – Human Necromancer played by Sam
  • Elderan – Elf Air played by Ian A
  • Sno – Elf Ice/Fire played by Annuskha
  • Vixen – Elf Fire played by Kita


Lord Martin Danlaw; Chamberlain of Castle Chilton


The Forest of Arlynn is beset by early cold weather and thick fogs, smothering the Ruby Waters outpost. From deep inside the forest pillars of smoke can be seen, and many of the larger animals seem to be leaving the forest with packs of starving wolves ranging into the plains near Hope and crossing the Sweet Riding into the Filgiso Forest causing trouble for travellers.
It is believed that there is some trouble afoot that may threaten the outpost, and a guild party is desired to investigate the problem and protect the outpost.


10,000sp each.
An ongoing invitation to the Dukes seasonal Balls.
Reasonable loot rights.

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Day 1 - The Adventure Begins

The group was confronted by a Duke runner who was late to the Guild meeting. He explained that there was some trouble happening at Ruby Waters. We then moved into a meeting room and signed the necessary documents. The party consists of: - Vixen the Elf Fire Mage - Uthgard the Hill Giant Mind Mage - Eugene the Human Necromancer - Sno the Elf Fire/Ice Mage - Seraph the Human Namer - Elderan the Elf Air Mage.

It was determined that Sno will be party leader, Vixen is the scribe, Eugene is the primary Mil/Si and Uthgard is our secondary Mil/Si.

We were told by party members not to mention the Demon named ___ as well as to not kill Cloud.

We moved on and walked to Seagate where there was a long line due to the Market day. We made our way through the noble manors to the Duke's Castle, to find out more details about our job. We were taken to the main keep by Lord Martin, where we entered a no-magic zone. We were then taken to a room with a large table full of sand, a man in multicolored robes cast a spell to animate the sand to show a map of the area. We are told that the forest of Arlynn has been covered in fog for the last two weeks which isn't normal for this time of the year. The scouts had sent an initial message but the second message is yet to be received. It has been noted that large predators have been leaving the forest (wolves, bear tracks also sighted). We were informed that there is a Circle of Death in the forest which was caused by the destruction of some death barrels 20-30 years ago during the Dark Circle Campaign. Our job is to find out more information and help out if possible. We will be paid 10,000 silver, and be given a medal from the Duke as well as invitations to future Balls.

On the way back from the Castle, we go through town where the Autumn festival is being celebrated. Vixen speaks the name Lord Amon (Marquis of Fire) and is engulfed by a Bonfire and transported to the Plane of Fire. She interacts with a small fire elemental, who led her to a Molton fire river and makes a Golden Rose for Vixen, and then leaves. Vixen is then met by the rest of the team. A dog comes and talks to the group about the animosity between the Demons - Amon and Aim. And how Murmur the Duke of Thrones (Necrotic demon they pissed off last season) is involved. Vixen and Sno both gain the ability to speak to fire creatures.

They all then leave and return to the plane they came from, against the wishes of Sno and Vixen.

Day 2

Activity 3

Session 2

Day 3 cont.

Elderan and Sno take the deer to the pool and notice that the hypothermic dear is getting better. Sno asked the deer what attacked it. It replied saying that it was attacked by a Horn Goat monster with claws. Elderan determined that the deer had Ghoul fever.

Vixen and Uthgard went and talked to the Sergeant. She informed us that there is undead in the forest and that a platoon is coming from Ragars Keep in about a week or so. We inform her about the deer. She then retrieves about half-a-dozen 4 foot long rods with solid brass balls on the end and gives them to her men. Seraph believes they have invested items. We are told they are fire-invested.

Day 4

We headed to an Elven village. Vixen notices clawed tracks, that look unusual. Whatever it is, walks on its claws and is heading west. We run into a Warden who instructs us to find its fur and do detect aura on it. The Warden told Vixen that he has noticed a lack of dead bodies of animals but hasn’t noticed any ghoul animals. He tried to shadow the claw monster and it had continued west. We are also told how to get to the circle of death.

About lunchtime, we find a piece of fur. We learn that it's Unicorn with odd subtext. Then about mid-afternoon, we return to camp to rest.

During the first watch, Two stags (One white and one black and fleshy) come out of the forest at a speed. More animals come out of the forest, as well as the unicorn. We determine the white stag is a Ghoul stag and the Unicorn’s greatest weaknesses were ice and appropriate holy. Both are undead.

We fight and kill all the animals. The animals that were white had frostbite and the animals that were black were burnt. Therefore, some spells worked on some animals and not others. We learned that the cause of unnatural bodily harm for the unicorn was that the goodness of the unicorn had been corrupted.

Sno, Vixen, Elderan, and Shadow were infected with Ghoul fever. Elderan heals Sno, and the rest had their temps rise. Elderan heals Vixen, himself, and Shadow. Shadow still has a broken pelvis. It’s about Dawn at this point. Seraph also takes the Unicorn's horn which has a magical property of poison.

Day 5

About midday Uthgard collapses. Seraph DA’s Uthgard and learns Very short-lived sentient and getting shorter by the second. She was infected by Ghoul fever with an unchanging temperature. We then drag her to the lake. We had no ways to heal her so we got two master healers to heal Uthgard. Which worked.

Sno astrology reads her knucklebones and got “Light in the dark, dark in the light” when asking why we couldn’t tell that Uthgard had Ghoul fever.

We worked out that because she was hit by the chicken and the bear, one was white and one was black, which meant that the temperature balanced and masked each other.

Session Three

Day 6

Day six is spent wandering through the forest, with no problems.

Day 7

We continue to walk through the forest. About mid-day, Elderan then notices some smoke. As we walk towards the smoke, Elderan hears drumming coming from the North (Rhythmic and even). Sno sends out her recon rat which comes back after an hour. We are told that twenty people are dancing around a fire. They had chopped the trees down to make the space. Also that there was someone standing in the fire with a drum and three people also in the fire dancing around him.

It is dark when we reach about six hundred feet from the clearing. We can hear singing and chanting. Sno determines that the fire is a magical fire. When we reach the clearing, there is a thirty feet bonfire that has cleared the fog in this small area but is replaced with smoke due to the damp wood. The person in the middle of the fire as well as the drum aren't burning in the fire, but the tree stump the drum sits on is.

The person in the middle is a short-lived sentient orc from Alucia. He is associated with Aim (Duke of Fire). And the chanting is "Satan's dance" from the Bard College.

The people dancing in the fire are wearing red robes and are short-lived sentient humans with association with Aim and have no college or don't know enough to be considered a mage from a college. They have pyrogenesis as their main spell. The people not dancing in the fire are Humans with their best spell being Fire-proofing.

Vixen suggests killing the fire. So Sno casts extinguish flames and dissipate the fire. Humans can't see as there is no light. We then fight them all and kill them. During the fight, Vixen hears the name Ashuri being called out by a couple of the humans.

We learn that the group came from a town. Axes were used to cut the trees but did not find any when looting the bodies.

Suddenly four fire elementals appear. We fight them and during the fight both Uthgard and Eugene fall unconscious. They were healed by Elderan.

Eugene communicates with the dead. Learn that Asuri is a sentient being they were worshipping. To clear the forest they conjured weapon of flames axes. There are other groups like them and that this place is significant. They know who caused the fog but weren't able to get a name. They were also asked to be here.

To get more information about Asuri, we try to contact Amon by reigniting the fire while playing the drum caused the fire to be 50 feet. Sno then conjures magma in the middle of the fire. We then chant Amon's name. A messenger for Amon appears. Vixen casts speak with fire messenger and it works. The Messenger requires a sacrifice for the information. Seraph gives up 20,000 silver, a fur's of enhanced protection from Uthgard, and a Chest of the dead from Eugene.

What we learned: Asuri was a fire giant from Asuria but no longer relevant. They have been turned into a Spectre (Undead). Servant of the duke of fire, however, they were solar aspected in life and aren't affected by sunlight. The fog is not caused by Asuri. She is a solar celestial and a fire mage. Has true giant weapons and whoever Asuri kills will return as a wight with solar celestial and fire and if they were a necromancer in life they will still be one and also be immune to sunlight. When they walk through a battlefield and/or graveyard corpses will rise and become burnt skeletons, magical effects related to fire and light, not sentient, some might be skeleton mages (Probably ones who were mages in life). Asuri is behind the nuring ghouls, the person they are working with have a structure that is in the void in between two planes, far Away and Alucia. Better to destroy the castle in the void between planes. One bridge comes to this forest. Asuri is a major agent of the Duke.

It is now midnight on the seventh night.

Session Four

Day Eight


Primary - Eugene

Secondary - Uthgard

Daily pattern

‘’How much time does the party spend sleeping, eating, traveling, doing rituals, etc each day’’

Travel Magics

‘’What travel magic options does the party have, how far per cast/or per day if duration is longer than usual travel time.’’ ‘’Can the party eat/sleep/etc on the mode of transport.’’

Watch Order

Day Watch. ‘’Used when stationary, or on a larger transport such as a ship’’
First - ??
Second - ??
Third - ??

Night watch
First - Seraph,Sno
Second - Eugene,Uthgard
Third - Vixen,Elderan

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File Single File


General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rank Effects Duration Seraph Uthgard Eugene Elderan Sno Vixen
Greater Enchantment (Guild) 13 +14% to all areas 3 months or till death Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lesser Enchantment (Guild) 11 -1 on most percentile rolls 3 months or till death Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ice Armour (Sno) 8 7 AP +/- based on temperature 4.5 Hours N N ? ? Y ?
Fire Armour (??) ## ???? # Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?
Mind Shield (Uth) 3 +16MR vs Mental 7 Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? # Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? # Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rank Effects Duration Seraph Uthgard Eugene Elderan Sno Vixen
Name Arrowflight (Eld) 10 +11SC +3DM Ranged/Thrown weapons 15 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weapon of Cold (Sno) 6 +7% SC, +3 DM +9 DM vs Fire 11 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weapon of Flames (Vixen) ## +#% SC, +# DM +# DM vs Cold/Undead ## Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Mind Speech (Uth) 6 7 targets + Principal Target 70 Mins Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?

Personal Abilities & Detection magics

Magic Rank Effects Duration Seraph Uthgard Eugene Elderan Sno Vixen
Detect Aura ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? R1 ? ?
Detect Fumes ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? R16 ? ?
Find Traps ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Detect Ambush ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? 70% ? ?
Tracking ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? 40% ? ?
Name ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ?

Loot and Expenses

SP & other cash value loot

  • 10,000sp each - Payment
  • Mundane loot from Cultists of Aim, 10,000sp total value

Significant Items



Information from the Herald of Amon

  • 20,000sp - Seraph
  • Chest of the Dead - Eugene
  • Furs of Cold Protection - Uthgard


Minor Items


‘’Insert correct month here’’


  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad
Fruit (4)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5   6  
Moon2.jpg 7   8   9   10   11   12   13  
Moon3.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
Moon0.jpg 21 Full Moon 22   23   24   25   26   27  
Moon1.jpg 28   29   30    
Harvest (5)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon2.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10   11  
Moon3.jpg 12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Seagate Autumn Fair 18 Seagate Autumn Fair
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon 20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon1.jpg 26   27   28   29 Michaelmas 30    
  1   2  
Moon2.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon3.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18   19   20   21 22   23  
Moon1.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Beerfest