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History is re-writing itself so that they are no longer part of it. Some people are being forgotten by reality. This is because they have been removed from the weave of reality. They can not be scryed or located etc, but also, once they are out of sight of anyone they are often completely forgotten, along with any events they were involved in, and the ‘world’ will try to fix itself to a point where someone or something will be substituted to correct this ripple effect in reality.

As time has gone on, more and more people have completely forgotten them, and people's views of even history itself have snapped into a new reality often forcing new events on others, and take credit for things long since past or done, or completed by them.

In short, soon they will be completely forgotten by everything, and may simply ‘stop being’.

Written as a unoffical overview of effect by Jono. This may or may not be over-stated.
GM: Jon McSpadden

Characters that are being forgotten are:

  • Saydar Andrew Luxton-Reilly - Necromancer
  • Dunlan Callum - Blood Mage

This formerly affected the following characters however they have since been rewoven.